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  1. Are you using the same AIT drive to read the tapes as wrote the tapes? (It sounds like you probably are, just checking!)
  2. Terrible performance when rebuilding the catalog (and presumably likewise while verifying) usually indicates a hardware problem. Try doing a small backup to a new tape and backup set, and see if it runs happily (or drowns in verification errors). Then you can have some confidence whether your current hardware setup is working at all. Attacking a 7 tape backup set as the first operation is too big, given you are having problems!
  3. You might get some clues at least as to whether Retrospect is crashing by turning on crash reporting while you launch Retrospect. Open Console, and "Enable crash reporting" and "Automatically display crash logs" in the preferences. Then launch Retrospect again. (You can turn put the preferences back to the way they were afterwards if you wish.)
  4. Short answer: "normal backup" adds, not replaces. "duplicate" replaces. A "normal backup" does an incremental backup of the files to a backup set in a proprietary format, and preserves all versions of the file. i.e. you can't browse the backup in the Finder, only the files that have changed are backed up again, and all the versions that have ever been backed up are in there. A Recycle Backup tells Retrospect to start over, and reuse the media as though it was the first backup. A Duplicate makes a Finder readable copy of the files, like you could do in the Finder but with more checking and more options. A Duplicate does overwrite old versions with the current one, just like it would in the finder.
  5. As long as the tapes in the tape drives are already part of a backup set, there is no confusion and no need to restrict Retrospect to a particular device. A simple way to add a tape to a set is to perform a small backup. (Just naming the tape does not make it part of the backup set.) e.g. To get started, do a small backup to set A in one drive, do a small backup to set B in the other drive. Now with tapes 1-A and 1-B in the drives, automated backups just work the way you expect. When one of the backup sets fills up a tape, if you are present you can insert a tape in the appropriate drive. Otherwise, just do another small manual backup and insert the new tape when prompted by Retrospect. Again, when the unattended operation runs subsequently there is no problem because the tapes available are for specific backup sets.
  6. Quote: I am not backing up 1TB!!!! You are getting interestingly close with both backup sets over 900 GB. Guessing from the figures, it looks like Retrospect may be checking size of backup set + size of source rather than size of backup set + size of changed files on source Were the disks you managed to backup small enough to fit under 1 TB even if the whole disk had changed?
  7. Three things to consider: 1) I am not sure whether you get the latest drivers as part of the Mac OS install. The SCSI compatibility guide says Quote: PowerDomain 29160N (Requires Mac OS X 10.2.2 with Adaptec driver 1.2 or later) have you checked you have this? 2) You disk may be corrupt. Do a backup of a small part of your disk. Does this work OK? Split your disk in half using selectors. Try one half, try the other half, any pattern? 3) Or worst case, it is something to do with the processor upgrade. Can you easily remove the upgrade and try the same backup?
  8. I have only used the same version of Retrospect and client software installed on the same computer, and not as a permanent arrangement. My opinion (not backed up by facts) is that you should be ok installing one of your 5.0 versions in addition to the 5.1 client. I recommend you avoid attempting to access the client while Retrospect is running on the client, there are limits to what is likely to work. One of the updates to Retrospect 5.0 improved duplicate operations, so do use the highest available version of 5.0. (You can also restore the laptop backup onto the firewire drive from your desktop computer, but a duplicate executed on the laptop is much more direct.)
  9. Quote: However, I want to use Retrospect to create a bootable version of my laptop on a firewire drive that is connected to my laptop. So, what other version of Retrospect is compatible with the client software that is currently on my laptop. What Mac OS versions are you running on the laptop? And I may have missed the point, but why are you asking about another version of Retrospect? (i.e. what is wrong with using Retrospect 5.1?) I haven't consulted the manual about duplicate, but am familiar with the Restore options. How complicated it is depends a little on whether you are running Mac OS X on the laptop. The approved method in Retrospect 5 for restoring Mac OS X disks was to get the same version of the OS onto the target disk by hand, then do the restore over the top. Retrospect 5.1 supports a restore booted from a CD, so at least under some circumstances supports a restore onto an empty disk.
  10. Quote: Can't read file “retropds.22”, error -40 (file positioning error), path: “NullHD/Applications/Retrospect Client/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/retropds.22”. Trouble reading files, error 519 (network communication failed). Just a clarification, the retropds.22 error and the 519 error (and client crash) are almost certainly not related. As Dave mentioned, the retropds.22 is a known issue but is believed to only prevent the backup of that particular file from the client. (And hence it is not possible to restore a fully functional Retrospect client if you have to restore the whole disk, because that file will be missing.)
  11. shadowspawn

    Exabyte VXA-1 and OS X

    Quote: If I go into Apple System Profiler, should a tape drive show up under the Firewire devices section? Yes it should. I think Retrospect checks for devices at launch, so if you connect the drive after launching Retrospect you may need to quit and relaunch. If you are having trouble getting the tape drive to show up, I suggest having it on and connected and rebooting the Mac. (I have a flaky firewire hard drive that refuses to mount live over half the time, rebooting with it connected works every time. YMMV)
  12. Just confirming, today I hit the same problem on the same file. Client running Mac OS 10.2.6 with Retrospect client 5.0536, on a 600 MHz iBook. Retrospect Desktop 5.0.238. First tried a disk restore over the top of the partition from which the client booted, failure. Second tried a disk restore while booted from a different partition, failure. Third time and apparent success, did a restore replacing matching files, and selected everything from the snapshot except the .DS_Store files. - 2/8/2003 8:31:50 PM: Restoring from Backup Set A… Can't write file “.DS_Store”, error -34 (volume full), path: “Bambi/Library/Frameworks/StuffIt.framework/.DS_Store”. Trouble writing files, error -34 (volume full). 2/8/2003 9:29:58 PM: Execution incomplete. - 2/8/2003 10:36:09 PM: Restoring from Backup Set A… Can't write file “.DS_Store”, error -34 (volume full), path: “Bambi/Library/Frameworks/StuffIt.framework/.DS_Store”. Trouble writing files, error -34 (volume full). 2/8/2003 11:43:08 PM: Execution incomplete.
