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  1. Quote: Not on the list? That's very odd. I thought at least Apple supplied cards would work. I think at one point your card was listed as supported for Mac OS 10.1, but only in the computer in which it shipped (so your current setup would not have been supported anyway). The Adaptec cards were later removed from the supported list for pre-Jaguar because of reliability problems, and your card does not feature on the current list at all! The SCSI support in Mac OS X is very different from Mac OS 9, so having things working on the older system is unfortunately no guarantee of things working in Mac OS X. The official compatibility list is the place to look.
  2. This is normal behaviour with the current version. Retrospect does not wake up sleeping clients, and also can not shut down Mac OS X clients after the backup. (It is ok to set the hard drive and monitor to "sleep", as long as the computer is still "awake".)
  3. On the corrupt-file theory, you could split the backup of the boot volume in half using sub-volumes and see whether 0/1/2 of the resulting backups hang. This is a direct way of narrowing down or eliminating that as a cause. I don't have any suggestions on the hardware side, other than using that cleaning tape again. I have seen a few similar (but rare) failures, and I associate the cpu use with a hardware/communication failure. (Retrospect seems to poll the hardware aggressively, and burn the cpu waiting for a reply.) A few more details that might be useful: How much RAM does your computer have? Total numbers of files and size on the good (non-system) volume? Total numbers of files and size on the bad (system) volume?
  4. Very sensible too. The manual way is: Configure tab click Backup Sets select the set and click Configure Options tab click Action I suggest Recycle, which says to start over from scratch, but it is ok to use the same tapes again.
  5. Thanks for the update too, it is nice to know the answer at the end of a thread.
  6. Quote: retrospect is set to duplicate all files except for cache files. i'm using OS 10.2.6. Can anyone please tell me why my internal SCSI drive grows daily, but my external FireWire drive (the duplicte) does not? You have identified a difference, the cache files. How big are they? One way of checking with Retrospect is to use Check Selector while editing the selector. You could edit "All Files" and see how much is selected from the original drive, then edit "All Files Except Cache Files" and compare the total size. Otherwise the obvious thing to do is compare your two drives. Unfortunately, I am not sure of an easy way of doing this! (Using Terminal to do a diff on the output of du for each drive will find the differences, but will be somewhat tedious to interpret!) Another difference between the drives is likely to be that the original has the Virtual Memory backing store on it (assuming it is the boot volume). You can get some idea of how large it is by running "top" in the Terminal, and looking at the VM line. I don't know the details of how this matches disk used, but you can at least compare your "grows daily" with the size in case they match.
  7. Quote: It took FOREVER. Would it be faster (at the risk of loosing backups) to just manually clear the drive of everything, including the catalog, before starting the recycle backups? The first backup of any cycle (whether new or recycle) has to backup everything from scratch. This usually takes far far far far longer than the more normal incremental backups. Did I mention that it is depressing trying to do the initial backup? As Dave asked, we need some details about what was slower. Perhaps you are just backing up more and bigger clients than when you first started, or perhaps Retrospect is doing something surprisingly slowly on the recycle for file backups (I don't see anything unusual with tape recycles). The log has lots of useful progress information to help identify where the slowdown or delay is occurring. Can you put some numbers on how long forever is, but more importantly, what Retrospect was doing at the time?
  8. You have probably unintentionally changed something which has broken the auto-launch. When things are working properly, there is a background process (RetroRun) which launches Retrospect as required. A full reinstall (exactly as Amy described) is the easiest and most likely way to fix things, as there isn't a common cause for the failure that I am aware of. (If you do happen to work out what went wrong though, it would be interesting to know! Just not interesting enough to make you jump through hoops to find out what it was...)
  9. I don't know any specific problems with your setup, so some general suggestions and comments. The Retrospect client is for backing up a separate computer. Backing up an external hard drive connected to the same computer that Retrospect is running on should just work, no client required. I regularly backup an external firewire drive to a VXA tape drive on firewire (so similar to your setup, but different). Rather than a driver-type problem, you might just have a dud file on your hard drive: 1) use Disk Utility (First Aid) or something similar to check your firewire drive. 2) use subvolumes or similar to arrange a backup which only includes half your external hard drive. Does that work? Then try the other half. Does that work?
