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  1. > External drives are often sold formatted for PC (FAT32), which has a 4GB file size limit. Bingo! I had already repartitioned the disk with DiskUtility once, and tried to make the filesystems MacOS Extended (journaled) but when I went back and checked, the partitions were FAT32. I repartitioned and rechecked and now my 20 GB files are copying. Thanks, Ken
  2. I am trying to move old Retrospect backup files from one drive to another. The files are 15-45 GB. I am running 10.4.2 on a Mac Mini, with one external Firewire drive (the source) and one external USB driver (the target). Some ways that don't work: drag+drop in the GUI cp(1) scp(1) rsyncx(1) ditto(1) These are the commands I found that support copying resource forks. They all give different error messages of differing obscurity, but they all boil down to "file too large". I did not try cpio(1) or pax(1) because I don' t think they support resource forks, which Retrospect seems to use. Who knows how to copy or move these large files from disk to disk? Thanks, Ken Everything that I've learned about computers at MIT I have boiled down into three principles: * Unix: You think it won't work, but if you find the right wizard, they can make it work. * Macintosh: You think it will work, but it won't. * PC/Windows: You think it won't work, and it won't. -- Philip Greenspun
  3. I recently purchased a second external Maxtor disk for backups. It came with Retrospect Express 6.0.195 on the CD. I installed this, and it immediately gives "The application quit unexpectedly" on my 10.4.2 Mac Mini. So I downloaded and installed Retrospect Express 6.0.212 from the web. This runs, but asks me for an "application license code". I put in every number I could find on or in the box, but none worked. Where am I to get this application license code? Thanks, Ken Mac Mini running 10.4.2 new Maxtor USB OneTouch II 250 GB old Maxtor Firewire Personal Storage 5000 120 GB also attached this worked fine with RetroExpress 5.0 when it was attached to my previous iMac 400 MHz running 10.2
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