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  1. Have tried numerous ugly options, such as running Ubuntu or Suse under Innotek Virtualbox on my PC backup server, backing up to virtual drives, etc. PUKE! Retrospect is a great product but lack of the ReadyNas client or some other way to do a reliable backup of UNIX filesystems is a serious crimp. Don't ask me why the client can't be open, so anything and everything can backup to a Retro controller. I really don't want to dive in to the deep geeking required to get Bacula or Amanda working. I have resorted to a USB attached drive with rsync (ssh into the Readynas and rsync to the attached USB drive.) Good backup for a home NAS should not be this hard!
  2. OK, now I see that all the stuff I'm missing in the client browser (subvolume panel on the retro desktop) are "special" types -- symlinks, network mounts, etc. Presumably the client is not going to show me those. I'm backsliding a little bit here with my backup solution because I used to have a Linux PC with a software RAID array as my file server, which I backed up to the Retro windows machine quite happily with the Linux client. Now that I replaced this Linux machine with the NAS I'm at a bit of a loss for backup solution that gets me what I had before, no loss of UNIX filesystem info and no brainer. Interestingly, the linux client can see and perform actions on NFS network shares -- that's how I did the initial restore of my linux raid partition backup to the NAS (slow but workable) -- I mounted the NFS NAS share on the Linux machine and then restored to the share. It would be kind of cool for EMC to open-source the client so other platforms that you won't support can be supported by the marketplace, but I get the sense that ain't gonna happen... Hmmm...rsync?
  3. Interesting, I was able to make network resource via client backup to work via a Linux client... Works OK, although slower than a client. Anyway, I still have two issues: 1. I cannot see all the subdirs of the root filesystem on the Mac's hard disk in the client browser. How do I make them appear so I can selectively back them up? 2. Your volume approach for Netgear backup works, however this is via CIFS. I want to preserve UNIX ownership and permissions for all files, since the NAS is used primarily to serve UNIX files. If I back up through a CIFS share, I'll lose all those file attributes right? Or am I missing something? 3. Bonus question: any chance of getting a Retrospect client for the ReadyNas? All I need is a client compiled with Debian Sarge on Sparc...
  4. Hi: I have a ReadyNas NV+. I would like to back this up to a backup "server" with Retro 5-client desktop, using a client running on the ReadyNas. Interestingly, the RN comes with the 5-client Windows desktop, but no ReadyNas client! The ReadyNas is running debian Sarge on a sparc architecture. If I could have a retro client compiled for debian sarge under sparc (or probably *any* linux running on sparc would work...) I could install and run on ReadyNas and I would be in Hog Heaven! Thanks. David
  5. Hi: I have a WinXP SP2 machine with backup disks and five-client Retro 7.5 desktop (7.5.387 + hotfix) and a Mac OSX Leopard Intel Core Duo running Retro client 6.1.130. On the mac the Retro client is running as root and I have the root account set up to show all hidden files (. files, special dirs in the root such as /etc, /tmp, NFS mounts, etc.) Here is the problem I am having. In the Windows desktop, I browse to the mac client in the Manage Scripts > edit pane to add sources to my script. I want to back up several folders including an NFS-mounted filesystem (mounted at /home.) I am trying to do this by adding them as subvolumes under the client in the Sources browser. The Mac's hard disk shows up as a volume for the client, but when I try to add a subvolume, the browser shows only the "basic" files and folders in the root directory, not everything. How do I get these folders to show up in the subvolume browser for the client, so I can add them to my backup sources from the Mac client. Alternatively, is there some other way to accomplish this? By the way, the REAL reason I am trying to do this is to use Retrospect to back up my NetGear Readynas, which is NFS-mounted to my Mac. For some strange reason, Netgear provides a copy of Retrospect, but no Readynas client! The ReadyNas is running debian Sarge on a sparc architecture. If I could have a retro client compiled for debian sarge under sparc so I could install and run on ReadyNas I would be in Hog Heaven! Thanks for help with either the Mac or the ReadyNas client. David
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