  10. daspit, you will need to post your configuration details for more specific help. Mac OS version on server, on clients, Retrospect version on server, on clients, VXA firmware, the more the merrier. Quote: For a while I could get past the hung client by rebooting it Is it only one client that shows the problem? Is there anything in common about the clients that hang? (if more than one) Quote: I need to get this resolved ASAP!!!!! Remember that you can open a technical support incident with Dantz. This forum is primarily for free support from fellow enthusiasts although Dantz experts do certainly chime in too.
  11. shadowspawn

    Retro client hangs Windows 2000

    Quote: Any thoughts or known issues I should be aware of? My first guess is corrupt disk/file on the client. If it is a particular file, you can narrow it down using SubVolumes for the backup, but I suggest first you run some disk utility software in the hopes of confirming and maybe even fixing the issue.
  12. Quote: The only way out of the situation is to power-cycle the drive, then wait hours while it recovers the tape. Have you tried force-quiting Retrospect, and then hitting the eject button on the VXA drive? i.e. getting the tape out before power-cycling the drive? I ask because although more than one person said here they needed to power-cycle the drive with the tape inside, I have not needed to do that in similar sounding situations. I have needed to force-quit Retrospect lots of times, had to reboot a few times, but with the exception of a complete hardware failure have always been able to eject the tape before trying power-cycling the VXA unit. I still need to do the catalog repair thing, but have not suffered the hardware format-recovery.
  13. Quote: In general, when you start a backup, things appear to go well. Clients are found, scanned, and backup proceeds. However, within a day or two, the system appears to lose its mind. Retrospect will be stuck "closing", the VXA drive will show that it's writing, and nothing will happen again. Are your clients running Mac OS X? If yes, are you backing up "client desktop"? If yes, look in the log. Has Retrospect just tried to backup a mounted CD or disk image? If yes, the work-around is not to use "client desktop" which somewhat erroneously now includes read-only media, or better, just turn off "Set source volumes' backup time" in the backup script settings (it is on by default). If you answered no to any of the above, do you see a Net Retry dialog on screen at any point while unsticking Retrospect?
  14. Quote: Or do you mean that Retrospect is offering to restore other things such as apps with copies it has taken from other clients? That is indeed what I meant.
  15. Quote: Thanks for the tip - I did try the direct connection with both clients and got the same problem. If, therefore, the problem is with backup server, do you have any idea what it might be? or how to track it down? Any ideas gratefully accepted! First thing to check Greg, are you running the latest server? (i.e. 5.0.238) A number of issues have been fixed, especially this one: Speed Threshold Once you are running the latest version, and have checked the other suggestions here, most of the easy answers are gone. Search for 519 in the Retrospect Knowledge Base and there are a few articles with the *serious* troubleshooting steps.
  16. Quote: The problem is not the scan of the whole drive but a real backup of many folders such as applications which it should not back up. I can see these if i try to do an immediate restore. lots of extra folders are backed up which the script should exclude The Restore may be misleading for deciding what got backed up. If the backup (correctly) included a file from machine A, and saw the same file on machine B while processing the selection conditions, it will still offer to restore the file whether or not the file was excluded on machine B. I was surprised the first time this happened, but decided it is a feature not a bug! It is sensible for Retrospect to offer all the files available, no matter how they ended up on tape. A convenient way to see what really got backed up is the Contents button in the Reports tab. Does this show extra folders being backed up?
  17. Quote: So, who knows which port needs to be opened for Retro to work? 497
  18. Quote: The backup sets are working fine when OS X's built-in firewall is disabled. However, as soon as I enable the firewall, Retrospect fails to backup to my local ftp server. Naturally, the necessary port(s) are allowed/open, the filters are applied to the UDP ports as well. Check this out, opening up all the ports still doesn't do it! Bug? I know Retrospect uses tcp 497 and udp 497 for traffic. Retrospect uses those ports for Retrospect client-server communication, but for an internet (ftp) backup set I expect that the ftp ports are used. In theory a passive ftp connection would go through the firewall ok, but it looks like Retrospect uses an active ftp connection. I think this means your computer has to accept incoming ftp connections (which are initiated by the remote host in response to connections from your computer). With the Apple firewall, try turning on the ftp server to get the ports open. Help Viewer has this to say about "Using a firewall to protect your computer": Quote: You can't edit the ports used by built-in services. They are enabled and disabled automatically when you turn the corresponding service on or off in the Services tab.
