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  1. I have the same thing hapenning on 5 out of 109 mailboxes on Exch2007. If I'm not mistaken, originally it started when version 7.7 crashed during a backup of these mailboxes. Not sure if it left some flag or corruption of some kind, but ever since it reported these mailboxes as -557 transaction already complete. Even though it says there is data remaining to copy, it never even starts copying and leaves these mailboxes unrptoected. Moving to the latest version 9 the message has changed to 1010 API request bad, but only on the same mailboxes. I have tried numerous things, including removing the client, deleting all Retrospect Client folders, rebooting the Exch server and reinstalling the client. No luck. There were not many suggestions to try either. I love this program but this part of the Exchange agent is making me very nervous. It seems during a crash/stop of a backup it can "mark" a mailbox and makes it impossible to back it up again. It always reports it as already done which is not true. I would love some solution if it exists. If not, it seems the only thing left to try is disconnecting the mailbox from the user, exporting it to a PST, making a new mailbox for that user and import the data back. But that's also a risky operation and these mailboxes are important. Also it will be lengthy operation on big mailboxes (the export/import will take 4-5 hours each). Anyone has any solution for these -1010 errors, earlier -557?
  2. OK, so we are talking about the Exchange server machine, not the Retrospect machine. So you need to make sure .NET 4 is installed. Got it. I am not sure I will have the chance to test it, but it is good to know anyway.
  3. Isn't that installed when you click "Exchange 2007/2010 Support" in the main install menu of Retrospect 8? Or you need to install the support and after that .NET 4 manually?
  4. No way I will try to mess with 8.0 yet, not after yesterday. If we are talking only about file backup, I think it should work. The thing with client 8.0 was that it was not configuring Exchange as a Volume. But the partitions on the same Exchange server were reported as Volumes, browsable, etc. I didn't actually try to run a backup on them since I don't need them, but since they looked "normal" like any other working Volume, I guess it should work. I am only sort of testing the program after using it in 2004-2007 when it was Dantz if I remember correctly, so I don't have too many clients to test. And after the Exchange scare I downgraded both the client on that machine and the server to 7.7 and I'm not touching it now. In the next few days if I have time I might set up server 8.0 to a test machine, and try to backup another test machine with client 8.0 to see how it goes for file backup. And after I will try server 7.7 with client 8.0 like you say. If time allows me. But no more blind confidence in Retrospect, which is really sad since I loved it when it was Dantz.
  5. OK, I got this sorted out. It seems 8.0 has bugs with Exchange but to go back to 7.7 client you will have to completely remove the Retrospect Client, including deleting the folders C:\ProgramData\Retrospect Client and C:\Program Files (x86)\Retrospect, and then restart the Exchange server. After that install the 7.7 client as normal and the databases and mailboxes should be visible in Volumes.
  6. OK, I got this solved, sort of. If client 8.0 is giving you problems with Exchange and you want to go back to 7.7, here what you will have to do: 1. Open Services and stop the Retrospect Client (I did this manually just in case). 2. Open Add/Remove Programs (or Programs in Server 2008) in Control Panel and remove the Retrospect Client. 3. Delete the C:\ProgramData\Retrospect Client and C:\Program Files (x86)\Retrospect folders (Note: ProgramData is hidden, you will have to make hidden folders show). 4. Restart the Exchange Server (this is important, it didn't work without this step). 5. Install the 7.7 client. Your databases and mailboxes should now be visible.
  7. The thing is that I had Exch2007 working with 7.7, followed all steps, got MAPI, etc. But after installing the 8.0 and the 8.0 client on the Exchange machine, now even downgrading to 7.7 doesn't see neither the databases or mailboxes. The only thing I haven't tried so far is restarting the Exchange server in between downgrading the client because I didn't have the opportunity for a restart. So, Exch2007 is running client 7.7 right now, the backup server is running 7.7 and still nothing. All of this after trying 8.0. It worked fine before that.
