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  1. Thanks for the heads up on Retrospect 5. I am nervous now because I have no idea which version my files are in. Gaadz. One step forward - one step back. This is crazy. I do have the old G5 mothballed. But even if Retrospect is on it - I, naturally, write over old versions. So If I don't have the Software for R5 - I'm screwed again. Hopefully I can get what I need off of the disks. But really - when you think about it - Retrospect, in trying to hold onto a proprietary model for revenue purposes - has really done their customers a huge disservice.
  2. That's crazy but correct in that it is not supported. This actually gives me a bit of a glimmer of hope. Let me ask a silly question - if I buy an external - then it should be able to read the disks to rebuild the libraries. Is rebuilding the correct step? I don't anticipate the old libraries to be able to be read because when I click on them - they need the old PPC. But I did copy the libraries over from the old PPC. I'm on an old Intel Mac now.
  3. I tried to enable the optical drive (PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTS08) and it said it was successful though no "triangle" icon appears. This is per this thread: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/retrospect-8-x-for-macintosh-optical-support. When I insert a full retrospect disk - it still does not recognize it - but give me the option, now, of opening it in Retrospect. This is new since I supposedly "Enabled the optical device" though I do not know if this is coincidence. I did at one time have VMware installed on this computer - but no longer. Not quite understanding the "captured drive" concept. Why isn't there an option to rebuild a catalog from a media? I don't see it anywhere in this program anymore. And I can't open Retropect 6 to retrace old steps. This is really frustrating.
  4. Mayoff - do you think that is why they are showing up as blank? Secondly - Supported optical drive regarding Retrospect?
  5. Hey, Recently began going through old dvd's of work. Quickly discovered whole series of disks that are not recognized by my Superdrive. I came to the conclusion that these are disks that were probably archived with Retrospect at the time. Some version or 6 and/or prior. I have DVD-R's from 2005 I can read fine - but have a feeling they were stand-alone instances where I just burned files onto the DVD itself as opposed to using Retrospect. Is this a common occurance? Is there a workaround? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Just installed Retrospect 8. Watched the video tutorial. Duplicated the steps. Now in my retrospects "Activities" window - I have three "media" icones all with blinking Question Marks flashing in my face. I have DVD-R Media in the superdrive slot of my 24" iMac (new Intel model). I can't figure out how to fix the issue. Any help? Thanks!
  7. Thanks Lennart - I will try that. Dave - your a gem. With 2582 posts to your credit - you can write a bug report. You have time, I don't. Your also wrong that the eject button does work after I quit the program. Wrong wrong wrong. Wrong.
  8. Apple G5/Dual 1.8GHz Power PC 1.25 GB DDR SDRAM OS 10.4.8 Retrospect 6.1.126 Saving to Apple DVD
  9. #1 - When I used it 5 years ago - I backed up to tape. So the program was necessary. My mistake. It's retrospects mistake for realizing folks use their program for backing up and organization - the need to tie users into a proprietary trap is probably overkill. #2 - Using Apple DVD R's 8x speed. I put the disk in>I retrieve information>lots of times I will continue working and sometimes quit program. Either way can't eject DVD. Tonight - I rebooted - hit eject - came right out. The rebootin part is a pain. #3 - No. I picked my desktop file. Not my desktop file in the os partition I never use. This is a bug. Please prove me wrong - then I can fix it. I did find a Reject Media When Quitting preference. But that doesn't fix the problem. #4 - Lots of forums prompt for system information. When I don't see prompts, and I'm in a forum called Desktop for Mac OSX - it sort of begs the question.
  10. 1 - Why if I back up to retrospect do I have to open retrospect to retrieve a file? In some instances I know what disk I need. It wastes time to open the program and let it do it's little thing then have it let me know what disk it needs. But if I try to retrieve straight from the disk - the disk shows me one file. 2 - Why after I retrieve and close Retrospect - I can't eject my disk. In some instances I need to reboot my computer. Why? 3 - Why if I choose Desktop as my retrieval folder - it saves to my desktop in OS9 and I have to go hunting for it? 4 - Why does it take 3 days to back up 30 gigs? I bought this version before I tried it - admittedly - because I owned a previous version 5 years ago and it worked flawlessly. I am just absolutely befuddled as to how a product can unravel over time. Help!
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