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  1. I know this post is old, but figured I would toss my 2 cents in as I was looking for the same answer. I havn't found a precise method for translating, but if you view the log it will tell you the file such as "mailboxname\deleted items\hex number here" If you then go to the execution in history and click errors (beware this opens a window for each source an error occurred in) it will show you the message names that had errors. If there is more then one then you won't know exactly which applies to which hex number, but most likely this doesn't matter much. Hope this helps somebody!
  2. In my logs it claims "exception URL" next to the request. I'll do some more digging. I updated a setting in the firewall last night and restarted the service and still no. The update was for PPTP pass through, but none the less, an update.
  3. I did that many moons ago though. I exempted all of my servers, still doesn't work. What proxy are you using? Mine is squid and dansguardian. I also have snort, I just checked and it's not considering retrospect.com an intrusion detection. I can do manual updates, but I would rather if the feature just worked... doesn't make sense. Could it be an IE setting?
  4. Yah, that's what I ended up doing, but wouldn't mind figuring out why it doesn't work.
  5. That's just it... I have a transparent proxy... it's port 80. All workstations are configured as no proxy and they work. This server can browse the web without any trouble... and is using no proxy settings in the browser. What I ment with the JS or VBS was; what is it pulling from the update site? Just looking for new files in a repository? Is there a full link I could try in a browser to see if I can arrive at the location? Thanks!
  6. I have Retrospect 7.5 multi server and back in May my auto-updates stopped working. I'm certain it's because that's about when we installed a new firewall with filtering capabilities. I have, however, whitelisted retrospect.com and exempted the IP for my servers to no avail. I just downloaded the freshest version I could find and installed it. Problem still persists. I looked through my proxy logs (which is set transparent) and I see it connect to updates.retrospect.com/en/support, but yet it doesn't finish. Is there a JS or VBS that it's running that my proxy is filtering? There is no record for it. I can access internet from this server no problem. Thanks
  7. I'm getting the same errors. I talked with tech support and they said that it can be three things... not enough ram, not enough free hard drive space or its not supported(although now that I think about it I think this throws a different error) I have 7 gigs free on C:\ and like 100g + on all other drivers. I have a gig of ram of which like 300 megs was being used(this was at night) and they claim that 2000 server is supported. I told them this and they told me to reinstall the software hoping that some file that Retro hooks to would be re-initialized or something. I have yet to do this cause I don't really want to loose all the progress in my backups and I'm not certain it will keep them. Any suggestions are welcome here too!!!! Trent
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