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  1. One of my scheduled Retrospect 7.7 tasks is to regularly duplicate the whole content of a folder with subfoleders into a shared folder on another computer in a network organized as a workgroup. This works fine as long as I am logged on and the computer is unlocked. However, if I log off or even lock the computer with me logged on, the duplciation stops (error -1017, insufficient permissions). I have the same logon names and passwords on both the computers, and I usually do not have any authentication problems in accessing shares on various computers in the workgroup. What can I do to make the duplication work smoothly even when I am not at my computer? What should I put into the field "Log on to" to make it possible to select the option "Always run Retrospect as a Specified User"? Windows 7 Pro is on both the computers. Thank you.
  2. Version 7.7 of Retrospect Professional did not allow for encryption in e-mail notifications. That did not allow one to use a Gmail account as the origin server. Does the newest version allow for this? Thank you.
  3. How can I make Retrospect run in the minimized mode when it starts scheduled scripts and close the program down when the script is complete? In other words, do everything on the background. Right now, not only the window pops up every time a scheduled script runs, but it also remains open after the script is finished, even though I have "Quit" in the general settings. Windows XP SP3 with all the latest updates and patches. Retrospect Version 7.6.123. Driver update Thanks in advance.
  4. I have a script to duplicate a folder to another computer on a local network. The script runs fine when started with "Run now". However, it fails when runs as scheduled, even if I am logged in and Retrospect is open at the time of the script start. Error 1017: insufficient permissions. The destination folder is wide open (full access for anybody in both Security and Sharing). Windows XP SP3 with all the latest updates and patches. Retrospect Version 7.6.123. Driver update What could be the reason and what can I do about it? Thank you, Vitaly
  5. I am trying to use Retrospect Pro 7.5.508 (driver update and hotfix in a wired home network connecting Win XP with Vista Home Premium. Retrospect is on XP, while the backup set is on a shared folder in Vista. I can run a backup manually without any problems (no passwords asked). However, when I schedule the backup, I get the error message "Can't access Backup Set ..., error -1101 (file/directory not found)". That happens even when I am logged on both the computers and despite the fact that, in Retrospect, the password is stored for all sessions. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. When I make backups to another computer on the network, occasionally I get a message:"Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion failure at 'module.cpp-457' ", and the backup set gets corrupted to the degree of unrepairable. What is the reason for that and what can be done about it? This error has been automatically reported to Retrospect several times. I use Version 6.5 and Window XP Pro SP2 with all the latest patches. Thank you.
  7. I am using Retrospect 6.5 in my home network consisting of a Win XP Pro SP 2 and a Win 2K Pro SP 4 machines. The former hosts Retroscpect; two hard disks of the latter are used for storage. Shared folders on those disks are mapped to the main computer hosting Retrospect and have letters. The system is configured in such a way that the main computer logs into the shared folders of the daughter computer as one of the users of the daughter computer with the appropriate password. The mapped drives of the daughter computer get connected to the main computer upon its turn-on properly, and I can access their contents via Windows Explorer without entering the password. The backup sets of Retrospect were created as file backup sets; the corresponding shared folders on the daughter computer were selected from the drop-down list in the process of the initialization of the sets and are stored in their configurations. For example, the first tab of the properties sheet shows: Catalog file: \\DaughterCompName\SharedFolderName\BackupSetName.rbf the "Automatic Login" page shows: Sever: DaughterComputerName Volume: ShareFolderName User: DaughterComputerName\DaughterComputerUserName and the password window shows: Connect as: DaughterComputerName\DaughterUserName and the password is correct. Nonetheless, each time when I start the first backup script (I do it manually) after launching Retrospect, it always asks me for the location of the catalog of the corresponding backup set and then asks for the password to connect to the shared folders. It does not ask for it in the subsequent scripts, even though they use different backup sets in a different shared folder of the daughter computer. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks, Vitaly
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