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  1. Matching applies to mailboxes but not to databases. Exchange Database backup is done through the Microsoft API's and the size is dependent on the type of backup you choose (Full, Differential or Log) and the amount of data that is changing. Full will backup the entire database every time. Differential will backup the changes since the last Full backup. Log will backup the changes since the last Log backup.
  2. What do you mean by "When I view the client that contains the Exchange server, I see the new mailboxes" - are you referring to the Client Properties in Retrospect or the machine itself? To get rid of deleted mailboxes on the client you can Forget them from Configure > Volumes. If the mailboxes have been deleted, but not yet purged, they will show up again after the next poll of the Exchange Server because they are still being reported as available.
  3. If you would like the ability to restore individual mailboxes or messages you should backup both. It takes up more storage space, but gives you _much_ more flexibility should a restore be required.
  4. You're posting this in the SQL forum, yet you've provided no configuration information, or anything else to show that this error is occurring with SQL. You should provide complete configuration information about your SQL Server and Windows environment, and check your SQL logs to see if there is additional error information.
  5. When you "release" a license from an Exchange Server it does not forget it from the License Manager. You should not be prompted to put in a license code again unless you do not have the required license. Go to Configure > Licenses. This will show you how many Exchange Licenses you have - and how many are 'available' for use. Under the "Status" column for Exchange Database/Mailbox Backup it will show you what you have to work with. If it says x used/0 available you should check Configure > Volumes to see how many Exchange Servers you have licensed.
  6. You can go to Configure > Clients and "Forget" any clients that are no longer being used. Any forgotten 'server' client will release the license it is using.
  7. There is no x64 version of the client. No testing has been done on x64 Linux. Proceed at your own risk.
  8. Retrospect will match the files on the new drive to the files in the backup set already. Any files that are an exact match will not be copied again. That said, it's hard to say how many files may have new time stamps from the "transfer" process. Anything with a different date/time will be re-copied.
  9. Retrospect Pro comes with 2 client licenses. You could install the client software on your wife's computer and back it up remotely (assuming you have a home network) from your computer. See the User's Guide for complete information.
  10. >>It says: "no removable media found." >>Any idea what's going on, here? It sounds like you've created a Removable Disk backup set rather then a CD/DVD backup set.
  11. You need to edit your script and change/add your new C: drive to Sources.
  12. Your only other option is to transfer the snapshots you want to keep to a new backup set.
  13. Exchange 2007 is not currently supported. We hope to add support later this year.
  14. Thanks for the update - it may help other users in the same position.
  15. This is an InstallShield error message. See the following link for troubleshooting information: http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=Q110636 Please note that Retrospect was not hard coded to write to your S: drive. Check the other possible solutions.
  16. AmyJ


    Yes - in Vista you will need to uninstall Retrospect prior to installing the update.
  17. http://download.dantz.com/archives/Retro-EN_7_5_387.exe Try downloading the file manually and run the installer.
  18. The problem wasn't fixed in the RDU - it was fixed in the application update: 7.5.387
  19. I just tested this and the only way you'll see this problem is if you manually moved the Retrospect application folder from it's original location. Once the folder is moved InstallShield no longer knows the location of the folder to upgrade. The upgrade will be installed to the default location: C:\Program Files\Retrospect If your original installation was to a different location (ie: D:\Retrospect) the upgrade will work as expected.
  20. Is Retrospect installed in C:\Program Files\Retrospect? If not, was the program folder moved after install? If you go to C:\Program Files\Retrospect and launch Retrospect.exe what version opens?
  21. If you are using Vista you need to uninstall your current version of Retrospect, and then install 7.5.387. You can download the installer here: http://download.dantz.com/archives/Retro-EN_7_5_387.exe
  22. The same assert can be caused by different problems. Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in the article referenced by Mayoff. That is your lead.
  23. Multiple versions on the same server has never been tested with Retrospect. I just ran a quick test and was able to replicate the behavior. Multiple instances from the same version work just fine. You should consider upgrading your 2000 instance to 2005. A bug has been logged.
  24. Quote: It's really weird that Retrospect stores the catalog file by default on the same location which you're trying to recover... What were they smokeing when they created this software??? By default Retrospect stores the catalog files in your My Documents folder. A copy of the catalog file is appended to the end of media (room permitting) to allow you to recatalog starting from the most recent disc - but this is _not_ the catalog used for every day operations.
  25. You can export the list from File > Export, but there is no way to do it each time the backup runs. You'll have to do it manually.
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