  8. Thanks for the update. In your discussions with Retrospect you wouldn't know how it might affect Exchange 2007 and why I can't see anything now, would you? The problem is I'm just testing 8.0 before buying so I don't think I can get support. But without a clear solution I don't plan to spend company money on something that might not work as desired. Because as stated above, in my case even 7.7 doesn't see Exchange now, which got me really surprised.
  9. Don't be too fast with trying 8.0, I think it messed up my Exchange 2007. I also rushed to check it out. After I added the client (Exchange 2007 server on Win2003 R2 x64), in Volumes when clicking on Exchange Server it asked me the standard question about using the add-on license. After accepting, it never reads the databases (they never show) or the mailboxes. Further more, since then, this is the second day that I couldn't see the databases or mailboxes even from 7.7.620 any more. All that I have tried, failed. The mailserver is working fine, but no Retrospect version can see the databases or mailboxes any more.
  10. I have the following in the retroclient.log, if it means anything to anyone: ------- 1353409450: ConnStartListen: starting thread ConnStartListen for 1353409540: Connection established by 1353409560: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 164 1353409560: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 153 1353409560: ConnReadData: Connection with closed 1353409565: Connection established by 1353409571: ConnReadData: Connection with closed 1353409582: Connection established by 1353409584: ConnReadData: Connection with closed 1353409588: Connection established by 1353409863: ConnReadData: Connection with was reset 1353409899: PipeRead: ReadFile failed with error 109 ------- So far my search on google and in the Retrospect KB hasn't produced anything.
  11. I can not say 100% it is fault of Retrospect 8.0 but it does look like that to me 99%. After testing Retrospect 8.0 now the Exchange 2007 mailboxes and databases can not be seen as volumes by both Retrospect 8.0 and 7.7.620 any more. The 8.0 never did manage to add them correctly to Volumes (yes, I had the additional patch needed installed). But after that now even 7.7.620 can not add them to Volumes even though it worked fine before trying 8.0. Did it leave some files on the Exchange server that need to be removed? I tried with both 8.0 and 7.7 clients removing the C:\ProgramData\Retspect Client folder after deinstalling the client from Add/Remove Programs. If it matters, the Exchange is running on Server 2003 R2 x64. Now I can not even back up my server with any version of Retrospect or client. What the hell did it do??? I would really appreciate some advice.
  12. Something similar happened to me. I have Exchange 2007 SP3 which has been backed up by Retrospect 7.7.620 fow a few months now. I tried the new Retrospect 8 and in the Volumes section after clicking on the Exchange server client and confirming to use the Exchange Add-on license, no mailboxes show and no DB neither. Further more, after that I am unable to successfully register the Exchange as volume even if I try with Retrospect 7.7.620 (which worked fine so far). Did the intention to "register" it on Retrospect 8 mess up something on the server side so that even 7.7.620 doesn't read it now? If yes, that would be very, very dissapointing from a software that you consider to be your backup protection. Can someone please shed some light on these cases, because my server is sitting unprotected now, regardless of everything I have tried. Is there something hidden on it now?
  13. Here is what I tried with success but I do not consider it a real solution. Failing everything else, what worked is: 1. Create a new temporary mailbox and user. 2. Using the PowerShell of Exchange 2007 and the export-mailbox command, export all data from the mailbox giving the 557 error to the temp mailbox. 3. I tried a backup of the temp mailbox and worked straight away, no 557 error. The idea is later to disconnect the original mailbox from the original user (using the disable-mailbox command for example) and connect the temp mailbox to this original user (using the connect-mailbox command). That way the user will continue to work with the mailbox where the whole data was exported and which doesn't give the 557 error. It's not pretty, but it should work. Make sure you don't forget to assign the original email address to the new mailbox after disabling the original one. When you create the temp mailbox it will need to have some temp email address because the original email address will still be assigned to the original mailbox so you can't attach it to the temp mailbox too.
