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  1. What about Retro 5 and Tiger? Retro 5 works OK (enough) on 10.3 that I have not upgraded (and would really rather not have to spend the $$ How badly broken will Retro 5 be on Tiger? Note that if it works about as well as it does on 10.3 I'll be satisfied.
  2. Quote: The Macintosh does not have any type of Open File Manager or the ability to shutdown programs on Windows, so the Mac product can not backup any open files on a PC. I'm confused. The client on the windows PC is perforce a Windows program, even if it is talking to a Macintosh server. So, can't it shut down running programs (on instruction from the server), or indeed, do anything else on a Windows system that a Windows program can do?
  3. Quote: Mayoff said: This upgrade is much more then a "bug fix" update. It contains many features customers have been requesting for a long time. 4) Panther Support Could you elaborate on what this means? How is fast user switching handled for instance? Could you itemise what, currently 'broken' in Panther, is 'fixed'? Quote: 7) Greatly improved performance Details? Examples? What got improved to make performance better? Faster compression? Multithreading? Does performance improve on low end machines or just high end? Thanks in advance.
  4. Quote: AmyJ said: Business professionals and home users will benefit from the advanced features of Retrospect 6.0: • No limit to the size of volumes that can be backed up or the amount of data stored in a Backup Set. There is no longer a terabyte limit. • Support for most SCSI and Fibre Channel tape libraries including features such as import/export, barcode inventory, and more than 128 storage slots. • Improved user interface to manage drives, tapes, and cleaning tapes. • Backups to disks can span multiple FireWire or USB hard drives. • The Retrospect 6.0 product CD also includes Retrospect 5.1 for backing up to a Mac OS 9 computer. Does this mean that the backup set format has changed? Radically? Is it compatible with the Windows 6.0 format? I presume the last point means that Retro 6 only runs under Mac OS X. Is it further limited to any particular version of Mac OS X? How is the Mac version getting on for parity with the Windows version? What features are in one but not the other? Any further details on the "improved user interface"? Can backups span multiple remote mounted volumes? (i.e. backing up to afp://, smb://, nfs://)? Ditto via ftp? Any support for sftp or ssh? Thanks in advance.
  5. Quote: natew said: Hi You are correct: Retrospect 5.x cannot handle switching users while a backup is running. Nate It can't handle some things. I have Retro server running in one account constantly, while other users change using Fast User Switching, and everything works just fine. Note though that this machine never sleeps. The original poster has nailed the issue though. When running as a server, sleep is mostly inappropriate. This is something that Apple, IMHO, needs to fix. There should be an option to disable sleep/shutdown unless you are the privileged user (just as you need to authenticate to restart if other users are running i the background). BUT, since this is inappropriate behaviour for a laptop, say, it needs to be an option, not the only behaviour. It gets more complicated...really, cron should be able to wake from sleep when it needs to run a task---but then put back to sleep if necessary. But only for some tasks, and only if it's not a laptop, etc. [sigh] I'm not sure of the correct, elegant solution. Personally, I just disable CPU sleep (as I mentioned), leaving Video and disk sleep.
  6. What I have done is have a special user which 'owns' Retrospect. This just sits and runs, and I use fast user switching to leave it in the background. Note to Dantz: make Retro detect that it's running in this mode and not 'beep' when it doesn't actually own the sound device. I'm finding this a useful way to work.
  7. Quote: psykoyiko said: The Debian package works fine on a Debian testing or unstable system. It does not appear that it was packaged for the stable distribution, although with some tinkering, you could probably get it to work. The tinkering was just to force the install dpkg --force-depends --install retroclient_6.5.108-1_i386.deb Seems to do the trick. At least, the client is running right now for me and backing up.
  8. > sudo dpkg -i retroclient_6.5.108-1_i386.deb Selecting previously deselected package retroclient. (Reading database ... 35553 files and directories currently installed.) Unpacking retroclient (from retroclient_6.5.108-1_i386.deb) ... dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of retroclient: retroclient depends on libc6 (>= 2.3.1-1); however: Version of libc6 on system is 2.2.5-11.5. dpkg: error processing retroclient (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing: retroclient > And according to me, the current STABLE version of libc6 is indeed 2.2.5-11.5.
  9. Actually, they are obeying Apple's rules. In order to do its thing, Retrospect has to take over the disc driver. The stock Apple disc driver doesn't allow for everything that Retrospect needs to do. However, it's an all or nothing thing. Having taken over, it has to do everything itself. Of course, it only owns the disc drive, not the keyboard, where the disc eject button lives... At least, that's my understanding of it. Reading between the lines I'd guess that Dantz try very hard to do the right thing, but some of the hooks they need just aren't in Mac OS X yet, though Apple does seem to be improving them with each release.
  10. Well, it isn't 10.2.5 specific, as it also happens on 10.2.4 and earlier too I suspect. Basically, the automatic task has to run 'silently', which offers no opportunity to interact with it should you want to, or it has to pop up a window, which is confusing if you are not expecting it.
  11. Selectors seem to be a bit of a black art. I think it would be useful to make it easy to import and export individual selectors (in Express too ) and then provide a place on the Dantz forum for people to share them.
  12. Which reminds me... Does AltiVec make a significant difference in compression? (I would think it would, since MP3, MPEG & JPEG all gain large speed increases from AltiVec on the G4s). And if so, does Retrospect make use of it? Anyone know?
  13. It should load every time. Look at the very bottom of the log, just after you run Retrospect. Does it say something like: ? Retrospect Express version 5.0.238 launch at 28/3/2003 7:24 AM + Retrospect Driver Update, version 3.4.103 If that last line is there it's OK, if not, look in the Retrospect folder to see that the RDU is still there.
  14. Launch Retrospect. Look in the log. The latest entry will tell you the version of RDU loading, and of course if it is loading.
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