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    HP MSL 6000 tape library

    I believe that you need the Advanced Tape Support add-on because of the multiple drives. Here is the link: Retrospect add-ons
  2. rhwalker

    DVD visible but blanks aren't Seen

    I believe that if you hold down the "control" key (or right click, if you have a two-button mouse) while clicking on the RetrospectEngine bundle you get a Finder option to "show package contents". Then follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article. Russ
  3. No, but to do so you need to purchase the Retrospect Open File add-on. Details are here: Retrospect add-ons Russ
  4. See pages 14 and 15 of the Retrospect 8 Getting Started Guide for installation instructions. You need to install the Retrospect engine (the program that does the backup, etc.) and the Retrospect console (the user interface). Because you are only working with a single computer, you would install both the engine and the console on that single computer. Everywhere you see a reference to Retrospect server, think "Retrospect engine". Here is a link to the Getting Started Guide: Retrospect 8 for Macintosh Getting Started Guide For your situation, DO NOT install the Retrospect Client. To do so would be a mistake. Russ
  5. It's still there, but without a link. Here is the link: Retrospect Client for Macintosh 6.3.027 Unknown whether you need that or not. I think that the new install method (and changes to the client) began with Retrospect Client 6.3.x. There have never been (that I am aware of) any release notes for any of the Retrospect 8 Macintosh Clients, so none of us users have a clue what the differences are between the various versions, what bugs were fixed, what versions of Retrospect Client are compatible with what versions of Retrospect, etc. All of that will change now that Retrospect has been sold to Roxio. We hope. Good luck, Russ
  6. You will know whether or not you have gotten all of the pieces if the error message stops. Also, note that the above (correct, as of the date of this post) discussion is different from the explicit uninstall instructions given on page 82 of the Retrospect 8 for Macintosh Users Guide: In a perfect world, the documentation would be correct. Let's be thankful that a Users Guide now exists, and it is very helpful and is mostly right. It would be nice if the uninstaller script was made a part of the Retrospect Client download package, but that's not the way things are right now. Hope this helps, report back whether this cures your problem. Russ
  7. Ok, then you may have complicated the situation. See the discussion above about needing the uninstaller for the particular installed version. Again, I don't recall off the top of my head whether Retrospect client 6.3.027 had the uninstaller option as a menu choice. I know that 6.3.028 doesn't, and needs the unofficial uninstall script. Again, see the linked thread above, and read that thread from the beginning in order to understand the issues and see where the uninstall menu choice is for some versions. So, your steps to uninstall would be: (1) run the Retrospect Client 6.3.027 install program. If it has an uninstall menu choice, run that uninstall option to uninstall tidbits from the prior Retrospect Client 6.3.027 installation. If not, then step (2), below, will uninstall everything. (2) Now run the unofficial Retrospect Client uninstaller script to uninstall Retrospect Client 6.3.028 that you installed today. That should cure the problem. Now do you have a better insight as to why your version numbers were needed? Isn't this a support nightmare? Of course, all of this chaos will now become orderly now that the Retrospect product line has been sold to Roxio. We hope. Russ
  8. Ok, then your problem is just as I suspected. Briefly, as explained in the Getting Started guide and Retrospect User Guide, there are three parts to the Retrospect suite, and one of them (Retrospect Client) is optional, and is used only when one computer (running Retrospect engine) backs up other computers (Retrospect clients) on your network (typically, a LAN). Retrospect engine does the real work, and is the Retrospect program proper. In some manner, depending on your specifics, it gets the data from one or more sources (perhaps on the same computer as Retrospect engine, perhaps on a Retrospect client) and writes the data to the destination media set (really, a Retrospect database). Retrospect console is the GUI, and can be run on the same computer running Retrospect engine, or on some other computer, or even on an iPhone (presently, the iPhone app doesn't have all of the console features, and is, pretty much, just a monitor). Retrospect client is a program that can run on other computers (but not on the Retrospect engine computer), and reads source volumes on the client computer and passes that data to Retrospect engine. The client and engine chat back and forth to accomplish the backup job (and restore, to the client). If I understand what you are saying, you only have