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  1. I have Retrospect Express v5 with the supplied update (I presume 5.1) which I tried to install off the Maxtor One-Touch CD onto my PowerMac G3 - (B&W Yosemite). The application came with the Maxtor Drive - connected via Firewire. The G3 is running OSX 10.4.11. After the install the Mac won't boot, except in safe mode. The system crashes during the boot process with a small black rectangle on screen - while still in grey screen mode, before the blue screen comes on, and the system freezes with a small rectangle at center screen. I can't use the drive except in Safe Boot Mode. How do I determine the problem and uninstall the software when there is no uninstaller supplied? I gather the problem is Retrospect Express v5.x is not compatible with OSX 4.11. Thanks for any help you can provide. :confused:
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