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  1. Mayoff, thanks! Backing up to an internal HDD produces the same blue screen. But backing up to USB mounted HDD worked. Restoring my previous backups also works. What's your advice to fix the blue screen problem? Many thanks in advance!
  2. Has anyone (Mayoff maybe) got an idea of where I should start; to solve this problem? No backups since Jan 6.
  3. I disabled the Windows driver as suggested in device mgr. It still happens, but I have more information (capturing the msg. on a digital camera) BAD_POOL_HEADER *** STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020,0xE16C5190,0xE16C51B0,0x0C040406)
  4. Mayoff. Many thanks! So Retrospect has its own way of communicating with a specific tape drive? Or am I mistaken? Thanks in advance.
  5. I backup via 2 scripts: one to CD-R, one to Travan. Suddenly when the Travan script begins execution, a Windows blue screen citing 'stop error' appears and the system re-boots. The windows reporting does not find a similar error, but explains it as a driver problem. Searching this forum suggests few have had similar problems. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Apologies if I managed not to find previously posted solutions! We upgrade users' Windows PCs and I find that Retrospect treats the new PC as a brand new client , backing up everything the next time backup is run. How can I make Retrospect realise that the new PC is actually an existing/old user and the next backup is incremental?
  7. My ZIP drive no longer shows up in Storage Devices/Status. It used to work on Windows XP, and I am trying to recatalog my older disks. Have read this thread and even installed ASPI. Thanks in advance!
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