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  1. Dave, read the reply by "tecwerks." When Eric Ullman writes, "I believe that Retrospect 8.0's most important new feature is our renewed commitment to the Mac community," I fear that he may be accurately assessing the product's current state
  2. You've read the posts pertaining to versions of Retrospect before version 8. Read the evaluations pertaining to R8 alone, please.
  3. You may not agree, but judging from the comments on versiontracker.com that I just read, as well as a report from someone I know, it sounds like Retrospect 8 is in very poor shape, indeed.
  4. Thanks, Dave. In any case, I feel strongly that releasing Retrospect 8 without compatibility with previous backups is a bit like Microsoft releasing a new version of Office that can't read earlier file versions. It's crazy.
  5. Beta 5 was released two weeks ago and as far as I can tell, there was no indication that development was nearing GM. In my experience, other developers usually proceed to release candidates before a general release.
  6. I'm glad that they can be installed on the same computer without conflict, but the fact that the Retrospect 8 engine has to be stopped suggests that they cannot both run at the same time. What is clear is how unfinished Retrospect 8 is at this point. Frankly, I wouldn't trust any data to it right now. Again, I maintain that the release was rushed -- compatibility with earlier backups was supposed to be included in the first release, wasn't it? The beta notes suggested that.
  7. Isn't the ability to read backup sets from previous Mac versions a sine qua non for a new release? What is the point of releasing Retrospect 8 in this state? Or are you basically enlarging the beta test to include the community of paying users?
  8. But how does one disable RetroRunSL? I have nothing in /Library/Startup Items, yet after a restart, I see that it is running. Apple may be a moving target, but we're almost at Snow Leopard, so surely RetroRunSL could have been pulled in the interim?
  9. Very funny. It was Joe from Austin. The restart wasn't the solution, because obviously after the first freeze, I restarted, and the problem happened again. Any idea as to what was the root cause?
  10. Twice today I tried to install the various Airport and iLife updates, and each time that I clicked "Install 4 Items," I would get the spinning system cursor, and then although I could force quit the Software Update app, I couldn't launch other apps or restart my computer. I called Apple tech support, and they asked which login items I had and what was in my /Library/Startup Items folder. When I mentioned RetroRun, the tech support agent told me to remove it, because he had never heard of a successful experience with Retrospect! I force quit RetroRun and RetroSL (whose purpose no one on these forums has ever been able to explain to me), trashed RetroRun, restarted, and the update ran fine! Has anyone else observed that these faceless background apps interfere with system software updates? How could that be?
  11. I keep seeing this error in system.log: SystemStarter[16]: "/Library/StartupItems" failed sanity check: path was created after boot up RetroRun is the only item in /Library/StartupItems. How can I make the error disappear?
  12. I know that a bundle isn't a file. But it's meant to appear and more importantly be handled as one -- that's the whole point of the bundle! Most users don't understand the distinction you're making nor should they be expected to. All I'm arguing for is consistency in restoring *all* objects that appear as files in the Finder. I'm glad that you agree that a bundle folder should have a custom icon, but the average user probably still is going to have trouble recognizing a folder as the file that s/he sees on his or her Desktop. No user should be expected to understand the internal components of a bundle -- that's for developers. I want to be able to search my backup set for all instances of a bundle and be able to restore them just as I can for any other file. The problem is that the choice is between a procedure that doesn't work but should for consistency's sake and yours (and no, a comparison with Time Machine, which does treat bundles as files, isn't a propos here, because TM doesn't make it easy to restore multiple instances of the same file -- that's why we use Retrospect!).
  13. I don't understand. There's nothing "expert" about wanting to restore multiple versions of a file that just happens to be a bundle; from the user's point of view it's a file, and my wife, who is trying to do this, doesn't recognize it as a folder, and why should she be expected to? Retrospect should be able to handle a Numbers file as it is intended to be handled by the vast majority of users -- as a file. And if this is all really about UI, that's fine -- I don't care what is going behind the scenes -- but what you outline is simply far too complicated a procedure to follow. Finally, snapshots only seem to be available through Configure > Backup sets; within Immediate > Restore > Search for files and folders, there doesn't appear to be a way to select a particular snapshot!
  14. I've tried both -- it makes no difference. Should Retrospect be able to restore all versions of the Numbers bundles as separate bundles? On a separate note, I hope that handling is improved in Retrospect X in another respect -- the user shouldn't have to know that bundles are actually folders. The whole point is that they're treated as files.
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