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  1. I'm still using version, as the new features provided by later updates are not of any interest to me. I have previously paid for an update in the hope that long standing bugs would have been fixed, but that assumption proved to be wrong, so I'm not rushing to get 15.6. I have not yet had time to attempt your troubleshooting recommendations (for which I am very grateful), as I have been busy sorting out a new router. However, I do remember fixing problems in the past by rebuilding a catalogue, so that might be my first port of call.
  2. I've not knowingly changed anything, but Retrospect is now letting me increase the size of the existing member of this backup set. However, when I try running the associated daily backup script that was created years ago, I now get a 'Catalog file is locked error'. My Retrospect security preferences are set to run as the logged-in user. My normal user login has full control over the relevant catalogue file. Retrospect can sometimes be a very frustrating program...
  3. Hi Nigel, 'Skip this member' is not checked. The current size of the existing member is 1,562 GB. I can't add another member because the Add button is greyed out.
  4. I'm using Retrospect Professional 12, running under Windows 10. One of the disk backup sets on my NAS needs to be given an allocation of more space. When I open the Properties box for the one and only member of this backup set, I am allowed to set a new size limit in either GB or a percentage of the available space. However, when I exit and then reopen that dialogue box, the size limits revert to the previous settings. The free space on this NAS is far more than the increase I am trying to make to the backup set. How do I fix this?
  5. When making my sixth successive password reset, so as to let me log in and make this post, I noticed a 'Contact Us' link on the reset request page. I have now sent a message about the rejection of valid passwords to what I assume is intergalactic HQ for the Retrospect website. I chose to split my primary regular backups into three separate Backup Sets (documents, email and photos). Rightly or wrongly, I have never had more than one Backup Set for each of these tasks, so I have no earlier versions to access. The one that is causing the current difficulties is my documents backup, which is configured to use the default Retrospect grooming process. Are these unretrievable files with the red dot icons the ones that have been erased by the grooming process?
  6. For the fifth time, I was forced to reset my forum password in order to make this post. I have tried to initiate a restore from the backup set and took the option to Add Snapshot. This then displayed a list of 32 snapshots, ranging in date from Feb 2014 to today's date (14 Jan 2019). However, they all have a red dot in their icon and the Retrieve button is greyed out no matter which snapshot is selected. That doesn't look good. Where do I go from here?
  7. Hi David, Our posts crossed in cyberspace. I will check out the Immediate Operations/Restore section of my User Guide in more detail, though I actually only want to update the backup set, rather than carrying out any restore.
  8. For the fourth consecutive occasion today, I was forced to reset my password before I could log in to the forum! Apologies for not making it clear that I was using Retrospect Professional V12.6.1.101 for Windows. I have searched for Add Snapshot in the V12 Windows User Guide. There is no separate section with that name, though those words appear in the following sections. At first glance, none of these seem relevant. Immediate Operations/Restore Immediate Operations/Transfer Snapshots Automated Operations/Scripted Restore Automated Operations/Scripted Snapshot Transfer The word Retrieve appears all over the place in the User Guide. I haven't yet had time to check them all out.
  9. I am also having problems with this forum. Earlier today, when I wanted to raise this thread, it wouldn't let me log in with the password I had previously stored in my password manager. I duly reset the password, but after a period of inactivity I was automatically logged out. When I tried to log in again, it refused to accept my new password. After yet another password reset (using the same password as before) and after another automatically logging out, the forum once again refused to accept the correct password. What is going on here? Before anyone asks, my Caps Lock key has been off throughout this period.
  10. My catalogue rebuild completed successfully, but with a warning that a couple of rdb files had been skipped due to containing zero databytes. I was also given this warning: After a Catalog rebuild, only the most recent backups for each source are stored in the Catalog. Older backups can be added by going to the Backup Sets' view Backups tab and clicking Retrieve. Despite several searches, I have failed to find this Retrieve option. Where is it located?
