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  1. I am getting Error 203 and 206 messages whenever I try to back up with the Exabyte EZ17. The messages refer to dirty heads or other hardware problems. i'm using 225m AMe tapes which are supposed to SmartClean. I've already replaced the tapes with new ones and I'm still getting these messages. What else should I be checking for? I am running OS 9.1 with Retrospect 4.3. The backup machine is an Exabyte EZ17 attached to an Adaptec 39160 card.
  2. I am using Retrospect 4.2 and am backing up a bunch of Filemaker files. The script is set to run a Normal backup. However, one file seems to keep being written over. On March 30th, I had to restore a copy of the file from March 26th. I found a copy but it was dated March 29th [the most recent backup date]. I did searches by creation/modification/backup dates all the way back to March 20th and all the search records came back with the 29th. To test, I ran a manual backup and re-did the searches. Now the search records read march 30th. What's driving me crazy is that this does not happen with any of the other files!!
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