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  1. Foster, Thanks so much for your helpful answer. I just redid the configurations for both media types at the same time. And I also appreciate the info on the upgrade. Best regards, Brad
  2. Hey folks, New poster, longtime user of older versions of Retrospect. I have v5.1, and I first configured the MATSHITA drive (DVD-R UJ-835F) in my PB G4 1.33GHz using a DVD+R disk. Running OS X 10.3.9 currently. Everything worked great; then I wanted to set up another backup set for my CD's, so I ran disk configuration again with the CD disks that I would be using. Since then I cannot get Retro to recognize my DVD disks. Am I correct in assuming that Retrospect only wants to use one kind of media per drive after a configuration session? I searched the User's guide and tried to search the K-base, but couldn't come up with a specific answer. And I don't understand why v5.1 doesn't need to be upgraded to v6.x? Is this mostly a naming convention that occurred during the company transition? Thanks, Brad
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