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  1. Hi I have an Exchange storage group which holds four databases. Retrospect backs them up as it sees them - a single storage group. Can I restore a single database from that storage group backup? Or am I limited to restoring the entire group when I really only needed one of those databases recovered? I cannot see where to select the individual database during the restore process? thanks
  2. Yes. the account has the correct permissions. I have discovered that I can finally see the individual mailboxes only if I log into a console session on the server - or if I log into a remote desktop session using that service-rbu account (ie. not my usual admin account). This seems odd, as I have set preferences in Retrospect to "Always run Retrospect as specified user" using the service-rbu account. Yet Retrospect won't load using those credentials during another Remote Desktop Session. Is this normal? Do you know how Retrospect is supposed to behave during Remote Desktop? The server is located off site so that's how I need to administer it mostly. thanks
  3. Does anyone know why I am unable to view individual mailboxes in the Volumes section of Restrospect 7.5 with Exchange server license? Retrospect can see the exchange server and will backup entire Storage Groups. But I cannot click on the "Exchange Mailboxes" or view sub-volumes to select individual accounts. I am using a service-rbu account that has full rights to each mailbox, but that still doesn't seem to help. Anyone's suggestions most welcome, as this is getting frustrating. thanks
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