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  1. WOW !!! It works now! For some reason it works only with ID 2 and 5. But anyway. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hey, I installed retrospect server backup 5.0 and connected the QUALSTAR TLS-2000 series tape library to that machine. It worked fine with Retrospect v. 4.3 New version sees the tape drive (Sony SDT-9000), but says "No Driver" for the tape library. It is in the compatibility list, it was working fine under 4.3. What should I do to make it working under 5? MacOS 9.2 Retrospect Backup Server 5.0 QualStar TLS-2218A Thanks, FiL.
  3. hmm... sounds interesting... Basically looks like it doesn't work on a switched network properly. If you have hubs everything works fine, but it doesn't work with switches. And that makes a sense for Dantz (use of broadcasts). But it doesn't make any sense for me. Why should I change my network configuration to make backup software working ???
  4. Hey - I'll check if it works, but actually it is not a good solution for me. I have more than 60 clients to back up and running around the floors restarting retrospect client is not my primary task for today . Thanks anyway.
  5. IrenaS, Thank you for your help, but I did all the steps to configure subnets. And sometimes it works. That means, that it shows the list, but then clients not on the local IP subnet disappear. Sometimes you can add the new client to the client database, but then server can't access client (client not visible on the network). You still can access any client by specifying it's IP, but it is not an option for me (more than 60% are DHCP clients). I thought that it can be a problem of MacOS TCP/IP implementation, but I got the same problem with Trial version of Retrospect Bascup Server for Windows. P.S. everething works just fine with AppleTalk, but version 5 doesn't support AppleTalk clients .
  6. Hey, I have Retrospect Remote running on MacOS 9. It works fine, but has no support for OS X clients, so we are palnning upgrade to 5.x. Before upgrade I downloaded trial version of Retrospect Server Backup (for windows) and for some reason I don't see any clients in the "Live Network". If I put my test backup server in to one of the configured subnets (normally it is in the separate subnet for servers, that has no retrospect clients at all) it sees client on that subnets, but not all the clients in the network. If i switch to Multicast sometimes it shows the full list for minute or two and then all list disappears excluding one test machine on the same network switch. What I should do to make all clients (4 separate IP subnets) visible from backup server. P.S. I know that windows backup server doesn't support OS-X clients yet, but I have over 60 OS 9 clients I have problem with. Thank you for any help with that.
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