  11. Hi Lennart, Because that message contained a strange warning about the existence of a backup set I had only just selected, I was being extremely wary about whether I could trust the remaining words of that message to mean what I thought they meant. Thanks for your reassurance that it was safe to proceed. My catalogue is now being rebuilt. I suspect that the message was simply trying to warn me that if I wished to keep a copy of the old catalogue file, then now was the time to give it another name. However, I found it confusing that the first sentence made a reference to the backup set itself rather than its catalogue file. IMHO, that message should be rewritten to make its meaning clearer, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. David
  12. A scripted backup job today failed, with the following information being provided in the log file. Grooming Backup Set Backup Set NAS1, optimizing for performance... [*] ---grxLogFlush: can't record updated databytes for fdex 4,942 (AA004942.rdb), error -1101 (file/directory not found) Groomed 21.4 MB from Backup Set Backup Set NAS1. Grooming Backup Set Backup Set NAS1 failed, error -1101 (file/directory not found) You must recreate the Backup Set's Catalog File. See the Retrospect User's Guide or online help for details on recreating Catalog Files. I've no idea what the grxLogFlush reference means, but I went ahead and initiated a Tools/Repair Catalog/Recreate from disks operation. This thres up the following message. There is already a known Backup Set named Backup Set NAS1. Recreate a new catalog File anyway, forgetting the existing one? What exactly does this message mean? I find it very confusing. Given that I selected Backup Set NAS1 from the list presented by Retrospect, it seems a bit ridiculous to warn me that it already exists! Is there some risk that I will erase the current version of this backup set if I proceed?
  13. Thanks for that information. I have exactly the same errors in my retroISA_log.utx file. I will just live with this problem for the time being, as I can't yet justify the expense of upgrading. It's been quite some time since a new version included features of any interest to me.
  14. I spoke too soon. Today's scheduled backup job for My Documents has once again generated a log containing the warning "Unable to use Instant Scan for My Documents on MyData1 (G:)". The RetroISAScans folder contains three .DAT files, two of which were overwritten by today's new scan. The smallest one (23kb) still carries yesterday's date. What might be causing this behaviour?
  15. That link prompted me to check my C:\ProgramData\RetroISA\RetroISAScans folder. It was empty, which suggested that Instant Scan has never previously worked for me, even though the RetroInstantScanService was running. However, stopping and restarting that service did the trick. Running one of my scripted backup tasks caused the first scan to take place of the My Documents folder and running it again used this scan info to shorten the backup process. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction ?
  16. Instant Scan is enabled in the Preferences for my installation of Retrospect, but I have only just noticed that the logs for my scheduled backup jobs have contained the warning "Unable to use Instant Scan for My Documents on MyData1 (G:)" for well over a year (I really must need new glasses). G: is a local NTFS drive on the same Windows 10 PC as Retrospect. How do I fix this?
  17. I've never heard the term 'home lab' before, but a Google search provided some enlightenment from a variety of USA-based sources. Here in the UK, we think of 'laboratories' as places where research chemists in white coats carry out their experiments. We would not normally use that word for a computer room. For Brits, any reference to a 'lab' usually means a labrador dog! When I get some time, I might try experimenting with Synology's Active Directory Server package. I don't have any obvious need for multiple user accounts with varying privileges, but perhaps it provides a way to get around the restrictions mentioned by Scillonian and could thus make my Retrospect Launcher service work more reliably.
  18. I'm guessing that your reference to AD means a Microsoft Active Directory. If so, then that certainly makes your environment a little different from mine. I'm just a home-based user with my own private local network. If you are using Active Directory, I assume it means you are running under Windows Server. As Scillonian pointed out above on 1 June, Windows Server will tolerate a user instance to access a network resource with more than one set of credentials at any one time. That is not the case for my consumer version of Windows 10, and this is the limitation that I strongly suspect lies behind the rather unreliable behaviour of the Retrospect Launcher Service. Most of the time it works, but I still get the -1017 error about every week or so.
  19. I suspect that this may be the cause of a new error I hit after attempting to dispense with using the Retrospect Launcher Service. After launching a non-UAC prompting version of Retrospect via the Windows Start-up folder, as previously described, and turning off the Launcher Service, I found that the Retrospect duplication script that is triggered first every day could not gain access to any network resources. Even when I tried to manually update the destination, I got -1016 errors. The Knowledgebase article that covers the similar -1017 error is over 6 years old and did not provide any useful assistance. However, I'm struggling to think of why any user other than my own normal Windows account is involved in this scenario. In the meantime, I have turned the Launcher Service back on and that duplication script ran OK this morning.
