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  1. Hi,


    I'm running Retrospect V7.7.325 (64-bit), Driver Update and hotffix, version (64-bit). On one networt client I'm getting the following error:


    Writer "Event Log Writer" backup failed, error -1017 ( insufficient permissions).


    It still stores the snapshot. Can somebody tell me what this means and how to fix it? There are no errors in the client's event logs related to this message. The system is running Windows 2003 R2 and Retrospect Client V7.7.106.





  2. Hi,


    Thanks for your replies. The Backup Server and the Exchange server are on the same box. The mailbox wasn't purged, I purged it and now there is a different error when it tries to backup the mailbox:


    Scanning incomplete, error -3405 (unknown)


    I could try unlicensing and relicensing the exchange add-on but this seems to be a big hammer just to forget a purged mailbox. I see this issue as common one as users leave a company over time. I don't have the option of forgeting any of the mailboxes, how do you handle mailboxes that are deleted/purge? Is it a problem only I am seeing or do you see the same thing?


    Thanks so much for your help,



  3. Hi,


    All of the mailboxes have Forget greyed out for them not just the one that was deleted. There is one difference however. The other mailboxes have subfolders under them like inbox, tasks etc that when selected, forget is not greyed out so I should be able to Forget the subfolders on those. The deleted mailbox doesn't have any subfolders under it since it has been deleted from Exchange already. Any idea's on how to Forget a deleted mailbox?



  4. Hi,


    The users guide says how to add a mailbox but not how to remove one. A user/mailbox was deleted from A/D and Exchange 2003 but it still shows up in the volumes database under "Exchange Mailboxes". When I select the mailbox to delete/forget it that option is greyed out on the top menu bar and it's not available when you right-click it.


    Now backup's give a pop-up error that says Mailbox provider error so how do a remove a mailbox?




    John MacGown

  5. Hi,


    I upgraded my server from Retrospect Multiserver V7.0 to V7.5 and updated the backup clients from V7.0.109 to V7.5.111. The backup of clients started going very very slow. They use to backup around 200-300meg a minute and dropped to 8meg a minute. I down graded the clients back to V7.0.109 and now they are running at around 200-300meg a minute so something isn't quite right with th V7.5.111 client. Has any body else run into this?



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