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  1. I have an Appleshare IP server at work that I back up nightly. The best way I have found to do it is by using something called AShare Helper on the ASIP server. http://members.ozemail.com.au/~dbakkers/ashare_helper/index.html Essentially, you use it to turn off ASIP - then, you do your backup, and then ASIP re-starts. I am in a situation that there is NOBODY using our ASIP server overnight, so I disable it before nightly backups start, and re-start just before people come in for the day. But it's worked like a charm for me... Good luck!
  2. Greetings, all. Hopefully you can help me out. I purchased a DLT autoloader backup tape drive last year, for use here at work. We have since outgrown our old server, and are moving the intranet and backup functions to an XServe. However, before I get too into this further, let me give you this: THE ROSTER OF EQUIPMENT: ----------------------------------- Old Server: PowerMac G4 Dual-Proc ATTO ExpressPCI PSCd SCSI Card [HVD, or high-voltage differential card] New Server: XServe Dual-Proc ATTO Express PCI Pro UL3S-66 PCI [LVD, or low-voltage differential card] DLT Autoloader Tape Drive: Micronet DLT Autoloader Drive [DLT7280DTD] - 7-tape capacity [Tape Loader = ADIC FastStor DLT. Tape Drive = Quantum DLT 4000] WHAT I NEED TO DO: ----------------------------------- I need to get this DLT tape backup drive, which is HVD/differential, and get it to talk to the SCSI card in the XServe, which is an LVD/single-channel SCSI card. WHAT I HAVE DONE SO FAR: ----------------------------------- After realizing that the tape drive is a high-voltage [HVD] device, and that the XServe is a low-voltage [LVD] device, I purchased a convertor from Black Box Networks, that converts HVD to LVD, and vice versa. That item is IC541A on the Black Box website. I also called ATTO and made sure that the SCSI card in the XServe was up-to-date, firmware-wise. We downloaded the new flash for it, installed it, and now the SCSI card is all up to date as it needs to be. THE PROBLEM: ----------------------------------- After hooking everything up and powering on the server [last device to be powered up of course], when I go into Retrospect, I am not seeing the tape-drive portion of the tape backup drive. In "Device Status" window in Retrospect Server on the XServe, I can see the tape-loading robot portion of the tape drive [ADIC FastStor DLT] on the SCSI ID that I assigned it - but the SCSI ID of the actual tape drive itself [Quantum DLT 4000] - is showing "(Unknown Response)". I called Dantz Customer Service and they suggested to move the SCSI IDs [3] digits apart, making sure that the auto-loading robot was the higher of the two SCSI IDs. So, I set the SCSI ID of the Quantum tape drive itself to 2, and I set the SCSI ID of the ADIC loader robot to 5. I shut down the XServe, then turned off the power to the tape drive, and the HVD<->LVD Convertor. I then re-powered the HVD<->LVD Convertor, the tape drive, and the XServe, in that order. Still, no change. Augh. THE "KICKERS". ----------------------------------- Apple supports ONLY this SCSI configuration on the XServe. And since it's ONLY a low-voltage [LVD] card, I cannot directly hook up the high-voltage [HVD] tape drive to it. Soooo, getting an [HVD] SCSI card to stick into the XServe is NOT an option. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? ----------------------------------- I *just* bought this tape drive last year, and it's been working fine on the current Intranet server. It was a LOT of loot, and this little HVD<->LVD convertor box that I purchased from Black Box last week was an additional $600 plus shipping... I'd really appreciate any advice that anyone has, short of buying a new tape backup drive... Thanks for your time, and Dantz reps - please feel free to send me e-mail off-list here, or even give me a call, if you can - I would really, REALLY appreciate it...
  3. I just wanted to let you know that my CATALOG OUT OF SYNC errors have finally vanished. Turns out that the ATTO drivers are indeed built into OS X. However, there are newer drivers for this card at the ATTO website [http://www.attotech.com]. I downloaded those, installed the firmware onto the SCSI card in OS9, rebooted into OS X, and all is working like a charm.. Just wanted to let you all know.
  4. Well, I broke down and called DANTZ for support on this, I had not heard a thing back on this forum... We were able to successfully backup to a FILE BACKUP on the local hard drive just fine - both a "new backup" - and then having Retrospect do another backup to see if it could sync up with the catalog file, and then backup only the changed data on the second backup attempt. This was fine with the FILE BACKUP. As soon as I tried to do this with the tape library - I was able to complete the first backup of one single client - but the subsequent backups resulted in the CATALOG OUT OF SYNC error again. Sooo, this tells me that its NOT a Retrospect problem per se - but perhaps maybe communication problems with the hardware, which I am now going to undertake... [sigh..] Just wanted to give you all an update on this situation, and whats been going on.
  5. I am using a Fantom/Micronet DLT7280 DLT Autoloader Tape Backup drive. [http://www.micronet.com/products/dlt_autoloader.html] As far as the DEVICE STATUS goes, here is what it says: SCSI-A:1 ADIC FastStor DLT Version 0119 Adic Library [1.35] SCSI-A:3 Quantum DLT4000 Version D98C DLT 20.0 DC [1.35] This is connected to an ATTO Tech SCSI Card. ATTO Express PCI Pro [single Channel Ultra-Wide SCSI] Card ROM 1.6.2f2
  6. Greetings. I am running a Mac OS X Server [latest OS X software], with Retrospect 5.0, using a Fantom/Micronet 7-tape DLT backup library. I have yet to successfully backup my users - as Retrospect is reporting a "Catalog out of sync" error - and tells me to rebuild the catalog. How can it find something wrong with a catalog when I have never even did a complete and successful backup? Also, when I try to rebuild the catalog as it says - Retrospect just sits there and does nothing, until I cancel the rebuild. Any ideas? I am using a brand new drive, brand new DLT tapes, and Retrospect 5.0 Server Backup... Thanks in advance.
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