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  1. Ok, that makes it clearer. Perhaps if you had an autoloader (rather than just the raw deck), things would work more smoothly. I suspect that the testing may only have been done on autoloader-equipped tape drives, because that's what most people (and we) have. Consider getting an autoloader. In combination with barcoded tapes, it will change your life. Really. It's the only way to do tape. Just fill up the autoloader and let things fly. Russ
  2. What SCSI HBA (card) are you using? Some have issues. ATTO UL5D (or UL5D Low Profile) is suggested. If so, have you updated the ATTO firmware? Some versions have issues. Have you tried running the Tandberg diagnostics? Russ
  3. What happens if you stop/start the retrospect engine after turning the drive on? A difference between Retrospect 6 and 8 is that, with Retrospect 6, nothing is running prior to launch of the program. With Retrospect 8, the Retrospect engine, which does all of the work and which talks to the drive, is running all the time. Russ
  4. A few suggestions. (1) Retrospect 6.0 was never qualified for Mac OS 10.5.8 Leopard. Update to Retrospect 6.1.230 (it's a free update). Link is here: Retrospect 6.1.230 updates Install the Retrospect Driver Update (RDU) as well. (2) You could have a corrupt set of preferences. With Retrospect quit, move the Retrospect config file to the Desktop (so Retrospect can't find it), launch Retrospect, see if it crashes. That file is: /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/Retro.Config (6.0) If that fixes it, then recreate scripts, enter license code, etc., and move on. Or, restore that file from a backup. (3) It's possible that you are being hit by the ACL bug. If you can get Retrospect to launch (see item (2), above), then, before doing anything, disable ACL backup: Configure > Preferences > OS X, check the box to "Don't back up ACLs". Yes, the text says this only applies to Intel Macs, but the text is wrong. Discussion is beyond the scope of this reply. (4) Are you sure that your wife's machine is a G5? Perhaps it's an Intel Mac and you haven't installed the Rosetta compatibility stuff (not installed by default on 10.5.x) to allow emulation of PPC code. Russ
  5. I suggest that you start over with your problem report. I don't know about others, but I can't figure out what your problem is because of all of this confusion. You initially say you are running Retrospect 8, yet you post a crash report about Retrospect 6.1 and also say that Retrospect 8 is not being used to back up your disk. Start over with a clear statement of your configuration and the problem that you are trying to solve. I don't see anything in your posts that suggests that an "update to 8.2" is causing Kernel Panics for you. Russ
  6. Doesn't it seem a bit odd that the reported application is Retrospect 6.1? (see the second line of the Crash Reporter log). Also, the Crash Reporter seems to believe that this is PPC code being executed, but your original post indicated that you've got an Intel xServe: Sure we are dealing with a full deck here? Something doesn't make sense. Russ
  7. Sorry, Robin, that's just not correct. In a perfect world, it would be right, and yes, the OS and its drivers should be more defensive and prevent this. However, just as Retrospect has numerous bugs, the Mac OS and drivers have bugs, too. Some are bad. It might be that Retrospect passes some bad parameter into a syscall that causes the disk driver to scribble all over the OS, etc., and that this particular issue never arose in testing. We live in an imperfect world. I respectfully suggest that the Retrospect dev team pay a visit to Apple and test on an Intel xServe with a Hardware RAID card, configured similarly to those customers who are seeing the kernel panic. This doesn't seem to be an isolated incident. Russ
  8. Yes. (1) The bug reporting forum here: Retrospect 8 bug reports (2) The Roxio Retrospect support request page: Roxio Retrospect support request page
  9. It would help if you provided some information as to the version of Retrospect 8 you have. I suggest updating to the recently-released Retrospect 8.2.0 (399), which has many fewer bugs than earlier versions, if that's not what you are running. Are the tapes barcoded? Also, have you tried stopping and restarting the Retrospect engine? Have you tried rebooting the machine on which Retrospect engine is running? Have you tried power cycling the LTO drive? Russ
  10. rhwalker

    Speed of backups unusably slow

    That would seem to indicate that you've got a bad cable run from your wall outlet, or perhaps that you've got some pair reversal and your switch can't do MDIX properly to your NIC. Russ
  11. Dave, It's a circuit board inside the xServe (recent Intel xServes only, such as this poster has), not a card in any PCI-X or PCI-e slot, as with the older Apple Hardware RAID card (PCI-X) for the xServe G5 (rebranded LSI Logic "Megaraid" card, with firmware bugs). This oddly-shaped circuit board replaces the similarly-shaped drive module connector board above the three drive modules, and it's a build-to-order option. See (scroll down, just below the internal picture of the xServe): Fast, powerful hardware RAID option The particular circuit board differs by Intel xServe vintage, but see, for example: Apple manual for Apple Hardware RAID, 2008 xServe The poster has provided all information possible. Sorry, I don't know the answer to this. Russ
  12. rhwalker

