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  1. >>It would like to have in Retrospect the ability of Enabling/Disabling the compression based of the file type. With this option you could disable the compression for file that do not compress. Go to Configure Hold down the Shift key and select "Selectors" This will give you access to the Compression Filter where you can make changes. You should absolutely make a copy of the selector prior to editing.
  2. You can use Duplicate, but set your Destination as a folder on the external drive rather then the root of the drive. The "Subvolume" feature will allow you to define folders as destinations.
  3. You can also create a selector: Windows volume drive letter is C: Put the clients in a separate script until you want to backup only the C: drive on the local computer also.
  4. If the problem is happening only on that one public folder there may be a corrupt message. Try moving the data to a new folder and see if it can be backed up.
  5. Hard drives will not show up in the Devices window. It will show up in any Volumes windows and as a Destination option for File or Disk Backup Sets.
  6. Downgrading Retrospect has no effect on your settings. The more likely cause is the crash which is generating assert logs. The Buffer Overrun errors in 7.5.370 are being caused by some overly aggressive logging being written to the assert log. The assert is causing the buffer overrun. The bigger problem is that Retrospect is asserting on your system. You should check your assert logs for error information to help determine the cause of the assert. They are located in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect
  7. You'll have to re-define all the subvolumes. Even though you have partitions/folders with the same names they are not the same ones you defined for use with Retrospect...and Retrospect is smart enough to know the difference.
  8. The most likely cause is a corrupt message in the mailbox folder noted in the error (Sent Items, Inbox, etc.). Try moving half the mail from that folder to a new folder and backup the new folder. If the problem follows the mail to the new folder split it in half and perform backups to find the problem email.
  9. We are still working on a fix and hope to have an update out soon.
  10. Sorry... my mistake. I was thinking of another issue that was cosmetic. Files which generate error -1012 (feature unsupported) in Vista when copying from a network share are not being copied properly. The issue will be addressed in the next update.
  11. Hi Peter You'll need to configure for all formats at the same time. For example, when it's done formatting for +R it will then ask if you want to format for any other media types. At that point you can say Yes or OK and format for -R. You have to configure for _every_ type of media you want to use with Retrospect at the same time. Later configurations for a given drive do not append to the configuration file. That said... Russ is correct. The drive did not pass certification by the hardware engineers - the device entry says "Not Supported" which is different then "Not Tested". The engineers put drives through a pretty rigorous process. Somewhere the drive failed on a fundamental level, so proceed at your own risk. Amy
  12. Once it has "skipped" to the next media there is no way to go back...unless you want to rebuild the catalog. Rebuilding is not really something you'd want to do unnecessarily.
  13. The error has nothing to do with the program itself - a clean reinstall will not make a difference. The heart of the KB article suggested storing your catalog and data on a different hard drive. What happens when you save your backup to a completely different hard drive - preferably local to rule out network issues?
  14. >>when no one is logged in on the server, it runs, which is good. However, once logged in, I launched the retrospect console to check the status of the backup - and it stopped the current script... ? If Retrospect is running as USER X it cannot launch a second instance under USER Y. In addition to Jeff's suggestion, you could also login locally to the server as the user you've specified in the Retrospect security preferences.
  15. The first backup should copy all files, while subsequent (incremental) backups only copy new/changed files. Also, by default, Retrospect "matches" files on the hard drive, so if there are any exact duplicates the file will only be backed up once. An example would be having two folders containing the same mpeg files. Retrospect would only backup the files from one location, however, the snapshot would note the existence of the files in two locations. Retrospect will also exclude any Retrospect rdb files from a backup.
  16. Retrospect 7.5 has automatic mailbox discovery. If you backup the Mailboxes container you will backup all mailboxes. The same goes for the Public Folders container. There are trial editions of 7.5 available - give it a try.
  17. This issue will be resolved in the next update. The error is only on Vista when copying from a network location and is cosmetic in nature. The files are actually being copied.
  18. Maybe the Windows Installer package is corrupted or out of date...? Just a guess. Try updating it to see if the results are any better: Windows Installer 3.1 You should also uninstall the client and reboot before trying a new install of the Retrospect Client.
  19. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect
  20. The ExpressHD 2.0.214 update is available from: http://www.allume.com/win/retrospect/ Click up Updates.
  21. You can install the client on both nodes if you'd like. However, if you are backing up Exchange and/or SQL you should license them on the active node client. Retrospect generally supports an active/passive configuration.
  22. Thanks for the update. For future reference, can you be more clear on the "key" issue you are describing? Retrospect does not use that term anywhere in the program. Also, where did you use a different password? On install you must enter a user name/password that administrative rights - is this what you were referring to?
  23. Ummm....okay, so this is the forum for Retrospect backup software. If Daylight Savings Time changed all the dates/times on all the files on your computer you should actually be talking to your computer vendor or Microsoft.
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