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  1. This was not resolved for me. EMC reports that it's an issue specific to my environment and is very difficult to nail down. If there are any other Netware users out there having similar client backup issues, now is the time to post them to this thread. Otherwise, I don't think the problem is going to be resolved.
  2. EMC's "support" of Retrospect is laughable. We also have a paid support contract with them. I reported a problem backing up my Netware clients(Using the supplied Netware client) within a week of receiving the product. I still have yet to receive any support other than me spending hours and hours of my time generating debugging information for them. I believe my support contract even said something about sending someone on-site if they were unable to resolve the issue within a reasonable time frame. It's been months now and EMC Retrospect is virtually useless to me. They stopped contacting me for several months and I finally got back in touch with them through a "manager" who promised to get back to me several weeks ago. No response, is it time for a class action lawsuit?
  3. Working on it with me? Well they were. I don't hear back on my trouble ticket anymore and that's after sending a lot of logging information. We still can't back up our Novell servers using the client. I am not impressed at all with EMC Retrospect support.
  4. Nyle

    Error -557

    We were seeing -557 errors with our Novell clients as well for over 8 months now. We reported this a trouble ticket, they took a lot of debugging information from us and a lot of my time. Now I don't hear back from them at all and we are under support contract as well. After a few new patches came out we went from getting -557 errors to getting asserts. I've reinstalled the backup workstation from scratch and dedicated it to running only Retrospect. My Novell servers are all running the latests patches and NLMs that I see on the forum as necessary are running. I haven't been able to backup using the clients since I purchased Retrospect. I for one am extremely dissapointed.
  5. *bump* Now Retropect doesn't -557 it just asserts when trying to backup my Novell EMC Client servers. I've sent all kinds of debugging information in multiple times using debug builds. My trouble ticket has switched hands twice now. Still no resolution to the original problem but I guess they technically got rid of the -557. Now it asserts instead. Anyone have any tips to getting 7.5 to work with Novell 6.5sp5? -Nyle
  6. I just spent a day looking for this simple answer as well. Why have the option to uncheck listed if it's always greyed out. The Red X may be visually intutive only once you know what it's for. I have ad to start executions, pause them and resume them to be able to uncheck the don't allow executions option. I'm glad I searched the forum and found this simple answer but it'd be nice to have this be more intuitive. ;^)
  7. Any updates to this problem? I'm still working with EMC on it. I've blown away my configuration, updated to the latest version just released, done detailed logging and even installed restrospect onto another computer and still received the -557 transaction complete errors. Anyone else get any further with this? Really getting frustrated as a new customer I really need a reliable backup solution and this problem is making me nervous. Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any new ideas or is this just a major bug in the Netware Client? With EMC, I've sent logs, checked files to see if they exist, completely redid my Retrospect configuration, checked all the versions of files on the server. turned off eDir backup and just did volumes. The only work around that I have that is really not acceptable long term is to back up the volumes directly using UNC paths. The client should make scanning volumes for what to back up faster, it should make sending the data faster and it should support backing up the current state of eDirectory using Novell's built in program. So far it's made scanning volumes for what to back up slower, made sending the data slower and failed backing up edirectory. (Trouble reading files, error -557 (transaction already complete)) This same error occurs when backing up volumes. There isn't any details that I can find on whata -557 error really is but when I see a "transaction already complete" in programming, it sounds like the program is trying to do something again that it already did. Either because it didn't receive a response to a request or it lost the response to the request. Without having access to the source code I'm at a loss. Anyone else out there using Retrospect 7.5 with the Netware client care to comment. Is it working for you? Maybe you can help find what is different in my environment. I'd hate to run poolverify again on all my servers, I'm not seeing any inconsitencies or errors from other software. My old Symantec Backup Exec 9.1 doesn't have any problems backing up all the files using it's clients. HELP, please.
