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  1. Disappointingly this behaviour wasn't fixed in the latest ( release. Is there any way to ensure that it's on a bug list or going to be fixed in the next release for those that don't have support contracts?
  2. Reporting back: I agree that the issue is related to Proactive Backup. As reported above, it appears that if Proactive Backup is active then windows will not sleep. It does not matter whether or not the time is outside the scheduled backup period.
  3. Yes, I have some Proactive Backup scripts setup, and I agree that this is worth investigating as a cause of the issue. I will do some testing over the weekend and report back. If this is the cause though I think there should be some way of disabling the behaviour through a setting/registry fix etc. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have instant scan disabled so I concur that I don't think that is the cause.
  5. Since installing the workstation on which this software runs never sleeps. If I attempt to make it sleep then after around five seconds it will wake up again. I note that in the release notes there is this entry: [Fixed] Prevent Retrospect server from entering sleep mode during backup (#4080) I'm unclear whether this means that its intended to never allow sleeping but the way I read this is that the fix is intended to prevent sleeping *during a backup* but I am seeing this behaviour when Retrospect is idle. Are there any work rounds for this problem or can this be raised as a bug? I'm happy to supply any further diagnostic information if needed. Thanks.
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