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  1. Having found nothing relevant so far in previous posts about error -1107, I decided to pay for the upgrade to V12.5. Sadly, it made no difference. I still get the same error.
  2. Hi David, The KB article just appears to address initial setup issues for automated backups. I did that successfully a long time ago. Thanks for the search advice. I had already run a search for Error -1017 in the Professional forum, but this produced a long list of hits relating to different error messages, despite the results being sorted by relevancy. A search for "-1017" was much more useful, though I fail to see why my original search did not include these results. I will now check out those previous posts to see if I can find anything of use in my current situation.
  3. I'm running Retrospect Professional 10.5 under Windows 10 and my backups are stored on a Synology NAS. I have several automated daily backup jobs that have been running successfully for several years, but one of them has recently started to fail with the following error message. Can't access volume XXXX on YYYY, error -1017 (insufficient permissions) My Startup Preferences are configured to use the Retrospect Launcher service, so Retrospect is normally opened and closed automatically. If I open Retrospect manually and leave it open then the job works fine, but when Retrospect is left to launch automatically then it always fails. I have not altered anything in my Retrospect configuration for a very long time and can't think of any reason why its behaviour should have changed during the past few days. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  4. Hi JoTRaGo, You have correctly identified the source of my problem! Your post immediately reminded me that I had recently disabled a bunch of services via msconfig.exe as part of an attempt to diagnose some other problem. This happened at around the time my backups began to fail. A quick check showed that the Retrospect launcher is still disabled. Many thanks for your help. Senior moments like this happen when you get older David
  5. Hi Lennart, My startup preferences are the same as yours, with the one exception that I have chosen to exit after the completion of each job. That does not look like an important difference. I have received several problem alerts in the past when there was an issue with the availability of the NAS box that is the target of my backups. This is the first time I have become aware of a problem that did not generate an alert. David
  6. I am running Retrospect Professional 9.5 under 64-bit Windows 7 and have just become aware that none of my scheduled backup jobs have been running for the past 3 weeks! It was very careless of me to miss this problem for so long, especially as I have email alerts set up to notify me when each backup has completed. My only excuse is that I have been extremely busy and the absence of the Retrospect confirmation emails among other similar emails I get from my Synology NAS boxes just didn't catch my attention. At the age of 71 you also get a bit forgetful... Another reason for my failure to notice this problem is that I thought I would receive automatic alerts from Retrospect if there was any problem that prevented my scheduled backup jobs from running. No such alerts were ever received. A minute or so after I manually started Retrospect this morning, all of these long-delayed jobs automatically started to run one after the other. I did nothing to prompt this. I had previously selected the 'Notify for failures and media' checkbox under Preferences => Notification => Alerts. Can anyone offer a possible explanation for why that has not worked in this case? David
  7. I will try to fix that problem by moving some applications from my C: drive to one of my bigger drives. David
  8. Lennart, Uninstalling Adobe CS4 resulted in the free space on my C: drive increasing to over 9GB. That appears to have fixed my problem, as the relevant Retrospect backup job ran without error this afternoon. Thanks for your help on this . David
  9. Thanks for that useful information, Lennart. I've just realised that I still have the Adobe CS4 Suite installed on the C: drive (I'm currently using CS6, which is installed on my G: drive). Uninstalling CS4 should therefore release a fair bit of free space. David
  10. My C: drive is a 160GB SSD, so does not have plenty of spare storage space. I also have two 1TB drives installed on my PC. Is there no way to tell Retrospect to use a different location for its Temp folder? However, is this relevant to my original problem? David
  11. My Windows 7 PC has 6GB of RAM installed. I only have 1.5GB free on my C: drive but Retrospect is actually installed on my G: drive, which has 198GB free. This particular backup is of everything stored under 'My Documents' (that is 87.337 files and takes up 47.4GB). David
  12. I am confused. One of my daily backup jobs in Retrospect Desktop 9 has just failed with the error "Can't save Snapshot in Backup Set NAS1, error -1115 ( disk full)". The backup set is stored on a NAS box, which has 425GB free space. The member properties of the backup set are set to use up to 686GB of the NAS, while the current size of the backup set is only 267GB. I have also specified the option 'Groom to Retrospect defined policy'. As there seems to be plenty of space available, the 'disk full' error does not appear to make much sense. Can anyone offer an explanation? David
  13. I protect my data using a mixture of 'Backup' and 'Duplicate' automation scripts. I have chosen to use Duplicate scripts for digital media (video, audio and photos), as such files seldom change and I have no need for multiple versions. Everything else is covered by Backup scripts. However, the new Dashboard feature in v9 (running under Windows 7) appears to ignore all duplication activity and thus provides a highly misleading picture of my situation. It gives me a long list of folders that it wrongly claims are not backed up. Have I missed some relevant preference setting? David
