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    Retro 8.2 restore from 6.x media

    Sure about that? There never was a "Retrospect 6.2". The last released version was Retrospect 6.1.230. Russ
  2. You'd have to ask an Exchange expert for how to do that with Exchange. Our mail server is unix. Basically, though, you have to get a consistent mail database in the replica. Russ
  3. No, you could replicate the mail store with the mail services stopped, restart the mail service, and then back up the replicated mail store. That way, the mail service only stays down for a second or two. That's what we have done for years. Another way, which we also have done, is to have the mail store go to a RAID 1 mirror. Stop the mail service, split the mirror, restart the mail service, back up the split mirror disk, then add the mirror back to the RAID 1 so that it can rebuild in the background. That's what we do (RAID 1 mirror split) prior to a software update on our server so that we could fall back to the split mirror if things go badly. The mirror split happens in an instant, and preserves a perfect copy. Russ
  4. rhwalker

    Retrospect 7.7 Stops with No Warning

    Bob, Complaining here does no good because this is a user-to-user support forum. I suggest that you contact Retrospect support. Here is the link: Contact Retrospect tech support As for screen shot attachments, see this link here for the magic dance: Forum Attachment Rules Change However, the email link for the forum admin is out of date in that thread. Here's the correct link (at least as of today): Contact Forum Admin Russ
  5. Ok, then you've got two possibilities. (1) Your AppleScript installation is bad; or (2) Your compiled REH is bad. I've seen instances (search these forums) where a compiled REH ported cross-platform (PPC to Intel) caused issues and crashing (seems to be some sort of byte order issue), but I'm not sure I have seen what you are seeing. Try this (with Retrospect quit): It may be an issue with which REH you are using, especially because some things changed from Tiger to Leopard. The only REH worth using (in my opinion) is the Python version, because Python is fairly stable between OS releases. Put the "macmail.py" file, unedited, in the /Library/Preferences/Retrospect folder, copy the "Retrospect Event Handler" for Python into that same folder, edit as needed using Apple Script Editor. Here are the steps for saving the REH (I have written them down because I always forget them), and it's a magic dance: save as application, stay open, never show startup screen. Then delete the ".app" extension on the saved file because Retrospect expects the script to be named EXACTLY as "Retrospect Event Handler". Sigh. If you don't care about email notifications, and if you don't have a heavily-hacked REH as we do for Retrospect 6.x (to start / stop server services, etc., for checkpointing before backup), then you don't need REH. It may be that there is some issue with the REH AppleScript interface on Leopard. If so, save (compile) the REH on a Tiger machine (or boot your machine into Tiger, compile, etc.), then copy it over to your Leopard machine. Hope this helps. Russ
  6. rhwalker

    Moving Retrospect backup set

    It might help us understand the issue if you provided a screenshot. If you have difficulty attaching a screenshot, you might need to do the magic dance: Forum Attachment Rules Change However, that might be a bit difficult now since, due to sale of Retrospect to Roxio, the Forum Admin's email is not reachable by the email address given in that post. I suggest you use the "Contact Forum Admin" link under the "Help" navigation bar at the top of the forum windows. Russ
  7. Retrospect 8 is still quite fragile. After almost two years of "releases", it's now a usable beta but still isn't as stable as Retrospect 6.1 for a configuration such as yours. It's a completely new code base, and is still undergoing growing pains. Retrospect 8 will be VERY SLOW on a PPC. VERY SLOW. And there are still some issues that are specific to the PPC platform. Your crashing problem should be able to be solved, and the steps I gave upthread should be sufficient to solve the crashing. Are you using the Applescript "Retrospect Event Handler"? While it should work, that might be an issue. What about trying without the RDU? Just attempting to isolate the problem. Hmmm... I wonder if you have some corrupt updates in your system. I've never heard of this problem of only launching once after a restart and then crashing on successive launches. Russ
  8. If you took the time to read the (hijack) poster's configuration, he is running Retrospect 6.1.230, not Retrospect 6.0. Discussion of Retrospect 6.0 is irrelevant to this poster's issues. Retrospect 6.1.230 is qualified for MacOS 10.5.8. It is not, however, qualified for any version of 10.6.x. Russ
  9. rhwalker

    error -1124 ( invalid NTFS data)

    What filesystem is on the RAID volume?
  10. Richard, Respectfully, I disagree with Daniels, and I believe that Retrospect 6.1.230 IS qualified to run on your configuration: While your amount of RAM is a bit low for a dual-processor PPC G5, it shouldn't crash on launch. Are you sure you exactly followed the instructions I gave upthread? If so, then it would be instructive to attach another disk drive, install Mac OS 10.5.8 on that (as a clean install, with Software Updates) with a clean install of Retrospect 6.1.230 and RDU, boot from that, and see what happens there. Russ
  11. Thanks for the info. Is Retrospect unique in this regard? Because when I compress one of these files to ZIP or RAR format' date=' its size decreases (only slightly, but at least it doesn't increase!).[/quote'] No. Lossless compression isn't magic. If it were, then you could "compress" the same file multiple times until the file was only 1 bit long. If both the sender and the receiver of the compressed data only had to choose between one of two 100 GB files, then one bit would be enough to pass that information. In practice, though, the size of a "best algorithm" compression is the entropy of the data. It's all a matter of the characteristics of the data and the compression algorithm. The goal of compression is simply to eliminate redundancy. You might want to research compression algorithms a bit. Wikipedia is a good place to start for basic information. Russ
  12. rhwalker

