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  1. I can't create a new Amazon-S3-Compatible Cloud Media Set in Retrospect Mac for a minio server running on Arch Linux ARM, or for a minio server running on a Mac VM. "Host not found" or some such. Banged on it for hours. I didn't try my Wasabi S3 account, so I don't know if that worked or not (didn't work right on 14.5 anyway). Reverted to Retrospect Mac, created the media set and backed up with no problem.
  2. This hang is 100% reproducible with Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0 Release, but not under either of the Beta releases. I am having a problem with Retrospect Desktop Backup 5.0 Release, under Mac OS 10.1.3 on a PowerMac G4/Cube/450MHz/1GB/20GB+60GB+20GB with an Ecrix VXA-1 SCSI tape drive connected via a BridgeIt FireWire-SCSI adapter. I used this configuration extensively under 4.3, Beta 1/Preview and Beta 2 (5.0.153) and had no problems. I removed Beta 2 and installed Retrospect 5.0 Release, and used the Default preferences (so that it would start clean). I deleted the existing catalogs. Here is the script: I am backing up several partitions (two on the internal 20GB hard disk and an external 60GB FireWire drive) to the tape drive; Recycle backup, all files, verification ON, hardware compression ON. Here is the problem: About 200MB into the backup, Retrospect stops showing files being copied to the tape drive, and just sits with a busy cursor. It appears to be a 'resource wait', i.e., it doesn't crash or complain, and the cursor keeps spinning, but it's not soaking up all of the CPU time. After a few seconds, the tape drive goes to 'not writing data' (green), then finally comes to a stop. There is no data going to the tape drive, and it isn't locked up nor does it have an error status on the panel. It appears to be waiting for instructions or data from Retrospect. Retrospect does not respond to Pause or Stop, and I had to force-quit Retrospect to get out. Then, I used the same script, but changed the destination to be an external 20GB FireWire disk drive. Retrospect 5.0 Release successfully backed up all of the volumes (until it filled the drive, several GB short of completion). Thus, the problem isn't with the source volumes or Retrospect 5 Release's ability to backup in general. Here is what I did to try to narrow the problem: I did a complete cold boot (including all devices), and tried it again. It stopped on exactly the same file. I then switched the first volume in the backup to be a different volume, in case there was something wrong with that file. Retrospect again stopped, and it had copied about 200MB. I again did a complete cold boot, and tried it again. It stopped at the same place on the second volume. Thus, it's not something wrong with the volume (I had also run Disk Repair, Disk First Aid, and Disk Warrior before doing any of the backups, so I know both volumes were happy.) I also made a fresh backup set and used a different tape; same problem. Then I installed Beta 2 (5.0.153) on a spare volume, did a cold boot, and successfully backed up both volumes and the external 60GB volume to the tape drive, including verification passes, as I had done many times during the beta test. Thus, the problem was reproduced five times from cold boot, and is not a problem with source volumes, catalogs, tape cartridge, tape drive, cables or other hardware. It appears that the problem is within Retrospect Desktop Backup, introduced between Beta 2 (5.0.153) and Release (5.0.201), and involves the Ecrix VXA-1 driver. I will be glad to provide further details and help if needed.
  3. I had the same eject problem under Retrospect 4.3, so it may not be new. I simply push the button on the front to eject, in order to avoid the hang. Sorry, I should have tested that during beta. (Several times burnt, more times shy.)
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