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  1. A crude (but effective) method for waking a computer at a fixed time is by setting a power on time in the BIOS.
  2. *L* I love/hate when this happens. :rollie: The good thing is it got resolved. The bad thing is you have no clue as to why. Ahwell, just keep you fingers crossed and hope it never rears its ugly head again. :teeth:
  3. Robin, how up to date is the Device Support Information/Database anyway, especially regarding Retrospect 7.7?
  4. Actually we just log in every Retrospect server every day, and review the in-program log. We never found the time to generate reports this way, but maybe we should look into it...
  5. We are not using 7.7 yet, but here is some general wake-on-lan (WOL) advice. You need to enable WOL on your client system. This is a combination of hardware (BIOS) and OS settings. Only after you have done that correctly it will be possible for a program to send a 'magic packet' and a WOL enabled client to receive that packet and wake up. Some more info is to be found on Wikipedia .
  6. You might be better of using Windows 7 own backup program. You can backup the boot drive with that to a second HDD or a network share (depends on what version of Windows you use). After that procedure you can backup those files with Retrospect (for example for offsite purposes). Do not forget to have Windows Backup create the recovery CD.
  7. Hi, It appears REV can only be formatted UDF. So my suggestion was flawed, sorry. According to this the device should be supported. I tested an RDX-system a couple of months ago and ran into problems as well. Maybe you can find something worthwhile in that topic.
  8. Yeah... Read around on the forum. 7.7 is not really stable enough for commercial use I would say. However Robin Mayoff said there was likely to be a patch this week.
  9. Thanks, I think I expected you had used the Thecus in iSCSI mode. This actually is about the only mode you can use the DroboPro in (apart from using its Firewire or USB port and connecting it directly to the host). I do agree most NAS are nice to use at home but can be troublesome in a business environment. Most NAS devices are clearly designed for consumer usage. But they are changing the storage realm, just like 3D game graphics has changed the professional 3D graphic scene. Eventually they will create a large impact even in professional storage. On a side note, the DroboPro is a much simpler product compared to a Thecus, so we figured it should be more reliable software-wise. So far it has not let us down. But we only use it as a D2D storage for Retrospect, after which we use it for D2T. I don't think I would use it as primary storage, although I must say it probably would work good enough for that.
  10. Robin, this is of course interesting. How does that work in real life? Do you guys need to ask the manufacturer for this or do they ask EMC? Do the manufacturers have to pay a 'testing fee' or is this something EMC spends assets on?
  11. Well, EMC's record in supporting these kind of (new) devices is not very broad. Especially SAS is something they don't seem to 'do' a lot. Why this is the case one can only speculate...
  12. Can you format NTFS instead of Fat32 and try again?
  13. What version of Retrospect (both server & client) are you using? What OS is Retrospect running on and what version OS is the Vaio running on?
  14. Hmm, that system doesn't seem to be in the Device Support Information/Database. Did you ever had it working in another version of Retrospect?
  15. You probably already noticed in the "Device and Hardware Compatibility-Windows" sub-forum SAS isn't exactly high on EMC's list... If I were you I would stick with 7.6.123 for the time being. 7.7 does have too many issues at this time and this might be one of them. It could even be possible the will not going to support it ever...
  16. What version of OS X and what version of Retrospect client are you using?
  17. Just interested, what sort of problem do you see in real life? Thecus themselves write: "Designed for hardware enthusiasts and SMBs, the N5200PRO packs some serious power under the hood." The part about SMB's doesn't 'sound' like consumer to me... We do not use a Thecus but (amongst other things) a DroboPro. So far I haven't seen real concurrency problems with that device, but it indeed can get (relatively) slower when using a couple of execution units.
  18. There a a couple of users here on the forum that use tape libraries themselves. The first thing they probably want to know is what brand/model tape library you exactly use. And please post what (sub)version Retrospect and Driver Update & Fix you are running.
  19. You can find that out here. A quick peek reveals they might support it... But I'm unsure how up to date this result is (in other words; is this applicable for 7.7?... I do not know).
  20. Russ, Thanks, so far we've only updated two machines with Snow Leopard and are currently testing other software to see if everything is compatible (not everything is so it seems). Concerning your comments about the 6.3.028 client. I totally agree. I think EMC's Product Downloads & Updates page is flawed when it comes to mixed environments. I think I have mentioned it a couple of times before, but they don't seem to be convinced they should solve those mysteries. Did you already had a chance to test 7.7?
  21. We have two new Windows 7 machines using 7.7.106 client that we backup using 7.6.123 Multi Server (on Windows 2008 Server STD x64). It works but not always. We keep getting -519 and -539 errors every day or so. The other times it works normally. Those two machines are entirely different hardware, so I have a strong feeling it's a Retrospect bug. Be warned though, as restoring directly to a Windows 7 client is not working properly. It seems to work, but if you check you'll find out it didn't restore every file (had up to 60% or so missing). Restoring files to a non-Windows 7 environment does however work. So it is semi useable, taking those issues into account. We do not use any Retrospect optional modules, like SQL- or Open File backup. So I have no way of knowing if these work like advertised. As for the OSX clients, so far we didn't update them beyond 6.2.234 so I can't tell you. But we have begun Snow Leopard upgrades and might need to update to 6.3.028. But so far it seems 6.2.234 works with Snow Leopard.
  22. About three days less than Robin's last post mentioned. :rollie:
  23. Well, they claim the software runs ON those platforms. The table doesn't exactly say a certain platform can restore another (older) platform...
  24. Hmm, I just checked http://www.retrospect.com/products/software/retroforwin/systemrequirements/ Retrospect Multi Server, Single Server, and Disk-to-Disk: Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2003/2003 R2 Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008/2003/2000/4.5 Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008/2003/2003 R2 Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows XP Retrospect Small Business Server, Standard and Premium editions: Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008/2003/2000/4.5 Windows clients Intel Pentium class processor or better (1.5 GHz recommended), including x86 and x64 hardware for 32-bit or 64-bit OS support Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008 R2/2003/2003 R2, 2000 Server (SP2 or later) Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2008/2003/2000/4.5* Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008/2003/2003 R2* Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 Professional Seems like for Retrospect server side only the SBS version of 2000 Server is supported. And as for Retrospect client side, it appears to be any 2000 Server version as far as it has SP2 and higher...
  25. Windows 2008 Server is not officially supported by Retrospect versions prior to 7.7... However the base product does work for the most part. I can't tell you anything though about the open file option as we do not use it. But from the looks of what you describe I would have serious doubts.
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