    Reinstalling Retrospect 8

    See page 238 ("Moving Retrospect") of the Retrospect 8 Users Guide Russ
  13. Indeed. And a G5 Mac cannot and never will run Snow Leopard (Mac OS 10.6.x). See the Snow Leopard Technical Specifications: Russ
  14. Ok, sorry. It wasn't clear to me whether you were using Retrospect client or Retrospect (non-client), and I was just looking at the old .dmg file names on our backup tapes. Seems that this .dmg (or at least the copy on our backup tapes from October 2008) has .rcu files for Client 6.1.130 and 6.2.234. I didn't recall that older client version on the .dmg from before. Doesn't appear to "work" now. Did this same 6.1.130 client version not have this -1011 error before? I agree that you seem to have gotten the necessary bits to do an uninstall. This happens when a client crashes while doing a backup. The "reserved" part is that a lockfile has been set indicating that a backup is in progress. The point of the lockfile is to prevent other Retrospect servers from backing up this same client until the backup has finished with the current Retrospect server. The cleanup on reboot is not, shall we say, robust. There's an article in the KB about recovering from this. Ok, your only solution (of which I am aware) to track down the problem is the subvolume approach I mentioned upthread. It's painful to do a binary search on the filesystem tree to figure out what is wrong. I've never seen that, myself. Sorry I can't be of more help. My suggestion would be to use the subvolume approach to narrow down where the problem is. Russ
  15. There seems to be a bit of confusion as to what you did, at least in my mind. (1) You say that "it had been working fine" until you installed the "6.3 client". Presumably this was some (still unspecified) version of 6.3.x client (the current version is 6.3.029). (a) Why did you install Retrospect client 6.3.x? Was this computer being backed up from Retrospect running on some server somewhere? (2) When you "removed 6.3", how did you do this? The Retrospect client has gone through several iterations, with different architecture, program components, etc. (3) When you "put 6.1.130 back on it" - Are you talking about Retrospect client 6.1.130 ? I don't believe that there was ever such a version. If you are talking about Retrospect itself being installed on this computer, see question (1)(a) above. I don't believe that there was ever a version of Retrospect 6.1.130. Could you please check your facts and explain what you did? We first tried renaming the hard drive from "Macintosh HD" to just "HDD", thinking maybe the space was causing trouble. Nope, that wouldn't cause this problem. Many problems could cause this. First, you are trying to run some unknown version of Retrospect (Retrospect client? Retrospect itself?) Second, you are trying to run on a very old (unknown) version of Mac OS 10.2. You may have a Retrospect version that doesn't work on that old of Mac OS X. Assuming that you can get a version of Retrospect correctly installed, if it is a particular file that is causing the problem, the way to troubleshoot would be to define "Subvolumes" in Retrospect, defining them as root level folders, then back up each subvolume, see which one fails. Then redefine the subvolume deeper in the filesystem tree, see where it fails, etc. It's a tedious search. I assume, of course, that you have run Disk Utility to eliminate filesystem problems. Good luck. Russ
  16. rhwalker

    Window resizing

    You do realize that this is a user-to-user support forum, don't you? None of us users have anything to do with fixing bugs. We just report them. Sometimes, after a great long time, they get fixed. No bug I have reported in the last fifteen years has ever been fixed. Perhaps you will be lucky. I suggest you read the Retrospect Forum Rules/Terms of Use: The forum rules article is a bit out of date, and references EMC. I updated the tech support contact link in the quoted text above. Russ
  17. Sadly, no. From the Roxio Retrospect 8.2 Read Me: Russ
  18. Yep. I've been making that same point for almost two years, now, ever since it was announced. Russ
  19. rhwalker

    Date Accessed Rule Not Working

    see the terminal "mdls" command. man mdls
  20. rhwalker

    Exclude documents

    Understand that, by Retrospect's design, the filesystem recursive tree walk is done first, with the list of files being supplied to the filter (selector). So, for example, if you crafted the selector to only choose a single directory for backup, every file in every directory on the entire volume would be examined as a candidate, with just the chosen files for backup being backed up. The only way to avoid scanning the entire volume is to define Retrospect "subvolumes", and then only that "subvolume" will be examined. It's non-intuitive to new users, who expect only the chosen directories to be scanned. That's the way the program is designed. Russ
  21. rhwalker

    define location for rebuilt catalogs

    As a workaround, consider an alias in an easily located place (such as on the desktop) to the complex path. Russ
  22. rhwalker

    Ok...how long do we have to wait?

    8.2 is still unchanged on this point. Take the time to read the Roxio Retrospect 8.2 Read Me: Enjoy. Don't be impatient - Retrospect 8 was only announced almost two years ago. Russ
  23. I'm sure that they spent as much on your time tracking this (and other issues) down as would have been spent on an autoloader. Russ