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  1. OK, thanks. I will explore that. Question still stands, though. Is there a reason that backing up the closed files will not result in a restorable database?
  2. I have a script called daily. i have a REV disk in the drive called 1-Monday A. If I validate the script is says it is valid. if i then check media for script daily, it is listed as unavailable. How do i make a disk available. i have re-formatted the disks - no change. I have done a recycle backup on them, which according to the user guide "When using a "Removable Disk" backup set Retrospect will erase and name the removable disk prior to using it as a backup destination." I am, I have done this, and it does not make the disk available. the error message I get is Media for script 2010Daily is unavailable. Appending to disk 1-Monday A ( which is the one in the drive) 32.6 G available (99%) of 32.6 G total capacity. If I recycle the disk, nothing changes. If I run the MondayRecycle script, it asks for the same 1-Monday A disk, and says the media is ready. If I then go directly to the 2010Daily script, select the Monday A backup set, it says the media is not ready. It also says there are no members in the backup set. I do a immediate backup backing up NO files to add it to the set. Finally, in two of the last 5 tries, when I insert a disk into the REV drive, after a bit, I get a windows explorer window showing the basic two files that iomega puts on the disk after a format, but when i look at it using Retrospect, it says there is no media in the drive. If i eject and immediately reinsert the disk, then Retrospect can recognize the disk with no problems. What is going on here?
  3. R Pro V 7.6 I have scheduled a backup and it appears in the activity monitor as to be done every Friday at 8 pm. If I highlight that entry and click Edit Script, it shows that it should execute every Friday at 7:30 pm, which is the time I set it for. Can the scheduler not work with fractional times or will the monitor only show on-the-hour times, or ? I have closed and reopened the program a few times, changed the setting, etc. and the time in the activity monitor stays the same. Which one do I believe? I am doing this as a recycle backup to wipe the disk before doing the next full system backup - which IS scheduled for 8 pm. (I do not want or need incremental backups as backup time and media space are not an issue - I am creating daily full backups to removable media to take off site. Yes, I am using the Removable Media option)
  4. I am backing up a system that has a practice management program using a MS SQL server database. I see lots of notes on additional licenses, special user rights, etc. and wonder if there is an easier way. Shut down the database to back it up. The "server" is running Win XP Pro. No Domain, no active directory, only one user on the system being backed up and they have full rights. Because everyone goes home at night and there is no remote access in use, is there any reason why I will not get a good backup if I just automatically stop the SQL server software when everyone leaves, run the backup, and start up the SQL program before anyone logs in in the morning?
  5. Second supplement - definitely using the Removable Disk radio button selection. I get same results in wizard or advanced mode. If I only want to back up a few files, it works fine. If I try a large backup, it always crashes at exactly the 2GB barrier.
  6. Robin - supplemental note: this is Win XP Pro SP2 - 32 Bit.
  7. Robin - Ver 7.7 may work fine with Win 7, and I am using win 7 on several machines, but the install in question consists of Retrospect 7.7; Iomega REV 35 USB; Win XP Pro SP2; 3 GHz P4; 1 GB RAM. The system was working with Retrospect 7.6 but I wanted to completely recreate the backup scenario on the system. I have tried 2 installs of Retrospect 7.7; two reinstalls of REV software, and 6 different REV disks. No combination works, but if I go back to Retrospect 7.6, everything works fine. At this point, I have to assume there is a Retrospect 7.7 / REV 35 USB issue where Retrospect will not recognize the REV formatting even though all Windows and REV utilities do. If I am doing something wrong, I would love to know where...
  8. The short answer to this is to roll back to ver. 7.6 which I have done and it works fine. There are a lot more XP systems out there than Win 7, so hopefully there will be a fix for this. I'll just watch for a 2010 dated revision of 7.7 and give it a try when I see it. Thanks for the help.
  9. I would love to simply change from FAT 32 to NTFS, but both the Iomega software and Windows Explorer say the drive is formatted UDF, and that is both supposedly required and also has an 8 TB limit, not 2GB. According to Windows, there are NO FAT 32 drives anywhere. I also checked under Disk Manager, and that reports the drive as a CD-ROM with 32.6 GB capacity using the UDF file system. This is confirmed by the REV drive diagnostics tool. I then uninstalled the REV software, re-downloaded and reinstalled it, in case this is the source of the translation problem. No change. I will now try the same thing with the Retrospect 7.7 and hope for no licensing issues.
