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  1. Go to Tools > Repair Recreate catalog from Disk When prompted choose the WD drive Select the backup set Choose a location to save the catalog Off you go!
  2. Is this happening on a machine that was upgraded to Vista? Try turning on the Removable Storage Manager: Control Panel > Programs Turn Windows Features on or off Select the check box next to Removable Storage Management to turn the feature on OK - Try the backup again.
  3. This has been logged as a bug. Thank you for your input. There is no workaround at this time. Microsoft also has this issue when using the Backup and Restore Center http://support.microsoft.com/kb/934172
  4. Also check your SQL Log File Viewer. - Uncheck SQL Server - Check Windows NT - Expand Windows NT and un-check Application, Internet Explorer, System - Attempt to authenticate through Retrospect - Refresh the SQL log and check for Security errors
  5. If forgetting and re-adding the client does not work, try with new configuration files. -Rename the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Retrospect folder -Launch Retrospect and enter your license codes -Login/license SQL This problem cannot be reproduced in the lab - all authentication methods succeed both locally and via the client. You'll need to provide more information about your environment. Any non-default options selected on install? Are all the SQL Services running under the same Administrator account? Any non-default security options configured after install? Any other changes you can think of which may impact security?
  6. Uninstall the client software. Reboot the client. Reinstall the client software.
  7. Click on "Files Chosen" and pick the files you want to restore.
  8. Try checking the full time stamp in Windows Explorer. Often times the time stamp differences are only a few seconds. For the Explorer entries you've only listed hour:minute.
  9. This is not a bug in Retrospect; if you simply drag and drop files over from the Windows Explorer, you will also get date changes often times when files are copied. The OS doesn't do a verify stage, and does not catch the errors. In a duplicate operation, any date changes caught in the compare phase are considered an error and are reported by Retrospect. You can expect some minor issues like this to arise when trying to copy from Windows to a Linux-based volume. To avoid these errors you can use our “Backup” feature rather than “Duplicate”.
  10. That log was from 6/28 - what about backups since then? Can you run an immediate backup from the GUI?
  11. You'll need to open Port 497 on your router to TCP and UDP traffic.
  12. Is this happening on all your XP clients or just specific ones?
  13. It sounds like the SQL Server Agent is not installed. Does a backup with the Enterprise Manager cause the same errors?
  14. The Read Me is a good place to start. Yes, you should upgrade.
  15. >>Why any of this should have been neccesary I do not understand. None of it should be necessary. Retrospect uses VSS in it's default state. That said, problems with VSS will cause problems in Retrospect. What caused those problems is unknown to me. Are you running x64 Vista?
  16. Problems with the RAID can cause crashing, as can problems with the backup server itself. Can you isolate either variable? Either backup to a different device or backup from a different computer for testing purposes?
  17. Look in your Event Logs for Volume Shadow Service (VSS) errors, and then check the Microsoft Knowledgebase on how to fix the errors.
  18. Excellent - thanks for the update. I found instances of SQL error 0x80070002 SQL doing a Google search, but none that matched your exact circumstances.
  19. Is there any additional error information available through the Enterprise Manger logs? Can you backup the databases through Enterprise Manager?
  20. Are you doing Full backups of the Storage Group? If you are backing up only mailboxes the Logs will not be truncated.
  21. Go to Configure > Selectors Select "All files except...." Choose Edit Note: We do not recommend actually editing the pre-configured selectors. If you'd like to make changes you should Duplicate (Ctrl-U) it first.
  22. It is not possible to transfer applications from one computer to another. You will need to use the installers that came with the applications to install them directly on the Vista computer.
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