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  1. Thanks for your comments JoTraGo. I've been communicating directly with Retrospect support on this issue. The bottom line is that in Server 2008 and later, Retrospect will not Auto Launch jobs unless a user is logged in and Retrospect is started, or UAC is disabled on the server. We have validated this behavior on Windows Server 2008 through Server 2012 R2. Unfortunately, this model is outside proper server security practices. I've requested that Retrospect development team prioritize an update to resolve this issue.
  2. We have a couple of clients complaining that Retrospect will only run on their 2008 and 2012-R2 Windows servers if retrospect user is logged onto the server and the Retrospect program is open. I have validated this, but I can’t find any support articles to help resolve the problem. Furthermore, unless I'm reading things incorrectly the Retrospect 10 documentation seems to elude that this is an issue. Retrospect is scheduled to run a number of backup jobs overnight. If the backup user is not logged and Retrospect program is not open, as soon as user logs in and starts Retrospect, the jobs begin to run. This is not good because backup jobs starting at unscheduled times can cause huge issues with resources, etc... A really big problem for one client -- when Retrospect propgram is left running on their server, it consumes all the server memory ultimately reducing the value of their server. Agressively looking for a solution to this big problem...
  3. One of our clients has a Windows SBS 2011 server with Retrospect 8.5. The client has contacted us several times stating that they cannot remotely access their network through RWW (Remote Web Workplace.) Microsoft documentation shows that if the server is low on available RAM, it will shut down RWW services. The affected server has 32GB of RAM. When the client has called with the RWW access problem, we found that Retrospect was consuming over 18GB of RAM. At times, Retrospect appears to grab every bit of available RAM and not release it even though there is no active job running. Shutting down the Retrospect application resolves the problem; however, we are looking for a better long-term solution to this issue. *Retrospect has never been able to run "unattended" on the SBS 2011 server (it doesn't start up to process the backup jobs,) so we have been leaving the retrospect application open in an active session.
  4. We're experienceing this issue too. Has a resolution been found?
  5. **I think the point being made by the two entries here is that support for Exchange 2010 is within our purchased version (albeit a sub-sub incremental release), and it appears as though Roxio's Retrospect customers are hoping to get what we thought we paid for. *Definitely very disappointed in Roxio's positon on this issue so far.
  6. Hello Retrospect Support, We purchased Retrospect 7.7 SBS Premium and have been anxiously awaiting the final roll-out of and support for Exchange 2010. I downloaded and installed the latest build (7.7.533) and was happy to see Exchange 2010 is now fully supported; however, I still cannot back up our Exchange 2010. My licensing shows Exchange 2003-2007 0 used, 1 available / with another line for Exchange 2003-2010 showing (not licensed) Can you tell me what steps I need to take to back up our Exchange Server 2010? Thanks much, Paul
  7. Robin -- I wanted to find out if there is any update on this issue. Thanks, Paul
  8. Running Retrospect Multi-Server Version 7.7.208 on Windows Server 2008 x64 Backing up an SBS 2003 server. One of several mailboxes being backed up results in error: Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) Other mailboxes back up without error. Have restarted both servers, run scandisk, and processed Exchange maintenance -- problem persists.
  9. Retrospect 7.5 on SBS 2003 with all service packs Has worked fine until today Current error: Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at "mbpro.cpp-465" We have tried uninstalling and re-installing and retrospect still crashes with this error when we open the program. Please help!
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