  10. Hardware / Software: Retrospect 7.7; Iomega REV 35 USB; Win XP Pro SP2 3 GHz P4 1 GB RAM. My goal – put in a disk, start a backup, have the program erase the disk in the drive and save everything on the PC to the backup disk. Same thing, every time, every day. Call the disks anything. This should not be this hard! Right now I can do this with about 3-4 interruptions for ok’s to proceed, but it crashes at the 2 GB FAT 32 file size limit when writing to a REV drive with an 8 TB UDF file type limit on a blank 35 GB disk. Every time. Is there an easy way to do / fix this?
  11. Back again - 1> The customer is accustomed to doing Daily backups so I would like to keep that mind-set. I rechecked my REV disks and have 7 that can be physically stuffed into the drive and are available to use. [5 daily + Monthly + year end?] 2> If grooming is not used, is there a VERY noticable flag set up when the disk is full? The customer will not call with questions unless something is preventing them from doing work. I can't have Retrospect e-mail me as the customer will not allow any internet connectivity and there is no auto- fax capability either. Comments?
  12. Hi - 1> thanks for the cleanup. I made the screen shots for myself in case of a complete reinstall. 2> it appears the only RECENT backups are on the HDD so all REV disks can be reinitialized. 3> it would be fine to start completely fresh at this point. Let's assume we have a new system. the goal is to have only the most recent point in time in case of a fire, etc. thanks again. I am going to be out at clients for the rest of the day so I will not be able to post until tonight ( UTC -5:00)
  13. Ramon88 - Sorry, I made a fat-fingered error when typing - there should NOT be an S before the 2009. PW is download2009. Re autoloading - no, the "autoloader" goes home at 4:30 PM every day and tries not to think about computers until the next morning. Pure secretarial user, but the most tech savvy person regularly on site. When she's ready to leave, she gets the disk to be run from her boss and gives the previous day's disk to him. He takes it off site in a plastic zippered pouch. The business never had ANY computers until 3 years ago. P.S. - thanks for the reassurance on the upgrade! Regards
  14. REV 35 and Retrospect issue update I have just made a backup of the desired files to a flash drive and to a CD. With that done, and since the REV disk backups appear to be incomplete on ALL disks, as are the hard drive backups ( I had to delete a slug of them to get the OS to run because the system drive was full of backups), is it perhaps simplest to re-format all REV disks, wipe all Retrospect backups off the Hard drive, upgrade to the current version of Retrospect and start over with grooming ON? Originally, the REV disks were set up with Grooming, to remove the oldest copies when the disks filled up. The entire set of disks was created at one time, but some have been replaced over time. We THOUGHT that we were creating replacements that were configured the same, but at this time NONE of the disks have grooming, only some are full, and the last files added were added at random times that are quite old. 4 of 7 disks are essentially full, including 2 of 7 disks that were last written to on TUESDAY 12-16 -2008. Backups are scheduled for late in the same day as noted – not the following AM. There was a brief IT visit for an un-described issue on 12-16-08, perhaps addressing a system problem. The disks last written to on that day were those from the Preceding Friday and Monday. Interestingly, the disk scheduled to run on the 16th had not been written to in the previous 14 months, and was not written to on the 16th. Since the other day’s disks should not have been on site, I cannot explain the file dates unless the disks had not been removed from the site per schedule and were used for an immediate backup just because they were available. Note that the Tuesday 12-16-08 disk had stopped being recorded on 10-2-07, and no IT visits were made to the customer between August and December of 07. The customer noted no error messages or problems during that time, and the Tuesday disk remains only about 25% full. Question: does making a immediate backup to a disk prevent the disk from being used later for an automatic backup of the same or a different day? To comment on specific questions in Ramon 88’s reply (thank you!): You asked for details, so I have tried to offer what I can. Some here, and a relatively complete set of Retrospect settings JPG screen shots on a web link. Have I contacted Retrospect tech support – no. I usually seem to have better luck with intelligent and interested forum users than with the predominantly newbie script readers providing most direct support. Most Vendor’s direct support also seems to be focused primarily on very basic issues ( not that I don’t overlook such things on occasion, and with Retrospect my problems may be very basic. ;-) ) What am I trying to do? I am capturing DATA only, not a full-disk image. I have a data