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  1. Quote: It worked but writing at an average speed of 30Mb/sec (!!), a little slower that my four years old G4 internal drive. Obviously I meant 30Mb/min.
  2. To be more precise about it, this is the log after a fresh backup on a blank DVD: - 19-11-2005 16:17:48: Copying FulhamRoad Project on LaCie250b… 19-11-2005 16:30:02: Comparing FulhamRoad Project on LaCie250b… 19-11-2005 16:31:26: Execution completed successfully. Completed: 469 files, 386,4 MB Performance: 56,8 MB/minute (31,7 copy, 275,9 compare) Duration: 00:13:38 (00:00:03 idle/loading/preparing) The media I'm using (always used, very reliable in my experience) are DATAWRITE 8x DVD-R, grey top. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. It's true ... with the latest driver update now Retro finally see my G5Dual2.7 internal (SONY) drive. Am I happy? Not really! I've tried to append to an old backup more data and I had two kernel panic in a row. Then I decide to perform a new backup from scratch to a new blank DVD. It worked but writing at an average speed of 30Mb/sec (!!), a little slower that my four years old G4 internal drive. I can't believe it!!!
  4. Hi Nate, whatever it is (processor or OS) I've tried with latest 6.1 to configure both the internal drive and the external FW that was configurable under Panther, but all I've got are two very nasty kernel panic!! Nice isn't it? Quote: The other thing to try would be booting the machine into OSX 10.3 to see if the drive behaves differently. G5 dual 2.7 came out with 10.4 and there's no way to retro compatibility. Quote: Do you have a backup of your old machine? You could try copying the RDI files over from your Retrospect preferences folder. Ehehehe ... is it a joke? Yes I do have a backup, it's inside a nice DVD with a nice Retrospect format file in it, but you know what? I CAN'T READ IT!!! On DANTZ main wab site page they're advertising RETROSPECT FOR MAC, WITH TIGER COMPATIBILITY. BUT ... you wrote: Quote: I suspect OSX10.4 is the difference, not the processor Retrospect 6.1 still doesn't recognize a DVD drive in a machine which is already "old", it's not ready to recognize nor configure drives that appeared on market more than six months ago, and in the meantimes new Macs are already on the Apple Store. DANTZ is almost one year late on supporting us and this is not acceptable for a software that we've to pay for. No offense to anybody but RETROSPECT advertising about MAC and TIGER compatibility it's an offence to our intelligence. Please, put it on web only when it will be true, now it's a damn lie. Flame down ... phew
  5. Quote: Hi Danilo, What is the make and model of the external drive you are using as listed in configure->devices->device status in Retrospect? Thanks Nate Sorry for being so late ... The drive I could configure with my old G4 and now on my G5 Retro doesn't see it as storage device is: ID Firewire-A Vendor HL-DT-ST Product DVDRAM GSA-5163D Version A102 Driver FireWire Any Idea?
  6. Quote: Hi I understand your frustration but there are some things to keep in mind here. SNIP We would all like to have more supported devices on a faster support schedule. We continue to try to support the most popular devices as soon as posible. However, _reliable_ backups always take precident. Depending on the device that can take a while. Thanks Nate @ EMC Dantz Nate, lot of nice words, but the truth is that I've got a new machine, Retro doesn't configure neither the internal nor another external that WAS RECOGNIZED under my previous machine (G4-Panther). Therefore I can't read my backup, therefore why in the hell I did "reliable backup" if I can't restore them anymore?? Lets put it this way: I understand what keep in touch with all changes means for a software house, cos among my job I do beta test for several companies, but my machine and my drive is out since several months, 99% of the software out there works fine with it, only Retro doesn't allow me to restore my backups, and it's just unacceptable.
  7. Hi Nate, seems like I've got a fantastic superdrive i can't use at all! But I've to tell you that some fault has to be related to Retrospect cos I've got another FW superdrive I could easily configure and happily use for a couple of months with my old G4 and Retrospect 6, and now if I try to configure it on my new G5, R6 get stacked and ... "arrivederci"! Probably the R6 bug is deeper that what it looks like, not just a new apple-sony drive fault but also a conflict with G5Dual2.7-Tiger combo just to make our life easier ciao Dan
  8. Hello Nate San, thanks for answering On the configure->devices-> there's nothing shown. Here there's what I see on the configure->devices->device status: ID- ATAPI-A:0:0 Vendor- SONY Product- DVD RW DW-Q28A Version- KAS7 Driver- ATAPI The machine is a new G5Dual2.7Ghz. ciao Dan
  9. This forum feels like an outpouring zone where release frustrations but never gets any hope! I wasn't obviously expecting a 12 hours answer, but sixteen days went by since this thread started and maybe it could be nice to get an answer, any answer.
  10. I'm reading that more people are having the same trouble I'm having on configuring internal DVD writer. I personally didn't get any answer to my query after eight days, so I'm guessing that everybody is on summer holiday or the answer probably is "Sorry, Retrospect isn't compatible, thank you very much", but nobody have the time to say it. In the meantime, how can I restore my backups if no DVD writer isn't recognized nor configured?
  11. Hi everybody, I've just subscribed to this forum cos I've a big problem with Retrospect 6. Last Friday I've got a new G5 Dual 2.7, and I've started to install all my stuff in it from my old trusty G4 Dual800. After launching Retrospect I've realized that the G5 internal DVD-CD writer wasn't recognized so I've asked Retro to configure it. Inserted a DVD in it, waited more than 30 mins and realized that Retro wasn't responding anymore. Force quit (Retro- not responding in red fonts), and a nice Kernel Panic! I've repeated the above steps with the internal DVD-CD and with another external FW DVD-CD (who I had already configurated with Retrospect 6 on G4-Panther), but all I've got is a series of coloured spinning wheel, Retro not responding, force quit. Is there anybody who's happily running Retro 6 on a G5 Dual2.7 or there's a known issue with this configuration? ciao
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