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  1. Hello Foster...


    These are my findings.


    Reconfiguring Retrospect in one step led to:

    CD-R success

    DVD-R failure

    DVD+R success

    Thus I can use the LaCie +/- RW DL in the sense I bought it for (backups with Retrospect on CDs *and* DVDs).


    Reconfiguring Restrospect led to a better performance of Toast 5.2.2 Lite. It works now as I expected, unless

    – burning a DVD is shown in the same way as burning a CD,

    – burning a DVD-R starts with an error message that doesn't have any effect on the quality of burning a DVD-R.

    But these doesn't matter (if you know it).


    Many thanks for your help because your help has been much more prcise than the user manual in this subject.





  2. Hello Foster...


    Many thanks for your reply.


    With regard to (1)

    Oh! Now I found this section in my user manual and it's obvious that I made a mistake. I have to reconfigure Retrospect for CD and DVD at the same time. I will do it this weekend.


    With regard to (2)

    I bought the DVD drive last week thus I thought the hard- and software will fullfill the main tasks. That's wrong. The hardware is delivered with a software that is not supported for a lot of months. Even the support for the professional version of this release is not supported for a lot of months. I have to buy the next release of the professional version to *ask* for technical support. – A very strange subject regarding LaCie *and* Toast! – With the delivered software I cannot burn a DVD that's true at all.


    With regard to (3)

    Now I think that this depends on (1).


    As said above I will reconfigure Retrospect this weekend. Than I will write you my findings.





  3. Hello


    I am still working with MacOS 9.2.2 on a G3 and Retrospect 5.1.177 for Backup, too.


    To reduce the amount of CD-ROMs for Backups I have bought a LaCie DVD +/- RW DL Porsche Design. It is supplied by FireWire. I know that this drive runs on MacOS 9.2.2 in SL mode only.


    As this drive is not supported automatecally by Restrospect a manual configuration window appeared and I let it run.


    Now the LaCie drive is shown by Retrospect as a valid storage device, but

    (1) I can use it only for DVDs. CD-ROMs are not supportet, thus I cannot use it for restoring data from CD-ROMs.

    (2) Toast 5.2.2 Lite does not recognize the LaCie drive for buring CD or DVD respectively.

    (3) I cannot read a CD-ROM, only a DVD will be red.


    What happend?

    How can I solve these problems?


    Many thanks in advance.





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