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  1. Hi, we have Retrospect 7.0 for Small business server. We are running SBS2003 Premium (Open licence) on an old server, which we are replacing with a new Dell Poweredge 2800. The Dell has Perc 4e/Di RAID 5 controller with 3 disks and no floppy drive. We got retrospect partly because it offers bare metal restore to different hardware, and we knew we would be upgrading the server at some point. Unfortunately the disaster recovery CD will not recognise the disk array so the option is to use F6 to install 3rd party drivers. There is no floppy drive, and more importantly, no drivers to install using this route. Dell provide a support CD which will configure for various operating system installations using standard windows install CD's. I tried this route but offered the disaster recovery CD, which didn't work because not all the files were transferred, only the ones necessary for a normal SBS2003 install. Has anyone successfully moved SBS2003 to new Dell hardware?
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