  14. I also have the -557 error on three mailboxes on Exchange 2007. Retrospect is 7.7.620 running on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and the windows client on the exchange server is 7.7.114. Reading other ports/threads, I have tried: 1. Removing the client on the exchange server using Add/Remove Programs, deleting all Retrospect folders left over, restart the exchange server, reinstall the client. After that I deleted the "old" client in Retrospect and added it again. Still the same error -557 on the same mailboxes. 2. Completely formatted the backup server installing 2008 R2 x64 again and Retrospect again. Stil lthe same. Unfortunately, and seeing other threads it seems to me that you can't get real help here. Maybe from someone who had the same situation and managed to resolve it. I haven't been able to solve this with any instructions I have found so far. As for Retrospect staff helping, I guess they are waiting for you to purchase additional support. I mean, why would you expect a software that costs 3,000-4,000 dollars or euros to work out of the box without paying more more money for support for something that should have just worked. I used it years ago when it was EMC and I have to say it worked perfectly and the support was great. Right now I don't think I would recommend to anyone spending the loads of cash.
  15. I am aware of that, and my suspicion is also that it fails once it starts to demand large bandwith. But of coure, that is so difficult to prove. And why i suspect the switch as a primary suspect. i think it simply doesn't pass the packets fast enough from one port to the other. On one server i am about to install the latest Broadcom Management software in the next few days, I guess that will install the latest drivers too. I will use the possibility to see if that changes anything. I will double check drivers. The other thing is that these are production servers and I can't simply take them offline to check cables etc, unless I really have something pointing that way. Not just fishing around.
  16. Well, as I said these are servers so there is no chance of disconnect and run off. I know the cables being new doesn't guarantee anything but on the other hand it's much better than old cables crimped in a curious way. If it is a cable issue i would expect to see much more complaints from users, especially on the Exchange server which has like 15 people connected to it all the time with their Outlook and working a lot in public folders all the time. All of this works fine, but not the Retrospect backup that suddenly decides it has no network connectivity. Strange...
  17. Hi all. I have used earlier version of Retrospect for Windows to backup a network, around the 2005-2006 period. I want to suggest Retrospect to the company I am currently working at and I have downloaded the latest 7.7 trial version for Windows. After an initial couple of backups that finished successfully including all three storage groups of the Exchange 2007 server, I keep getting the error 519 on almost every try. Two different clients and 5-6 different configured volumes. What is going on? The copy process starts good, and then it stops, never after the same time has passed. The most recent for example, stopped at only 322MB copied of a 11GB storage group. It has done the same storage group only once, only the first time successfully, and later it fails at 6Gb done, 3GB done, now at only 322MB done, etc. The connection between the backup server and the client servers (tried only two clients so far) is very simple in this case, they are all connected to the same Gb switch. So there is very little reason to actually suspect the network connectivity itself. Two cables (backup server to switch, client server to switch) and the switch itself. Nothing else. The cables are brand new and very good quality. The servers work as normal in the network, no complaints from users, nothing. Including the Exchange which is on all of the day and hasn't failed once. However, Retrospect keeps complaining with error 519. I have tried removing the clients, and installing them again. Today I even removed Retrospect and installed it again, same thing. The switch is kind of older model of 3Com and I was suspicious, but to rule it out I used a small desktop Gb switch for just the backup server and one client server. It failed again. On the 3Com I can't see any real CRC errors or collisions on the ports where these servers are connected. Nothing that would make me really suspicious about the switch, except that it is a bit older 2924 model. I tried to Google around but didn't find much except that error 519 is very difficult to diagnose... Anyone has any ideas or I will have to look somewhere else for my backup solution which would be a real shame after the excellent experience I had with Retrospect the last time. And I really like the interface and how it does things. But throwing error 519 out of the blue and no obvious way to solve it or find the reason is a bit too much. I need to depend on it. Any ideas and tests I can run are welcomed. Thanks in advance. Darko. PS. Smaller backups seem to go fine. Can it be that it is really moving that much data on the big backups that the old 3Com is blocking itself? But wouldn't I see more collisions, or CRC errors, or what ever in the port statistics of the switch in that case? Just for an idea, the storage groups are like 150GB, 11GB and 100GB. Volumes with files are like 190GB, 244GB, 130GB. But that shouldn't be a big deal for a backup software.
