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  1. This is not planned. Ah, too bad, but I can understand the marketing behind it. Thanks.
  2. Hi Robin, For the 'live restore' you mention, I presume it would be best to create boot volume backups using the Open File add-on? And am I correct to presume for the 'live restore' we don't need the DR add-on? Will DR be compatible with Server 2008 in the near future? Or will the 'live restore' method be the only option? Thanks.
  3. @ Mayoff > Thanks for the pointers, now I'll have something to study! 'Slightly' off-topic: Will there be an ´unlimited´ version of the SQL agent available in the near future? I need at least eight agents for our sollution, and likely more on a irregular basis. Does anybody know if the current SQL agent works with MS SQL 2008 (released yesterday). We will be switching to that version really soon. @ Lennart > Yeah, I would have liked something as functional as Acronis Universal Restore. Which is very usefull when restoring to different hardware or a virtual machine. However it's not as centralised as Retrospect Multi Server. Besides that, Acronis' sollution is not cheap (for multiple servers). I'm aware one doesn't need the SQL agent per se. We currently have a similar backup stategy you are suggesting. But because we use eight SQL servers it's not as easy to control and check. For that Retrospect's centralised interface might be more convenient. Not sure yet, we need to test if it does what we want it to do. Keeps me off the street I suppose...
  4. Hi Ed, Quite likely it's a permission problem. You might be able to get it to work after reading this KB-aritcle (this is about a NAS, but could be aplicable in your case): http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9637&r=0.1814844 What version of Retrospect are you using? Is there a reason you use a mapped network drive instead of the Retrospect client?
  5. Can somebody tell me what the current possibilities are with the Disaster Recovery add-on? The information on the product website are not extremely conclusive and (I feel) might be outdated. This is all I can find (source: http://www.emcinsignia.com/en/products/smb/retroforwin/addons/ ): This description suggests to me that it would allow the user to restore a server with a Retrospect 'produced' "DR CD" -ONLY-. So I need to have made a backup of that system and I then would only need to insert this CD into the system and it would be able to boot with it and access the needed files from the backup server's storage? What would be needed to create a restorable backup of a Windows 2008 server running MS-SQL? Do I need open file backup and the SQL add-on? What -exactly- can be done with this product and, very importantly, what can't be done with it? (For example, I figured it can't do a 'universal restore', which is a pitty, but 'bare metal' will do for now.). So far it's not very clear to me... Can somebody give me some pointers and advice. For reference, I'm exploring the possibilities for using Multi Server as a platform for all our backup needs of our online webservers running Windows 2003 and 2008. A lot of these servers also run SQL. So we are already considering getting the SQL add-on for handling specific backup needs of the databases. But this is something different. We have three needs: - Backup of systems (OS and installed software and all settings) - Backup, Duplication and Archiving of directories with data, like IIS logfiles, etc. - Backup of SQL databases. This topics question merely focuses on the first of our needs. But this way you'll have an idea of the 'complete picture'.
  6. Quote: This is a user-to-user support forum. Any answers from users (like me) about future product development would be mere speculation. You might want to contact EMC. This is not the way to do that. Thanks for your reply, however I beg to differ. This forum is run and visited by EMC-employees as well. They do comment on several topics, so I don't see why this isn't a good medium for them to take in suggestions for their product(s). And of course I'm also open to user suggestions, because there might be something I'm doing wrong or haven't thought of. Besides that I'm also expressing my opinion it's a bit strange Retrospect doesn't think as 'green' as it could/should, with a little bit of effort. True enough, it won't be a big marketing gimmick, but every little thing helps.
  7. Wow... 12 days and nothing to show for... Is power efficiency not high on the list of EMC? Please consider power is not cheap in The Netherlands. It is taxed to the limit to force people to think 'green'. I still would like answers to my question(s)...
  8. Russ explained it very well. However there might be some options for you to consider. You might want to experiment with a (way) faster CPU to speed up the compression and encryption process. This is kind of a brute force option but actually the only one I can think of. Make sure you have disabled your devices hardware compression settings. And maybe you can save time during the verify run, if you are using that. We nowadays backup using the option 'Media verification', which creates an MD5 digest during backup. During the verify run Retrospect compares the backup medium with this digest instead of re-reading the original files. Maybe somebody can confirm this should work faster with your setup/problem.
  9. We've been using Retrospect for ages (Mac & Windows) and for us it works well. However we keep strugling with the client powerup/down options. Way back when we used it with (upto) Mac OS 9 clients, it was easy to have the clients to shutdown after a backup 'came along' after working hours. Thus saving electricity for powering the computer and airconditioning. The windows clients and nowadays the OSX clients are equiped with the ´shutdown script´ which works okay, but not perfect/easy enough. We wondered why not such a tool as the 'wait at shutdown'-option we had with the OS9 clients is included these days. Furthermore the provided shutdown script doesn't seem to work with our Vista machines... Bottom line is, we need a better shutdown option with Retrospect. It can't be that hard to create. It will save a lot of power without a lt of effort, so why is it not included? Furthermore it would be also far better to have a WOL-option as well (Wake On Lan). Why is it Retrospect can't wake up a shutdown computer? It should be easy to make it send a magic packet to the client and have it wait for a preset time (a couple of minutes would easily do) and then back up a client. In short: We want Retrospect be able to power-up machines with the magic packet method, back them up and afterwards power them down. This shouldn't be something beyond the realm of possibilities and would help to save (a lot of) power. Is something like this in the workings? If not, could it be proposed? In the meantime, could a working shutdown script for Vista be provided? Kind regards.
  10. We've been using and upgrading Retrospect for many years (since 1992) to back up our local mix of servers and workstations. Although sometimes there have been strange events, so far it has suit our needs. Now we have a different requirement and wonder if Retrospect would be able to help us out as well, or if it's something that it will be able to do in the near future. This is the situation: - We have a number of web/media/data-servers at a remote datacentre. - We wish to periodically backup the total system-state of these servers to a storage device (NAS or storage server) at that location. - We want to be able to do a bare metal restore of a server to preferably a virtual server (Server running Windows Virtual server) or a hardware-different (spare) machine (kind of what Acronis calls Universal Restore). The motivation is that we want to be able to have a server up and running as fast as possible. By restoring to a spare machine or a spare machine running windows virtual server, we can do this remote and quickly. Afterwards we can repair or replace the defective server and restore that to full function, while in the meantime have only very little downtime. Because we have different servers with different hardware components a 'universal restore' would be a mandatory feature, also when restoring to a virtual server. We know that Retrospect with the right add-on can do a bare metal restore. But it seems this has to be the same hardware, which might not be possible when a critical hardware component breaks down. Is this possible with the current Retrospect and if not, will it be possible in the near future?
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