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  1. Hi, I want to inquire on the current status Retrospect 8.1 and full SnowLeopard compatibility with reference to systems-files compression. When can we expect a version which (fully) supports this? Regards, Rolf
  2. Hi, first of all, you get support from emc for free during the first 4 weeks. Secondly, I believe they do have a money-back policy. Thirdly, how difficult your situation is, neverheless, there was (and is) the possibility to test it out for 4 weeks+ Regards, Rolf
  3. Sorry, my bad: indeed I am already using engine and console version 622. Rolf (Will edit previous post)
  4. Hi, today is my last day of my test-license for Retrospect 8.1 so I thought about some more testing… now restore: I am restoring a folder with a LOT of items within nested subfolders, based on a "search for restore". All files reside in a folder in my user-library and do show up as a result of my search in Retrospect. restore-location is a different one since I am just testing… Now Retrospect restores alright but to the very latest folder, backed up today (as shown in my log). The files appear not to be written to disk (according to check in Finder). There is no progress shown, the log (after restart of my MBP) gives the following error: Testing with Restrospect 8.1.525 on OSX 10.6.1, German, MBP C2D 2.33 GH 3GB Ram. Backup is file-backup on external HD (USB). Any ideas, hints? I wonder, why this is a problem: why should Retrospect hang/show no progress, when it cannot write a file from the backup? (I will seek extension to test-license, especially since a fully SL-compatible version is yet to come) regards, Rolf :confused:
  5. Indeed that helped. Was speedy too. I do have to point out that currently the implementation is less than good. For me doing this the first time (even after watching the screencast which does mention the procedure in a somewhat different way) was leaving me feeling insecure and unsure if I would do the right thing and not mess up. I am on a German system so this is less easy to explain. The warning sheet shown, when selecting the default location for catalog files (library/application support/retrospect) is suggesting that on does not replace the catalog file but the mediaset itself (see screenshot). This really could be more clear. I'd suggest for this the use of an assistant-program which supplies additional information – like when doing first backup. Furthermore, when (re-)running the script in question I came accross the situation that I did have to suspend the operation and remove the external HD (exact sequence!) for transport. SL let me do this but afterwards retrospect would not let me restart the script but needed another rebuilt of the catalog… This does not feel very robust. The operation which was at the beginning of my problems (moving the mediaset-files and copying them back) was sth. which - in my opinion – should not have made the catalog-rebuild necessary… Well I hope Retrospect will improve further. Regards, Rolf
  6. Thanks for your response. Will try that. Regards, Rolf
  7. Hi, I have a file-databackup-set residing on an external (USB)-HD. Script did ca. 10 backups to this mediaset ("1-mediaset A") without problems. Now I had to partition that external HD to get a partition for a clone. Did copy mediaset (whole Retrospect-folder, which included a catalog-copy as well) to another external HD, partitioned and copied back, name of new partition is same as the whole usb-hd beforehand (Hobbes). Script (user-account) starts alright but askes for mediaset (member). when trying to show it the path (selecting in sheet) to right mediaset/folder ("1-Mediaset A") responses "already belonging to mediaset" (sorry German version), offers "add" as only option besides "stop". new media ("2-Mediaset A") is added, script does not run. Any ideas? Rolf MBP, single-laptop-system, C2D 2.33 GH, 3GB Ram, German 10.6.1, external 500GB USB-HD, now two partitions.
  8. UPDATE: after a restart, apparently everything is back to normal. I did have some difficulties during restart, blue screen with the spinning indicator and no progress, force shutdown, single-user-restart fsck -fy reboot everything back to normal. Only, the scheduled backup did not run. Will report to forum/bugs… regards, Rolf
  9. Hi, I had to force-quit my retrospect-console (details reported in bugs-section of emc-forum). Now I seem not to be able to reconnect to my retrospect-engine (scheduled backups seem to work fine). How do I do this? (MBP C2D, 2.33 GH, German OSX 10.6.1, retrospect 8.1, songle.machine setup, backup of user-account to external HD) regards, Rolf
  10. Thanks for the information, is now up and running. Two things remain: • the action is reported as "duplizieren" (under details, shown when running the script…) in my German GUI • how to set this up that it always runs AFTER a backup has been performed? Since Ret 8.x now can do several things at once, I cannot control this by time. Is there a setting hidden somewhere to start a script AFTER one has run? Thanks a bunch, Rolf
  11. Hello all, my experiences with latest Retrospect have been much better then in the past with 8.x beta and earlier releases. Still, the changes leave me confused on one issue: I am currently backing up my home folder to an external HD (daily). While I keep the catalogs in the default location (HD/library/application support/retrospect/catalogs) I want to automatically keep a copy of the catalogs on this external HD (where a bootable clone is too) in case disaster strikes. Now how to set this up? I want them copied into their own catalogs-folder at the root-level of the external HD, scripted to be copied after each backup-run. Would this be a duplicate or copy or what? (I am really looking forward to a finished product and a finished and up-to-date manual…) Thanks a bunch Rolf
  12. Hi, backup to optical media is now off by default. Look into the Readme-file for a workaround. This will enable backup to oprical media BUT "take over" all available drives and make them unavailable for the rest of your system, as long as retrospect engine is loaded (which is loaded and running all the time). Your drive should be supported via either custom configuration or via the driver. EMC now recommends backup to tape or HD only. regards, Rolf
  13. Thanks for the response. So backing up user-data would pose no problem for now? I will update to Retrospect 8.x in time but not just now. Rolf
  14. Hi, well I think Snow Leopard is a compelling update. Fixes some annoying quirks… So I will in time update to Retrospect 8.x but rely on TimeMachine and SuperDuper until then. regards Rolf
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