  13. My first suggestion would have been disk repairs, but you have already tried a few. Two others ideas: 1) Install Retrospect on the bad client and run the backup locally. Every file still gets accessed, but the client software is out of the picture. 2) Split the backup into pieces (using subvolumes) to see whether a seriously corrupt file is the problem.
  14. Quote: So, why am I being asked to spend US$60? I am not clear on this. Seems a lot of money for what? One other feature is Red Hat Linux client support. There are new features which some people definitely want, and Dantz have chosen to charge for the update adding these features. As with any established product, some upgrades don't add features of universal interest.
  15. Quote: All computers can be pinged For one of the local subnet computers, does a long term ping (say an hour) show any packet loss? Do you have problems with servers getting dismounted from clients? (I work in a much smaller network, so don't have first hand experience. It does sound like your network reliability may be an issue. ping is very simple, someone else may suggest a more sophisticated test of your client connectivity!)
  16. Quote: but my script for backing up desktops suddenly just scans each and does not back them up to tape What does it show in the log for these clients? (Copy and paste!) It is unclear whether you are having hardware (tape), or software (Retrospect), or network (client) problems. Given you are running Mac OS X and Retrospect on an accelerated computer you may reach a point where that is an issue, but I don't think anything suggests that is the problem yet.
  17. Quote: I had thought of specifying both backup sets in my backup server script, but wanted to avoid using more disk space unnecessarily by having duplicated backups. From what you said would that not happen? I'm suggesting that although it is duplicated, it may not waste much space. The initial backup is "large". Once that is done you effectively always have two of those, one in the idle backup set, one in the live backup set. The incremental backup is "small". You always have that in the live backup set anyway. The wasted space is that you could also put that in the idle backup set.
  18. Quote: My system appears to be stable (no other problems), but I've just recently begun to notice currnet file dates on files that I haven't recently accessed, which would cause Retrospect to include them in the next back-up. Some applications update the date on every file they touch, unrelated to whether you actually make any changes. (As an example, Outlook Express on Windows touches every single "folder" file every single time it launches. On the Mac, QuickView touches every single help file every time you launch it.) Check the date on a particular file, and then view it in your "main" application. Quit. Did the date change? Do you post-process the files? (Like PDF, or color separate, or rip, or whatever it is you do with graphics!) Does this touch the date?
  19. Quote: Question:Has anyone a suspicion that Retrospect can cause OS X server to freeze? Retrospect server has some failure modes where it uses 100% of the available CPU. It also uses a lot of RAM, so things are slow after it has been working as the VM system has paged out everything except Retrospect. However, these both lead to slow behaviour rather than a freeze. Can you type in the login panel? Have you been very patient waiting to login after entering authentication? (Like waiting say at least five minutes!) Can you ssh onto the server when it appears frozen?
  20. What client backup settings are you using? I had something similar happen in the weekend. In my case the particular client was set to back up "selected volumes" and one of them was unavailable. So I guess Retrospect was (reasonably) treating the overall backup as a failure, and trying the client again. (Your second "extra" backup failed to find drive "E:" which sounds a similar situation.)
  21. I assume from your description that you reset one of the backup sets each week? You could achieve the redundancy by backing up the laptops to both backup sets? (This does not leave one of the sets idle though, so is not an ideal solution. It is not as awful as it might sound from the time point of view, the incremental to the "idle" backup set will be small.)
  22. I may be confused about what you are trying to do, and I suspect you are confused about what Retrospect is actually doing. Here are some suggestions to try and reduce some of the confusion: 1) "recycle" means start this particular backup over from scratch, starting again from the first tape in the backup set. I would suggest it does not make sense to include the word "recycle" in the name of the backup set since it is otherwise the same as the very first "normal" backup to the same tapes. 2) A "normal" backup does an incremental backup based on the data already in that backup set. Each backup set is independent. (So you can't do a "normal" backup to one backup set based on the data in some other backup set.) 3) Each Friday you can do a recycle backup, as you described, overwriting the old tapes. 4) On Monday, if you want a small "normal" backup then you want to continue using the same backup set as Friday. You can either force Retrospect to prompt for a new tape (as Amy described), or keep writing to the last tape. So what you could do is: Friday: 1-Example, 2-Example, 3-Example, 4-Example Monday: Either keep writing to 4-Example (which may inconveniently fill up), or use Skip to write to 5-Example (so you get a whole tape to use overnight). (I missed telling you this on Friday, but this might still help you on Monday!)
  23. Has your timezone recently gone through daylight savings?
  24. The work-around is to address the cause of the 519 error, since Retrospect 5.0 does not have any relevant settings to alter. (I do not know if it is fixed in 5.1, but 5.1 does include a minimum traffic threshold which suggests things are improved.)
  25. Two fairly non-technical suggestions which cover 3/4 of my slow backup troubleshooting: 1) What else is running on the Dell when it is being backed up? Especially, is there a cpu-hungry screen-saver, SETI, etc 2) Check the "priority" of the Retrospect client on the Dell. An easy way to see this is on the server go into the Configure Clients, and do a Get Info on the client. It is also in the preferences in the client, which is where you can change the setting. If you are backing up overnight then it should be set to 100%. If you are backing up when the computer is in use, then a lower setting might be better.