  18. Thanks Foster. I will think about introducing the Disk backup sets although it looks like we will move only to Tape backup sets soon (because of data size, not extremely large, but still too expensive to buy internal HDDs to follow the data growth). So, most probably Retrospect will back up direct to Tape backup sets. On another note. When I am backing up SQL server (with the SQL agent of course). What is the bext practice to make sure all of the SQL databases present are backed up? I would assume the first backup is a full one (the simple Backup option when creating the script), which should mean all databases. Afterwars, only the modified databases will be backed up in full. I thought it is enough just to select the SQL Container and that would automatically select all databases, including later if a new database is added (created). Am I right? How to make sure no database is missed? Thanks. Cheers.
  19. Thanks. Few questions please... 1. By saying "switching to disk backup sets" do you actually mean tape backup sets? A disk backup set is different to tape, right? 2. I can't seem to be able to forget (delete from the list) a tape backup set. It was one of the tapes I used during research what would work better, and I can't add the same tape to another backup set until the first one is deleted (which is logical). However, when I go in the Backup Sets option, click on the backup set and click Forget, I confirm that I want to forget that backup set and then Retrospect seems to keep working but it takes ages. I know backup sets might have thousands of files and loads of snapshots, but I left it running for maybe 30-40min and it still didn't delete the backup set. Retrospect is not completely frozen, I can minimize it and maximize it again, but it won't accept any task until the task to forget the backup set is finished. And it doesn't seem to finish it for a while... Is that a result of too many files/snapshots? Am I doing something wrong? I would say the procedure to forget a set is rather simple. What is the best way to do it, or should I just leave it for a while until it finishes? One hour, two hours? Thanks. Cheers. EDIT: PS. I have managed to forget (delete) the tape backup set I mentioned. It was just a matter of waiting long enough for Retrospect to do the forgetting. Cheers.
  20. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. I am really stuck with this. I know Retrospect but not too much in depth. I was not even aware snapshot transfer can help me, the "logical" choice of wording was transfer backup set as I was afraid something might be left out. Sorry if I double the first post but just to make clear what is my goal: 1. Initially we had dedicated backup server which was doing daily backups every working day at night. So, disk-to-disk backup I believe it is called. During the next day I was simply copying the .rbf files on external USB HDDs for off-site copy. Every day. 2. Because of enlargement of data (which is still not too big in size) we decided the last step, for the off-site copy to be a tape rather then external USB HDD. So what I am trying to do now, the backup server is still doing the backups on its internal drives every night but the transfer of those backup sets (files) the next day to be on tape rather than external USB drives. The logical wording for me seemed Transfer Backup Set as it transfers all files from the internal drives of my backup server to the tapes. I definitely don't want anything left behind. Would snapshot transfer do the same for me? A snapshot sounded to me like just the list of the files, not the actual files. I need to have everything off-site of course, completely. Open to any suggestions as I agree there might be better procedures than what I am doing? Thanks a lot in advance. Cheers.
  21. Hi. We have Retrospect for Win 7.0 running, with Exchange and SQL agents. We have three different SQL servers (and three agent licenses of course). We have a dedicated backup server with the backup sets on its hard drives. This works fine. In order to have off-site copy we have recently started transfering the backup sets trough Retrospect on a tape drive connected to the backup server. So, the File backup sets get transfered to a Tape backup set. This works fine and reasonably fast for everything except one of the SQL servers. The transfer of that file backup set to the tape backup set can take hours, and sometimes even not finish in hours. I have tested even leaving it over night and on two ocassionas didn't finish after 20h so I stopped it. Retrospect is responding all the time, it's not stuck, I can easily stop the transfer of the backup set, but it can't seem to successfully finish. The other two SQL servers have only few databases each, and it's not a problem to transfer their backup set from file to tape. I don't know whether the db number makes a huge difference. The SQL that makes the problem has around 350 db I would say, and about 200-250 of them have changes on daily basis (so are included in our daily differential backup). The file backup set is not huge, at the end of the month (when we usually replace it with new backup set) it's barely 20GB. I can't see that being a problem to be transfered to tape. What am I doing wrong? Alternatively, any suggestion how to transfer file backup sets to tape except the Transfer Backup Set option in Retrospect? Why would a transfer of SQL backup from file set to tape set just stop? In the Executing window you can see the command being executed, however, the time counter which starts when the command starts just freezes at a certain time (usually at the beginning, after few minutes). Retrospect as a whole IS NOT frozen, it responds. It seems just the task out of whatever reason is not getting executed although it should. I don't know if i have explained everything in detail but please ask questions if you need some particular info. Thanks in advance. I would be really glad to sort it out, I am confused why I can't transfer that set. Cheers. Darko.