set consisting of ~15000 files / 2200 folders / 1.3GB total that I try to back up automatically each weekday to each specific weekday’s 35 GB REV disk plus an “immediate†monthly backup the customer runs each month to a dedicated monthly disk. I expect this data set will not grow by over 1 GB per year in the next few years. I believe the backups are progressive on each disk, but frankly if they were independent each time, since we would still fit over ten points in time on each of the 6 disks, that would be fine. Would those independent backups be a “Recycle†backup, and do you use grooming with a Recycle backup process? To see how the system is currently set up, if you go to www.box.net, log in with user id Meredith@nycap.rr.com and use the password downloads2009 you can look at over 50 screen shots of what I believe is most of the settings information within Retrospect as now configured. At this time I consider each day’s backup as separate. Is this correct and would that mean that each backup set consists of one disk? Is grooming turned on and do I understand the process? My notes say that grooming was turned on for all scripts, but is off at the present for all scripts. Could it have been intentionally turned off? I don’t have a record of that, and I do not know why I would want to turn it off, but I will readily admit I may not fully understand the grooming process. Does it get turned off automatically when you view or edit some other feature of a script? I would assume it should be turned on for a progressive backup. Does my problem appear with all backup sets? I believe so. NONE are currently working correctly, although given that grooming is off and most disks are full, that would seem to be as expected. However, there are other disks that are less than half full, yet still back up ONLY to the hard drive, not the REV disk, and I would expect that “grooming OFF†would not be the issue there. Even those disks, however, have the “Skip This Member†flag set, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. I’ll bet that Does explain why the REV disks are not being used, however? Question – when I upgrade to Version 7.6 from 7.5, will I have to recreate these settings? I have not upgraded before now because I wanted to capture these settings for reference. Question – this customer currently has 5 daily, 2 monthly and one year end disk. One of the monthly disks and the year end disk will not go into the drive. I took 6 surplus REV 35 disks from a set previously used by another customer who has switched to an on-line solution, and found that 5 of those 6 also will not go into the drive. They had been in use for less than 3 months. That makes 7 out of 13 disks – over 50% - that cannot be inserted into the drive. Can someone explain this situation to me? Everything looks the same on disks that will and will not go into the drive, including the latch mechanism on the cartridge door. If you have gotten this far, any comments would be appreciated. Regards.
  15. Until this week, a customer had not indicated any error messages or problems with backups in many months. It appears that backups TO A SET OF REV DISKS are essentially non-existent and random when they do work. Retrospect is reporting that all backups are being made successfully and are valid after a comparison check. All backups are SUPPOSIDLY being made to a USB connected REV drive using 35 GB Rev disks. There are 5 daily disks, one monthly and one year end. A check of each disk indicates backups have ceased at varying times giving no log notices. It is as if the disk fills up and at some random time, the process of removing the oldest file to make way for the next one ceases to work... Day of week: Monday Oldest backup: 8-13-07 Latest backup: 12-16-08 Total files: 151 Total space used: 32.5 GB Day of week: Tuesday Oldest backup: 8-15-07 Latest backup: 10-2-07 Total files: 26 Total space used: 8.48 GB Day of week: Wednesday Oldest backup: 8-16-07 Latest backup: 12-17-08 Total files: 152 Total space used: 32.5 GB Day of week: Thursday Oldest backup: 8-17-07 Latest backup: 9-25-08 Total files: 134 Total space used: 32.5 GB Day of week: Friday Oldest backup: 8-17-07 Latest backup: 12-16-08 Total files: 152 Total space used: 32.5 GB Day of week: Monthly Oldest backup: 4-6-09 Latest backup: 4-30-09 Total files: 7 Total space used: 1.12 GB I have downloaded the current versions of Retrospect and Rev drivers and software to be installed Tuesday evening. There is no internet connectivity at the site so access is challenging. No remote access to the systems is allowed. I have previously ( quite some time back ) updated all the software and reformatted the REV disks, but that appears to not have fixed the problems. I am about ready to scrap all backup hardware and software and just do an image dump daily to portable 350 MB HDD’s, which would be almost as cheap as replacing the REV disks and would hold 10X the backups. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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