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  1. Thank you for the quick response Robin. If I read that correctly you're saying my version 8 Advanced Tape Support that I purchased an Annual Support Maintenance agreement will work with version 9. It seems counter-intuitive but I'll give it a go.
  2. Luckily I'm in a different boat, we moved on to a competing product so I will not be deploying Retro 9 to an active state, I just felt compelled to use my ASM option to upgrade since it was paid for. If Retrospect Inc. wishes to survive they will need to do an outstanding job on this new release and prove they are dedicated to the users who have stuck with version 8.
  3. I did receive a code, but just for the Single Server license. Any ideas if I have to submit a support ticket for my Advanced Tape Support separately? I noticed the date on the file as well, I suspect the new owners were still hashing out the details of the business transfer and were contractually obligated to keep quiet and withhold the release until all the i's were crossed and the t's were dotted.
  4. I was stunned to find out we still maintained an ASM on Retro 8 and the Advanced Tape Support. I've submitted my support ticket and received a case ID, I guess I'll see where this will take me.
  5. Visiting the 'retrospect.com' website I was pleasantly surprised with "Retrospect, Inc. Assumes Development of Retrospect® Backup and Recovery Software Products, Releases Retrospect 9 for Mac". I puttered around the site and it appears that the core team responsible for Retrospect (while under Dantz) have retaken the helm of this drifting ship. Maybe this is old news but it was still a bit of a surprise. My best wishes to the new owners, I hope you can repair the damage the previous two owners have done to the Retrospect product name. Sometimes a mutiny is the best course of action.
  6. Thank you very much for the announcement. I'm sure we will all be tuned in, refreshing our web browsers madly.
  7. If you are trying to replace a hard drive my suggestion is to use Carbon Copy Cloner, you should be able to clone the hard drive at the block level to create an exact duplicate. I would do this a quickly as possible, once a hard drive starts to fail you are on borrowed time. I would clone the drive with the Retro system shut down, then clone, swap and replace the drive. If you are able to make a complete clone of the drive you may be able to avoid restoring the contents via Retrospect. I can't guarantee that this will fix your problem, but it would be what I would try while you still have access to the data.
  8. Do you have all of your slots loaded with tapes in your library? It's been ages but I think I ran into this once, leaving a slot open was my "bandaid" to make things run smoothly.
  9. Robin, if you are restricted from talking about the software I can understand your absence from this forum, providing us a breadcrumb every now and then is maddening. With the Retro 9 product officially announced isn't it counterproductive to alienate your installed base? Is there another forum, newsletter, blog we should be paying attention to so we can receive information in a more timely manner?
  10. Why is it so hard for Roxio to acknowledge they have a new product in the works? It's just over two months since Robin Mayoff last participated in this discussion, a short message indicating "The release is coming very soon", are you still with us Robin? If this is the release that was being discussed then why not flood the forum with a little hope? Let us know what the new software can do, get us excited about the new features, capabilities and reliability. Now that the marketing arm of Roxio has let the cat out of the bag you would think the feature set has been locked down and a list of enhancements and fixes would be near enough for release. Is anyone from Roxio participating in this group discussion?
  11. With the Advanced Tape Support plug-in I was able to create two scripts accessing two separate tape drives (one library) backing up two different drive sources (one DAS and another Xsan). The concurrent job was not that different than running a single job. System specifics: Intel Xserve (10.6.8 Server, 2 x 2.66Ghz Quad, Apple Raid card, 3 x 750GB Raid 5, 12GB RAM) Roxio Retrospect Single Server Unlimited 8.2.0 (399) Advanced Tape Support enabled Archiware PresSTORE XXL Software Apple 4Ghz 4 Port FC Card (driver 2.02) Qlogic 5600 Fibre Channel switch x 2 Promise 610f 32TB (Raid 5, 4GB FC controller) Promise 610f 64TB (Raid 5, 4GB FC controller) HP StorageWorks 4048 LTO4 dual drive w/4GB FC controller
  12. We've just installed Archiware PresSTORE XXL and it's a whole new beast. There have been a few challenges to adapt to the new terminology but I am very satisfied with it's performance. As I mentioned previously I am really missing some of the features I used for years in Retrospect, we will need to radically change our workflow to accommodate the new software. We have archival tapes going back to 2004 that I will need to restore with Retro and re-archive to make recoveries less of a hassle, so I'll be maintaining our current Retro installation until I can make the transition. If 8.3 turns out to be a free upgrade I will probably install it for the promise of better stability, if Roxio decides it's a paid upgrade to 9 then it's unlikely I'll make the jump.
  13. Seeing Retrospect from a different perspective now that we're working with another product. Some of the really powerful features already within Retrospect are sadly missing in a much more expensive product. I didn't realize how much I depended on the OS integration that Retrospect has to offer, I'm talking about the ability to target a folder for backup activity by color. This is such a powerful feature, have a user tag a folder with a particular color and Retrospect can apply a backup strategy to it. It can move a red folder offline then archive it a week later. A simple, elegant solution that puts the users in charge of archiving folders in an 'ad hoc' fashion. I may keep Retrospect around just for that feature alone. C'mon Roxio, time for your contributions to Retrospect to be recognized!
  14. Unless an OS change requires I update Retrospect in the immediate future I think I've just frozen my current Retro installation at 8.2.0 (399). I know I've waited long enough to hear about changes, updates and release dates, we just purchased and installed the aforementioned Archiware PresStore product. I'll be using the current version of Retro until I can restore my archives to disk, as soon as the old archives are backed with the new software I'll shuttle the catalogs and configuration files to external media and uninstall it. Retro 8 had an enormous amount of potential, I hope the next revision is available soon for everyone on this forum. System specifics: Intel Xserve (10.6.7 Server, 2 x 2.66Ghz Quad, Apple Raid card, 3 x 750GB Raid 5, 12GB RAM) Roxio Retrospect Single Server Unlimited 8.2.0 (399) Advanced Tape Support enabled Archiware PresSTORE XXL Software Apple 4Ghz 4 Port FC Card (driver 2.02) Qlogic 5600 Fibre Channel switch x 2 Promise e610f 32TB (Raid 5, dual 4GB FC controller) Promise e610f 64TB (Raid 5, dual 4GB FC controller) HP StorageWorks 4048 LTO4 dual drive w/4GB FC controller
  15. As Brad mentions, having a series of smaller, 'problems are known to be fixed' updates distributed more frequently would be greatly beneficial. Maybe this is something that can happen after the 8.3 update, providing we last that long.
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