  19. Quote: Retrospect is reporting "duplicate dirid" on the desktop mounted volumes. However, running Windows ScanDisk finds no problems; no sign of volume corruption. The duplicate dirid errors are consistent across repeated scans. This may be a "Macintosh" duplicate dirid, so scandisk may not help. It has happened to me a couple of times. I didn't find an elegant solution, but a work-around that works for me is to manually create new folders, copy the contents across, and throw away the problem folders.
  20. Quote: I want to know how much space each person is using so I can crack down on redundant and unnecessary backups. One small trap to be aware of is that with the default settings, an identical file is only backed up once even from multiple clients. So looking at the incremental backup sizes does point out problem files, it does not always tell you all the places the problem files are appearing. (e.g. Jane has no files to backup, but only because they all got backed up from Bob's computer first.)
  21. Quote: This last points seems to me to indicate that there are no major network issues, but to be on the safe side, I followed the advice in one of the technical notes I found on the Dantz website. It recommended that two of the machines be connected directly to each other with an Ethernet cross-over cable. Even with this setup, I got the Net Retry hang during scan of the client. Good troubleshooting. Have you tried both the iBook and the iMac? If they both hang in this way, the finger is pointing at a problem on the server. If only one of the clients hangs, the finger is pointing at the client.
  22. Quote: The Server is on the latest OSX (g4 dual processor) Clients range from imacs to G4, G3’s. Three suggestions: 1) I have problems if I use "client desktop" as the source, and the client has a CD or disk image mounted. I get a hang on a Net Retry after Retrospect (erroneously) tries to backup the mounted media. Check your log to see what was being backed up when you got the Net Retry. A work-around is to backup selected devices, or the boot volume, whichever seems safer based on the partitions on the client. 2) Try running disk analysis software on the problem client. I had one client which always hung, which turned out to have a corrupt disk. When the backup hit one of the corrupt files, bad things would happen! We realised what was happening when we ran a backup during the day, and at the same time as the backup hung, the client disk made very unpleasant noises. 3) Network troubleshooting. (Gregory has already started at item one on the list, with a direct connection between server and client.)
  23. Quote: Everything seemed to be going fine, until the verify. That is why the verify step is so important. Retrospect writes the data to the tape during the first pass. The hardware says no problem... The operating system says no problem... So no problem, right? Not so fast! Retrospect then goes through all the files again in a second pass, reading from the backup and comparing the original on disk version with the backup version. This is where major data integrity problems get discovered, like the tape drive silently writing garbage. You have some nasty corruption problem, and need to so some serious troubleshooting to isolate where the problem is occurring. Amy posted a checklist to work through. You can also find similar troubleshooting steps in the manual, and in the online Knowledge Base. Basically since you have posted twice and no one can identify from your description exactly what the problem is, you have to slog through eliminating every possibility until you pin down the problem! Good luck!
  24. Quote: So I attached an external FW drive and tried a backup (to file) to that drive. Same result, Retro just quits without a clue! Sounds like you are in SCSI hell of some sort. I suggest you need a baseline point where things actually work, and then add back things one at a time. Can you disconnect all the SCSI cards and try a backup to file, with no extra devices at all? 1) If it still crashes, there is something nasty in your base configuration. Where exactly is it crashing? During scanning? When it starts the backup? 2) It it works, then you can add back just one SCSI card, nothing connected, and try again. Then add a disk, and try again...
  25. Quote: I should have at least been acknowledged by now. The forum is not an offical means of contacting technical support, it is for people helping people. So while the excellent Dantz staff do often contribute, they are not required to do so. See: Welcome to the Forum