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  1. On the proactive screen please add a "previous backup" tab. Also change the proactive window to allow scrolling down the list without being moved when the server query's the client list. Thanks
  2. That would be great, but they have been saying that since emc bought dantz
  3. Yes DO NOT install retrospect client via group policy. If you do it the way EMC tells you to you wil never be able to install another software package that uses the isscript engine. EMC will not help you fix it and did not even know what group policy was when i called. I also ran into this problem, took me 2 months and 100+ hours to remove the mess. I found out that the windows installer cleanup tool can remove the install script mapping. But this tool must be run localy. Walking to 100+ computers many of which are laptops that are not local is not fun .. The only 2 ways i know of to safely deploy restrospect 1: preinstall isscript 9 on your deploymernt image. This works for new installs, i use acronis for image deployment. (image deployment is when you premake windows installs and push them out to new desktop with windows and your applications pre installed .. this replaces installing windoes on new computers) 2: wrap install script within another MSI installer package. These products are comonly use to convert non deployable software into deployable software. These products are complicated and not free.
  4. 1. Run as a service Still waiting for this product to run totaly as a backround service. Why does this product not have a frontend / client, and a backend / server. I understand that the software runs in a remote desktop window when noone is logged in ... but that is not a solution. I should not have to login to a server to view the status of retrospect. Will this ever be web based, remote client, or mmc console like everything else? Why do i have to rdp into a server just to see the status of the backup. 2. Remote install Every other product has a remote install tool, yet retrospect does not. Yes you can deploy via group policy ... but since you use install script, the computers you are deploying to need install script 9 installed first. Install script by default can not be deployed via active directory due to its a common GUID shared between ISScript 6-10. If you deploy out retrospect via GP it will create a installer entry, and any other software that uses install script (no matter what version) will try to use the one that is in the deployment path. For example, slingbox uses ISScript version 10, if you deploy out restrospect and then atempt to install slingbox (via a local install) it will atempt to use the //server/share/isscript.msi and not its own. Thanks
  5. Windowssuggestions-ML-104339-ML- Moved to feature request section
  6. No remote install tool - Come on how hard is it to make one every other backup software has one! Installing from group policy/sms is great but not if you have to have install script installed to deploy it. Backing up just the C drive - Ok you can do volume selecters ... but i orgnise my backup clients into folders then drag those client drives into souce groups. I have to do twice as much work. If you could just set a global option to backup only C drives that would be a big help. Run as a service - are you kidding me? how do you not have this???? I have to hope my proactive backup runs inside of a rdp session. Ok great temperary workaround but no solution.
  7. Will Flint, What i ment is for large backups, disks are just the first step. for example i backup data to my raid array then at the end of the month move it to tape. backing up 1tb of data would cost me 350$ a month with HDs .... with tape it costs me under 100$. Disk drives do not archive well, we keep every month's backup for 1 year. It is much better to transport a stack of tapes offsite then a HDs Tapes are far from dead. Disks are fine if you dont require archiving or have very little data.
  8. 1: Deployment options Add a deployment client. Let admin deploy the client to desktops to desktops via the server. Deploying this software is very hard. Deploying via GPO is not easy, currently the desktop needs to have Isscript installed prior to the GPO deployment. You can deploy Isscript but it will cause all desktops with the deployed isscript to not be able to install other software that uses a different version of Isscript. The isscript can be wrapped inside of a MSI but that is not a simple process and requires outside applications. The only way to fix this is to install the Windows Installer Cleanup tool, and remove the deployed isscript 2: check/Rename clients on service start Our computers get renamed a lot, and the name does not get updated on the server. This is a major pain 3: front-end/backend interface Run the software as a service, and have a front-end used to access the application, I hate having to have a logged in user (or even the TS client) have to be logged in to have this work. 4: Web interface or mmc console for remote management You should not have to give a user console access to a server to manage the backup. 5: Network card preference The backup clients should be able to do a speed test to the server to figure out what network card is fastest. On laptops it sometimes picks wireless and not the wireless Ethernet card. On the same note it should not blindly pick either interface, it should make sure that the interface is up and can access the server. (In situations where each interface is connected to separate networks) 6: Server side configurations!!! I should not have to walk to a desktop to make any changes. Per desktop exceptions such as priority, private folders, notify options should all be done at the server. 7: defer bug - Remove or recheck deferred status If deferred gets bugged and the file are not deleted from windows\temp no other backups will start... it will just go back to the top of the list and get stuck in a loop.
  9. Anone else think thats a little weak? Every other backup software checks the name each time the service starts, and updates a change.
  10. When i rename a windows computer it seems like retrospect keeps the old name in the configure clients section. Anyone know a fix for this?
  11. I had the same problem 5 months ago, i did the same thing as that kb .. fixed me.
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