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  1. The Service Pack upgrade is changing the permissions on our configuration folder to “Everyone: Full Control” Resolution: Change permissions on C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect: 1. Remove Everyone 2. Add Administrators: Full Control 3. Add SYSTEM: Full Control This should allow access Retrospect via Remote Desktop again. To be clear, this is a Microsoft bug. A service pack upgrade should not change the permissions on our folder. Amy
  2. 1. Move them manually to the new location 2. Open them - either by double clicking in Windows Explorer or File>Open in Retrospect
  3. Domain name for computers on a domain. Machine name for stand alone or workgroup computers.
  4. Retrospect cannot find the backup set catalogs, which means you've moved them, deleted them, or do not currently have access to where you stored them (dismounted network drive, for example). Go to Configure > Backup Sets > Properties When Retrospect prompts you for the catalog you'll need to navigate to the location where they've been moved and "Open" them. If you deleted the catalog files, and these are brand new backup sets, you can delete the old sets and make new ones.
  5. Schedule the Recycle backup to happen at the same time as the Normal on the recurring date that you'd like. The Recycle will take precedence. Eg: Normal backup every day at 10pm to Backup Set A Recycle backup every month on the last Thursday at 10pm to Backup Set A The Recycle backup will run on that Thursday rather then the Normal. The time and the destination must be the same.
  6. Retrospect 6.5 is ~4 years old, and not Vista compatible. You'll need to upgrade to 7.5.387.
  7. Hi Nicholas - There are no plans at this time to add SQL add-on support to the Professional Edition. If you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000 with Retrospect Professional the SQL databases will be backed up when the Open File option is enabled (by default) in your backup scripts. -Amy
  8. What if you try restoring to a different mailbox - or a new mailbox? Do you get this error " Trouble writing folder "Exchange Mailboxes", error -1103 (write protected)"? This error " Warning: The destination volume Coffield, Bill on mail2 does not support extended file attributes." is related to a recent bug fix, and will be suppressed in a future update. It does not indicate a problem with the restore.
  9. You decided to keep My Documents on a network location rather than on the local drive. This means you must backup the NAS in order to backup these files. UIR feature is for local files only. Files stored on the NAS are not local. The same would be true for mapped drives - even though they are accessible locally by the client they are not part of the local files owned by that client. This is not a bug.
  10. What happens if you go to Automate > Validate scripts and check your script? In the Activity Monitor is the "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" box checked? It is on the bottom of the Activity Monitor.
  11. 1) Restore the server (rebooting as necessary) - DONE 2) Turn off the Exchange Server Services 3) Delete the contents of the mdbdata folder in C:/Program Files/Exchsrvr/MDBDATA (or the folder containing your exchange databases and logs) 4) Turn on the Exchange Agent Server Services (a reboot will also turn them on in the correct order) 5) Execute the restore - See the Users Guide for complete instructions.
  12. Did you restore back to the original server or to a new server? Did you follow the steps for restoring an Exchange Server in the User's Guide? Are the Exchange Services running? Go to http://kb.dantz.com and click on the Documentation link for the Users Guide. Take a look at the section on Exchange Server > Disaster Recovery.
  13. The only real way to see which files were backed up each time is to browse the Session contents. Go to Configure > Backup Sets > Properties > Sessions. There will be a Session for each volume that was backed up. You can export the list if desired.
  14. Create 2 Disk Backup Sets - one on each drive Create a script that has both sets as Destinations (Use Advanced Mode - not Wizard) Set the schedule to alternate Backup Sets with the start dates staggered Every two weeks on Tuesday backup to Backup Set A starting on June 12 Every two weeks on Wednesday backup to Backup Set A starting on June 13 Every two weeks on Thursday backup to Backup Set A starting on June 14 ..... etc. Every two weeks on Monday backup to Backup Set B starting on June 18 Every two weeks on Tuesday backup to Backup Set B starting on June 19 ..... etc. You'll need 10 or 14 schedules to cover the days (or business days) of the week. A little bit of setup on the front end, but it will run smoothly once it is done. You'll need to make sure you swap disks on the appropriate day.
  15. You haven't mentioned which version of Retrospect you are using, but Tools is in the sidebar of Retrospect 7.5. In Express the sidebar has: Backup Restore Automate Activity Monitor Tools Configure If you are using ExpressHD and you are seeing catalog corruption errors you can do the following: - Navigate to the destination hard drive and open the Retrospect Restore Points folder. - Delete the RestorePoint.rbc file. - Re-launch Retrospect ExpressHD. It will scan all local hard drives for existing Retrospect Restore Points folders and rebuild the RestorePoint.rbc catalog file based off of the backup data stored in the X:\Retrospect Restore Points\Retrospect folder.
  16. Try quitting and relaunching ExpressHD (quit the system tray icon) to see if it makes a difference.
  17. >>the only thing about it is the success audio saying that the backup user logged in with privileges to impersonate another user. I have no idea what that statement means, or if you're referring to some error message. You'll have to be clearer. Additionally, you should provide complete configuration information when posting. Retrospect version, client version, Exchange version, OS version when posting. If the problem is only happening on one mailbox it is most likely corrupted in a way that prevents access. Create a new mailbox for the user and move their items into it.
  18. Look for the little red "stop" button in the top toolbar. It is most likely depressed.
  19. Vista introduced Service Hardening. The Retrospect Launcher Service cannot run as a specific user any longer. The Retrospect UI and Engine will need to be separated, and this is a major project. We do plan on making these changes in a future release. In the meantime, you can put a shortcut to Retrospect.exe in your 'Startup Items' folder which will launch Retrospect on boot. That will allow Retrospect to run in your user session when scripts run. -- Session 0 Isolation Services have always run in session 0. Before Windows Vista, the first user to log on was also assigned to session 0. Now, session 0 is reserved exclusively for services and other applications not associated with an interactive user session. (The first user to log on is connected to session 1, the second user to log on is connected to session 2, and so on.) Session 0 does not support processes that interact with the user. This change means that a service cannot post or send a message to an application and an application cannot send or post a message to a service. In addition, services cannot display a user interface item such as a dialog box directly.
  20. These issues are fixed in Retrospect 7.5.387. Please update if you are not running the latest build.
  21. Check the Event Logs for any additional error information. Do you get this error when backing up individual mailboxes or just the mailboxes container?
  22. Go to Configure > Selectors Copy the "All files except cache files" selector Edit it to add the exclusions you'd like and then use the new selector. You can edit the original selector - but it is not recommended as there there is no way to revert your changes.
  23. On the client machine go to Run and type: retroclient -? This will give you a list of arguments you can use.
  24. AmyJ


    It sounds like you're having problems with the Volume Shadow Service which would prevent the Retrospect from backing up open files. You should check your Event Logs for VSS errors.
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