  9. I've upgraded my SMS to match yours but the problem didn't change. I've applied all current Novell patches. My servers are running fine, I have no health check issues with DS and none of my volumes are reporting issues. I have paid support contract and I've emailed them about it. Maybe I should call for them to concentrate on the issue more. -Nyle
  10. Sorry to second post but I wanted to mention that all my servers meet the specifications listed they are all running the same patch levels of Novell 6.5 with SP5 and one of the latest SMS patches beyond SP5. I also get slower backup performance using the client then going to a UNC path but I'll save that for another thread after this is stable. Again, I greatly appreciate any help.
  11. I would be happy to give more information. When I say confirmed, what I mean is that we are getting the same Error -557 errors described in the thread so it's not just one environment seeing them. My logs looks similar to what he's seeing and I'm running the latest patches for Retrospect 7.5 and Retro Novell client. This is the notice I get sent -> Script: HD BOCES Backup Schedule Client: JEFFMAIL Date: 6/12/2006 Trouble reading files, error -557 (transaction already complete) Snippet from log - 1150144750: Main: Retrospect Client for Netware, 1.00.141 .. .. 1150154255: smsfetFileFetch: BackupNDS failed with error ffffffff 1150154276: smsfetFileSpec: Can't open data set "Server Specific Info", error FFFDFFCC 1150160320: smsfetFileSpec: smsGetDataOffsetAndLen failed, myName = STORAGE:Apps/ProgramKiller/progkill.dll, ccode = -1 ... ... 1150161408: smsfetFileSpec: Big Problem! No more data sets Novell 6.5 Service Pack 5 (As per my post) Yes, 8.7.3 latest patch smdr 6.54.02 smsut 1.01 TSAFS 6.51 DSBK 0553.87.00 (I have eDirectory backup turned off currently because it seemed like it might be causing the crash - However, it didn't help and seems to be something else in the client.) Backupcr 10533.87 Libcdebg.nlm??? - The only reference to this NLM I find using Google, EMC Knowledgebase and Novell's Knowledgebase is in the readme for Retrospect 7.0 listing Libcdebg.nlm 1.0 as a requirement. Where can this file be found as it's not on any of my servers, my workstation and I can't seem to find it on the Internet. (I may have missed it but where?) Seems to be a debugging NLM for the libc routines. I'd assume it'd only be called to do debugging of libc. 3 - Dell PowerEdge 2650 servers with dual processors, 2GB RAM, SCSI RAID 5 137GB arrarys. X - Mix of other older Dell PowerEdge servers that all exceed the minimum specifications for what they are running. Primarily file and printers sharing(NDPS). Backup Workstation - Dell Precision 380 1GB Ram, Windows XP Pro sp2(firewall off) backing up to SATA RAID 5 2TB drive array(JBOD) and hopefully to Sectra Logic Tree Frog 1.5TB tape library for offsite storage. Any other information that would be helpful, I'll gladly provide. I'm really not just here to complain I want to fix the problem and move on. I just spent over $1K on Retrospect 7.5 to migrate from Symantec Backup Exec 9.1 to it. I need it up now for reliable backups. Any help would be grealtly appreciated and I applogize if my post seemed otherwise. Thanks. -Nyle
  12. Nyle

    horrible speeds on 7.5

    I'm backing up using the Netware client and the interesting thing I see with 7.5 is that if I back up using the UNC path to go straight to the volume I get 250-300MB/min if I go to the client I get 140-160MB/min. Correct me if I'm wrong but besides adding additional functionality the client should also somewhat speed the backup? At least it should be close to the same I would think. Other backup solutions with clients are faster. I also have another error but that's covered in another thread.
  13. I hate to sound like a me too person but I just purchased Retrospect 7.5 and installed it fresh on a Dell Precision workstation. (Latest patches). I then downloaded the latest client and installed it onto our multiple Novell Netware 6.5sp5 servers with no known issues. I receive the same error from two of my servers and Restrospect ultimately crashes receiving some kind og a network error. The crash reports that a power failure may have occured which has not. Have you had any resolution to this issue. I'd say it's confirmed if two different environments are having the same issue.