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  1. Hi, Does somebody know where retrospect save its configuration data (filters, dataset, schedules, ...) ? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, When I now launch Retrospect (that was working for years) it opens the wizard that asks me the licence number as for an initial installation. Should I give the licence number ? I am afraid I will loose all my configuration of Retrospect ! Is there something I should take care of to be sure I will not loose my configuration by re-reestering ? An why does it behave like that ? Many thanks in advance !
  3. Hi, I just upgraded to Retrospect 7.5 because we have a new TANDBERG TS400 SCSI Sequential Device. Unfortunaltely, it only write to a tape to some extend then unload the tape saying that there is a write error and the head should be cleaned. Then (even thought I clean the head) the tape becomes unusable: Each time I insert it, it loads, then systematicaly unloades before I have the oportunity to format it. I got a TANDBERG replacement thinking it was because of the hardware but exactly the same behavious persist. They tested both the initial and replacement device with NTBackup and they both work fine ! They told me it is definitively not a hadware problem but that there should be an incompatibility with Retrospect. Has anybody experience with TANDBERG TS400 SCSI Sequential Device ? Many thanks in advance. Emmanuel
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