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  1. Hi Daniels The usual area is a NAS (Netgear) i.e. \\nasstore\backup The temporary area I need to copy from is the machines hard drive i.e. c:\ Regards Ian
  2. Hi All Does anyone know how to move a member into another. We use a NAS unit for a daily backup. This became full and I allowed retrospect to use the local hard drive to over spill. I've cleared some space and want to move the overspill into the NAS without losing any of the overspill data. Version 7.6.123 Any ideas?
  3. Hi All Will I have just run into the problem of the isscript installer V9 was stopping one of our machines from installing some other software. Have upgraded isscript to version 10.5 pushed from the server this has fixed the machine with the problem. Will retrospect still install with this version? Sorry don't understand all the above bits about putting it in another script. If I keep the server GP at the most current isscript I have this should be ok shouldn't it! P.S. EMC do need to have a push as some of the machines we have are not local (reps) and not even in the country.
  4. Hi All Any one know what the following is caused by:- "sorry, couldn't add backup client error - 560(invalid privert/public key)" I have distributed the client via AD Group profile, some users can be added some can't. Regards Ian Broughton Development Engineer C-tec
  5. We have just upgraded to 7.5, In the installation instructions it brefly covers the distribution of the client software via group policy. Has anyone got this to work and if so what were the steps you used? Are there any documents for a typical roll out using AD. GP. Regards Ian
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