  22. Hi all. Something quote odd (and annoying) is happening when we try to restore Win 2003 Standard server. Both scenarios failed...!!! 1. Create Recovery CD from the system partition backup set. Boot with the CD. First thing that was strange to me, it can't "see" the SCSI drives. How come the Recovery CD doesn't have ALL the drivers since it is created from a full backup set??? What's the point? If you use a floppy with the SCSI drivers in the first instance, immediatelly during the Win installation it asks for those drivers even though the floppy is still in the FDD. I guess it is trying to find them on the CD where they don't exist (still confused why). If you skip those few files it asks for, the Win install continues and looks fine until the reboot. Retrospect manual says the temp client gets installed then and there is a second reboot. But the server basically keeps rebooting ALL the time, over and over again... Any clues? 2. Tried to forget about Retrospect Disaster Recovery and started from scratch. Used Dell System Assistant to get things rolling, completely formatted the hard drives (same partitions as before), install went fine. Of course, the server ended up only with Win 2003 and completely blank. Setup the basic LAN TCP/IP just to get Retrospect Client installed, removed the old client from the Retro backup server and added the new one. Restored the whole system volume from that server, procedure looked OK. You need to reboot it at the end, and when it tries to boot is says like "load missing DLLs" and doesn't get anywhere. What did I do wrong? Here is more info. Running Retrospect 7 Multi Server. The machine needs restoring is Dell PowerEdge 2850, two simple partitions, running Windows 2003 Standard as one of four domain controllers in AD (not the main, first one). I have backup sets of both partitions, but as I said, restoring the system partition is not going anywhere. Did I miss something? Any advice how to actually restore this server will be greatly appreciated. I don't know whether because it is a domain controller, or maybe Dell changes some files (as mentioned in another post) but this is really dissapointing. I was especially surprised when booting with the Recovery CD asks for drivers for the SCSI on a floppy while I consider they should be on the Recovery CD itself. Not much point without them. I can even afford to format the hard drives, got backup sets of both partitions as long as that can help restoring the system one especially. Anyone? Thanks a million... Cheers. Darko.
  23. OK, I got it from another of your posts Nate. Disable the virtual CD/DVD drive on a Dell. Looks fine (at least it started loading properly ) for now. Thanks a lot Nate. Cheers. Darko.
  24. In addition to my post... Nate asked earlier in the topic. Yes, this is a Dell server, Power Edge 2850, and yes, it does have a virtual CD drive. Does that mean anything Nate? Thanks. Cheers. Darko.
  25. Hello. Any other options for this problem except the compatibility properties change? I have the same problem (not sure if it relates to SP1). Here is what happens: 1. Brand new hard drives in the server. 2. Installed Windows Server 2003 Standard from scratch, updated with SP1. 3. After receiving my Retro license codes installed it from the CD I received. All done successfully. 4. Even on first use, it froze, before even the screen for the license code appears. 5. Restart of the server to get out of there (task manager couldn't kill it), Add/Remove Programs to remove Retro 7. Installed the latest from the website, 7.0.326. 6. Same thing, on first use, freezing. After finding this topic I also tried the compatibility change to Windows 2000, it didn't help for me. Still the same situation. Really could use some help. Thanks. Darko.
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