  14. I am a long time user of Retrospect (currently running Retrospect 8.5 under 64-bit Windows 7) but have only recently started to run all my backup activity as scheduled jobs. This usually runs without a problem but on two occasions I have received a notification email from Retrospect to tell me that a job was "waiting for media". These were not unexpected warnings, as I had temporarily switched off the NAS that was the target of the backup. I was expecting Retrospect to resume the scheduled backup job as soon as the NAS became available again. However, on both occasions this job remained stuck in limbo and prevented any future jobs from running. The Activity Monitor told me the job was "executing" even though nothing useful was actually happening. To make matters worse, there was no obvious way for me to open Retrospect. Every attempt to do so simply took me back to the Activity Monitor (what a previous poster has referred to as a 'useless window'). I renamed retromonitor.exe and rebooted as advised in that earlier post and got a message about Retrospect already running. This message told me that if I wanted to open that other session then I should click OK and wait a bit. I clicked OK and waited. And waited. And waited. At this point, I gave up and used Windows Task Manager to kill the Retrospect.exe process (though this wasn't visible until I clicked on the 'Show processes from all users' button). I was then able to open Retrospect in the normal manner. The job that had been in limbo then started automatically without any problems. Needless to say, this is not an acceptable situation. Retrospect should be able to recover from a 'waiting for media' situation without any user intervention as soon as the target media comes back on line. Before I report this as a bug has anyone else hit this problem and found a solution? David
  15. Hi dzeleznik, The key thing that was preventing auto-launch of Retrospect was that I had Preferences/Execution/Security set to 'Always run Retrospect as the specified user'. I was advised by tech support that I had to change this to 'Run Retrospect as the logged-in user' and this solved my auto-launch problem. From what you say, you already appear to have made that setting. Within Preferences/Execution/Startup I have chosen the Exit option for what happens after a backup job. I have no problem subsequently opening the full Retrospect UI. David
  16. Hi Lennart, Many thanks for those suggestions. I had already considered and rejected the grooming option, as it would remove far too many of the non-PST files, but your second idea looks very promising. David
  17. I feared that there was no magic bullet for this problem. My plan is to follow your example and severely reduce the number of PST file backups. To this end, I have just moved my Outlook folder out of My Documents so that it will no longer be included in my normal daily backup. However, my most urgent problem is that my existing Retrospect backup set (disk-based) is clogged up with loads of copies of my PST files and I have almost run out of disk space. The Retrospect User Guide tells me that I cannot delete files from a backup set. If this is true, am I forced to delete the entire backup set and thus throw away all the backups of other My Documents files I would prefer to keep? David
  18. I am seeking suggestions on how best to handle backups of MS Outlook PST files. My active PST file is 1.7GB and I have several archive PST files, two of which are about 3.6GB. At present, my Outlook PST files are stored in a folder within My Documents on my Windows 7 PC. I recently set up a scheduled daily backup of My Documents, replacing my previous rather ad hoc manual backup regime. This daily backup has highlighted a problem of excessive growth of the size of my backups. The problem is that almost all my PST files change their timestamp on a daily basis, even for archive files I have not knowingly modified. It may be that simply having them listed in my Outlook window causes an update every time I open Outlook. The bottom line is that my backup file size increases by about 11GB every day even if very little data has changed. I cannot be the first to grapple with such a problem. Any guidance on a better way to deal with Outlook backups would be appreciated. David
  19. I only discovered late last night that Retrospect Professional for Windows was now at V8.5 (I had been under the impression that my copy of Retrospect was configured for automatic updates and that V7.7 was therefore the latest version). In an attempt to fix my automatic scheduling issue, I immediately updated to V8.5. Sadly, however, it made no difference. Retrospect tech support are now assisting me to track down the problem ... David
  20. I'll give both those suggestions a try. Thanks for the advice. David
  21. I just tried configuring the Retrospect Launcher service to use my normal log on credentials instead of using the 'Local System' log on option but it made no difference. David
  22. The 'Retrospect Launcher' service is already started, as a result of being configured for automatic startup. David
  23. Sadly, my changes to the 'Secondary Logon' service have made no difference. Retrospect still refuses to launch itself automatically to run a scheduled job. If I launch Retrospect manually after the scheduled start time then the delayed job immediately starts to run. Where do I go from here? David
  24. The 'Retrospect Launcher' service on my PC is configured for automatic start with log on as 'Local System'. The Properties box for this service confirms that the 'Allow service to interact with desktop' checkbox for the local system account is already selected. However, the 'Secondary Logon' service was set to 'Manual' and was not started. I have now started this service and changed the startup type to 'Automatic'. I will check later to see if this fixes the problem. Thanks for your help. David
  25. I am a long term user of Retrospect Pro for Windows and am currently running version 7.7 under 64-bit Windows 7. In the past, I used external hard disks that were stored away from my primary PC. However, I now have the ability to exploit scheduled backups due to the purchase of a couple of Synology NAS units. I plan to run a scheduled Retrospect backup of my PC to NAS #1 (located onsite in a separate room from my PC) and then run a later backup session (using a Synology app) to copy files from NAS #1 to NAS #2 (located in a separate fire zone). My problem is that Retrospect does not automatically start up at my scheduled time to run my daily backup job. I have selected 'Always run Retrospect as the specified user' under Preferences/Security and have specified my admin login details. I have also selected both 'Enable Retrospect Launcher service' and 'Automatically Launch Retrospect' under Preferences/Startup. Is something else required to make the automatic launch facility work? David
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