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  1. One more thing that might be useful. In the client config on the server, when I was setting up the client I changed the descriptive name as it appears in the list of client machines - from the Windows machine name on the network (ACCOUNTS2) to my name (ED MOREY) which is more memorable. Could this have an effect?
  2. Hi - just checking in. Does anyone have any ideas about this one?
  3. > When exactly does the error happen? During the execution of our backup script. > What exactly does the log say for this error? "Can't access backup client 'Ed Morey', error -530" > Do you see the error trying to browse the disk under Configure>Volumes? I got the same error and also when I chose CONFIGURE > CLIENTS. However, this was before I had logged in to my machine for the morning. Once I had done that both CONFIGURE > VOLUMES and CONFIGURE > CLIENTS responded correctly and I could see the contents of my machine across the network. Seems to be "is the user logged in or not" issue - what is causing this?
  4. Hi - we're using SBS standard edition 7.6.x (latest version) to backup our server. We are missing a trick by not using this licence to backup our clients so I am running a test to check this works. I have installed the latest Windows client onto my Windows Vista Business PC and I can connect to the machine from the Retrospect server. I have added the client machine to our backup schedule - however I am getting failures reported saying "error -530 unable to access client". I have verifed that the server can see the client which it can and I have re-entered the password I setup on the client. Still getting the same error. Any ideas?
  5. Just another confirmation of what is said above. 1. Upgraded to 7.6.123 and email notifications stopped. A test send from the preferences screen gives an error saying "backup client not installed". 2. Added :25 to the end of the SMTP server IP address and notifications work again. 3. No feedback on the preferences screen that your test email has been sent - but it has as long as you don't see an error message reported.
  6. Hi - I want setup a new script to make a full backup of our Exchange data each day. In order to save disk space I'd like to overwrite the previous day's data each time. How do I configure Retropsect to do this?
  7. Hi - we are using the SBS version of Retrospect 7.5 to backup mailboxes and the local drive with no problems. We also have a NAS mounted as Z: drive and are trying to back that up as well. When running the backup script manually (logged in as the Administrator) the Z: drive is backup up successfully - but when the script runs overnight automatically we are getting "Script: Rich backup A - Date: 21/09/2008 - Can't access volume fileserver (z:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)". Why should the manual backup work but the scheduled one fail??
  8. So could I instead of doing an incremental backup on the storage group and mailboxes - have a separate script which does a daily full backup overwriting the previous day's version?
  9. Hi - were running Retrospect SBS v7.5.387 on our company server. As an Exchange newbie can I ask some for advice re: backing up mailboxes. Within the Retrospect "sources" we can see a "storage group" and individual mailboxes. 1. What is the difference between the two?? 2. Should we be backing up both?? 3. Windows seems to store the "storage group" file as a single big file which grows slightly each day. In our instance this means we are chewing up around 3GB of additional storage space every day when doing an incremental backup. Is there a way to grab just the changes and not the whole file?? Thanks Ed
  10. Hi I am attempting to setup email notification using Retrospect 7.5.387. I have entered the server name, to and from email addresses and set the SMTP server t0 (the local server). When I attempt to send a test message I get a "-591 invalid email address" error. Any ideas why? Thanks Ed
  11. Hi again. The mapped drive is a NAS and so I can't use a client. I have tried what is suggested in the article but with no luck. Do you have any further suggestions?? Thanks Ed.
  12. Hi - I'm using Server edition to backup server plus mapped network drive (z:). I can see the drive in Windows Explorer but Retrospect is complaining it can't access the z: drive (with a -1116 error). I have tried various logins with no luck - what could be wrong? Thanks Ed.
  13. Hello - we're just bought Retrospect SBS Standard v7.5 and are planning to hook up a couple of removable USB drives to the server to store the backup sets. The idea being to take one home each night and backup to the other and vice versa the next day. Is this is a sensible idea or are there any problems we might run into doing this? If I create 2 scripts - one backing up to disk A and one to disk B - is Retrospect clever enough to realise that we've disconnected one drive and to continue with the other backup - i.e. if drive A is not attached, script B will still run? Cheers Ed.
  14. Hi there - I have been successfully backing up my Windows 2003 Server using Retrospect 7 writing to an internal DVD drive for a while. However, I have now moved my server from my office and it is sitting in a co-located ISP where the DVD drive is no longer accessible. I then had an inspirational thought and persuaded a friend of mine to allow me to use his FTP server to dump my backup files onto. Imagine my frustration when I realised that storing backup data via FTP is only available with the Mac version of the product. 1. Any ideas how I can encourage Retrospect to store its backup data on an FTP server - I tried NetDrive to create a fake mapped drive, but Retrospect didn't like that. 2. I then thought I'd do my backup the other way around with my server machine being the client and using a machine at home to be the server. After installing this I can successfully "add" other machines on which I have installed Retrospect client, but not my co-located server. The control panel says that is waiting for the server but no dice. I do have Windows Firewall installed on the co-located server (the Retrospect client) but I have checked the FAQ on this and setup 2 exceptions in the firewall config to allow both TCP and UDP on port 497 - but still nothing. Has anyone else run into this problem? Cheers Ed
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