    Device Drivers and Locating Media

    Do you have a barcode reader? I don't know about your autoloader/magazine, but, on each power up (or tape removal/insertion into the autoloader), ours reads the barcode and always knows what tape is in what slot without moving the tape to the drive. Retrospect has this information too, and, by the barcode database, knows which tapes are in the autoloader without moving a tape to the drive. Of course, upon loading a tape, the header is verified. Russ
  13. rhwalker

    Device Drivers and Locating Media

    True Not true. That's the whole point of tape barcodes. Then perhaps your barcode database became corrupted. But that doesn't cause the second part of your statement (see above) to be true. Your problem analysis is faulty. It's been requested again and again and again for many years, back to the early versions of Retrospect and well before design (if there was any) of Retrospect 8.x began, to (1) have the configuration files be human readable/editable so that recovery is less painful when corruption occurs; (2) to split the configuration files into parts, with scripts in separate parts, filters in separate parts, preferences in a separate part, barcode database in a separate part, etc. There seems no hope that Retrospect's propensity to corrupt its configuration will ever be cured. But at least some attempt could be made to mitigate the damage. Russ
  14. Open File Backup Add-on for Windows Clients
  15. It's unclear what version of Retrospect 8 you are running. If you are not running Retrospect 8.2.399 (released earlier this week), then first update to that. Earlier versions are very buggy and not worth running. See also this bug report for the 8.2 beta, which is not listed as being fixed in the released version, with a workaround. Perhaps it will help you: LTO-3 compression Russ
  16. Chris, You haven't provided any information about your machine. Useful information would be: (1) version of Mac OS X (10.x.x) and flavor (server, non-server) (2) your hardware specifics Perhaps if you provided some information, those with similar configurations could test. Russ
  17. rhwalker

    Is 8.2 out?

    Perhaps I am one of the few who does regression testing, but just to save others some time, these are the only changes (bugfixes?) listed in the Release Notes for 8.2.399 that are not listed in the 8.2 Beta 1 and Beta 2 Release Notes: I guess that is forward progress. Dave, you can stop being sad now that 23467 has been fixed. Russ
  18. I suggest that you repost this in the Retrospect 8.1 forum. Here's the link: Retrospect 8 for Macintosh forum This is the forum for Retrospect pre-8.0 versions: You also might want to try the Retrospect 8.2 beta to see if this bug is fixed - Retrospect 8.1 is pretty buggy, and the 8.2 beta is a big improvement. Russ
  19. This may or may not be related to a bug (feature) of VXA tapes that I've seen for years. VXA drives read a header at the beginning of the tape to determine whether the tapes are VXA-2 or VXA-3 format. If blank tapes are "pre-erased" and pre-named by Retrospect as members of a particular backup set (or erased by the Exabyte/Tandberg utility with the proper settings for compression), a header will be written to indicate that the tape is compressed for VXA-3. If a tape is used out of the wrapper without this procedure, the tape will be used as VXA-2 (with the associated loss of VXA-3 compression). When the drive goes through its BOT load sequence for tapes loaded out of the autoloader, the drive looks at this header and sets an appropriate status bit as to the format of the tape (then rewinds to BOT), and Retrospect seems to respect that format bit. It's not possible to change the VXA-2 / VXA-3 format of a tape unless that initial header is overwritten. I've always treated this as a "feature" and have always pre-erased our tapes with the correct member name at the same time I barcode the tapes. The LTO drives may be doing a similar thing. Good catch, though. Russ
  20. It all depends on your version of Retrospect (you haven't provided any version information whatsoever) and your settings (again, no information provided).
  21. No, if I understand that you want to keep two copies of Retrospect running, both accessing the centralized scripts, etc. To do what you seem to want, you would need to upgrade to Retrospect 8, with the Retrospect Console running on the two computers, and the Retrospect engine running on the server. Unfortunately, there is no way to import scripts, so you will have to manually recreate the scripts and sources, etc., and you will have to convert the Retrospect 6.1 backup sets to Retrospect 8 media sets. See the Retrospect 8 Read Me for details. By the way, don't bother with the released Retrospect 8.0 or 8.1 - they are too buggy. Go directly to the Retrospect 8.2 beta. Russ
  22. rhwalker

    iOS 4 & the app?

    Make sure that port 22024 isn't blocked between the iPhone mini-console and the engine: What port does Retrospect console / iPhone app use? Russ
  23. That still won't solve the following part of your problem: Again, I suggest you check out Proactive Backup as a possible solution to your problem. See especially page 214 of the manual for a comparison with scripted backups: Retrospect 8 for Macintosh Users Guide Russ
  24. Adopting a different approach, you might be able to use Proactive Backup to do what you want, rather than using a scripted backup. See the manual. Russ
  25. Not our fault that the right equipment wasn't bought. Your statement is like saying that a PlayStation 3 was bought for the backups, and then complaining that there's not a way to use a PlayStation 3 to do what you want. Whoever specified buying a tape drive without an autoloader made a mistake. It's that simple. You have several choices: (1) buy a tape drive with an autoloader. If you can't return the existing tape drive, then sell it on eBay. (2) put the correct tape in the tape drive each day. (3) have Retrospect erase (recycle) whatever tape is in the drive, and then use that tape. Russ