  20. My understanding is that the Launcher Service will use the SYSTEM login, so I was really expecting Job #2 to fail with an error -1017 (insufficient permissions) as its destination folder on the NAS allows no access for the SYSTEM account. I was therefore rather surprised to be presented with a login prompt for Job #2. When this happened, I entered my normal login details, which were accepted. However, this is now purely of academic interest. Thanks to your assistance, my problem is now fixed.
  21. Interestingly, my second scheduled job to run under an automatically-launched version of Retrospect generated a popup to request login credentials for my NAS. The first job, which has never recently generated such a popup, was a duplication, while the second job was a backup. I have no idea why they behaved differently. As a test, I scheduled another run of the same backup job and this time it remembered the previously entered credentials, so all appeared to be well. However, I then realised that there was no longer any need to use the Retrospect Launcher Service, as I am now successfully starting Retrospect automatically via Windows. Turning off the launcher meant that my scheduled scripts are now being run under my normal login, so I was able to delete the NAS folder access permission I had just given to the SYSTEM user.
  22. The Retrospect Launcher service is indeed set to Automatic. It was working, but failed to fully open Retrospect because of the UAC prompt issue highlighted by Scillonian. I went looking for a way to bypass the UAC prompt for a specific program. The following Youtube clip tells you how you can create a special shortcut for this purpose using the Windows Scheduler. I then added that new shortcut to my Windows Start-up folder instead of a direct shortcut to Retrospect.exe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ai_l_L-8o-c This successfully opens Retrospect every time I start Windows, so I no longer have to start it manually every morning. I thought my problems would now be over, but my first scheduled task still failed with the same permissions error. Given that I never got this error when opening Retrospect manually, there had to be something different happening when using the Launcher Service. It then occurred to me that perhaps my NAS does not see the access request as coming from my normal login. Up to now, only 'adminstrators' had any access to the destination folder on the NAS. Adding a permission for 'SYSTEM' to have read/write access made my Retrospect problem disappear! Many thanks to Scillonian, who set me on the right track to resolving this long-standing problem
  23. I'm in full zombie mode when I respond to those regular UAC prompts, so that never occurred to me. That fully explains the problem. Many thanks for shedding light on the matter Thanks also for the info about AutoIt. I will check that out.
  24. BTW, there is more than one Startup folder in Windows 10. The folder where I put a shortcut to Retrospect.exe is shown below. Just as a test, I added a Photoshop shortcut to this same folder and restarted my PC. As soon as I logged into my Windows user account, a Photoshop window appeared on my desktop. Does anyone know why Retrospect does not start up automatically in a similar manner? C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Start-up
  25. I have just unearthed some advice I got from Retrospect tech support back in 2013. They told me that the Retrospect preference setting 'Always run Retrospect as the specified user' would not work unless you disabled Microsoft's User Access Control (UAC), which would generate a security risk. That would explain why my test of that setting the other day just ignored my scheduled jobs. I have now returned to using the 'Run Retrospect as the logged in user' setting. Needless to say, my first scheduled job of the day once again fails with the -1017 (insufficient permissions) error. The job in question duplicates the folder G:\My Pictures from the PC that is running Retrospect to a folder on my Synology NAS. The security settings for G:\My Pictures show my normal Windows user account as the owner of the folder, so that looks OK. The login credentials for my NAS were saved by Windows a long time ago, though I don't know where. Accessing the relevant NAS folder via Windows File Manager works fine without any need to repeat a manual login process. Back in 2013, Retrospect tech support advised me to "manually open Retrospect and leaving it running prior to a scheduled backup operation. This will give you full access to the user interface so that you can view what Retrospect is doing and troubleshoot any issues that may come up during a backup, such as a media request dialog box". That is indeed the only method that works at present. However, if I could find a way to make Windows 10 automatically start up the full Retrospect app at boot time, that should achieve the same objective with less hassle. Unfortunately, putting a shortcut to Retrospect.exe in my Startup folder doesn't actually work as I expected. It just seems to start some Retrospect-related processes rather than the full application.
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