one iMac computer running Retrospect 8.1.626, and the engine and Retrospect console are installed on that same computer, and you back up from some unknown source (perhaps one or more volumes on that iMac) to a hard drive destination on that iMac. If that is correct, then you should not have installed Retrospect client. Retrospect client is putting up that error message because it has never been contacted by a Retrospect engine to do a backup. Your Retrospect engine is doing the backup of locally-attached sources, and the client is not needed. Now for the interesting part - how to uninstall the client. The more recent Retrospect clients (and I believe that Retrospect Client 6.3.027 is in this group; Retrospect Client 6.3.028 is the current "latest" version, and I know that it IS in this group) don't have an uninstaller. Earlier versions had a menu choice when you ran the installer that would uninstall the program. Also, because of differences in what pieces were installed, their names, etc., you need to use the uninstaller for the same version that you installed. Isn't this a support nightmare? As for the more recent versions, as noted above, there is no released uninstaller, but there is an unofficial uninstaller script that will do the job. Curiously, this unofficial uninstaller script has only been posted to the Retrospect Windows forum, in an obscure thread. Go figure. Here is the link: Unofficial Retrospect Mac Client uninstall script Read that thread from the start to understand the various issues. Russ
  9. Could you please explain a bit about your setup? Specifically, you indicate that you have Retrospect 8 for Mac ("latest version"). That's not helpful version information. We frequently see postings in these forums where the poster insists that he/she has the "latest" version, but does not. Also, months from now, when version updates have occurred (don't we wish), "latest version" will be useless to someone trying to troubleshoot their problem by searching these forums. Please provide the version (8.x.x.x) of Retrospect engine and also the version (8.x.x) of Retrospect console that you have installed. Additionally, you don't say whether you are using Retrospect to back up a Retrospect Client machine, or whether the machine on which you are seeing this error is the Retrospect engine machine or, instead, the Retrospect client. If this message is appearing on the Retrospect client, please provide the version of Retrospect client (8.x.x). If this error is appearing on the machine running the Retrospect engine, I suspect that you may have (in error) installed Retrospect client on that machine. If so, that's the problem, and you need to uninstall Retrospect client on the Retrospect engine machine. Russ
  10. That's different from my experience with Retrospect tech support over the past 18 or so years, which I have found to be excellent. However, I've only had contact with the US group, not the group in your corner of the world. You can also get useless information in these forums as well. You might want to try the U.S. support group. Yes, but "Retrospect" is not saying when. It will be out when it is ready. See: Retrospect 8.2 beta expected real soon now, but we aren't saying when. Um, yes. That's the whole point of a beta, to expand the testing base beyond the internal testbeds. It all depends on whether your drive is internally terminated. Some are, and some aren't. You might want to call the tech support for your drive and ask for clarification. Because you haven't provided exact specifics of which Tandberg Ultrium LTO-4 drive you have (internal? external? half-height? full height?), it's not possible to answer your question definitively. However, a SCSI LVD chain (and the Tandberg drives are LVD) does require termination at each end. Your ATTO UL4S HBA card terminates one end, but the other end needs to be terminated as well. The Tandberg LTO-4 Half-Height external drive Quick Start guide indicates that the drive has active termination, which is supposed to sense when the SCSI chain is unterminated at the drive and enable the terminator. Tandberg External Half-Height LTO Tape Drives - Quick Start Guide It's also possible that the active termination sensing circuitry is not working correctly, or that you have cabling issues, which would manifest the same symptoms as incorrect termination. You may want to try another LVD cable. I suggest the ones from Cables-to-Go, which have always been reasonably priced and have worked well for us. Here is the link: Cables to Go Russ
  11. rhwalker

    Exporting Scripts

    There is no way to export scripts, and never has been. It's been requested for many, many, many years. However, you can move Retrospect to a new computer, which is what you seem to want to do. See page 238 ("Moving Retrospect") of the Retrospect 8 for Macintosh Users Guide. The link is here: Retrospect documentation Russ
  12. Daniels is right on, here. While you really should have done this before you upgraded to Retrospect 8.1, you might now want to step back and read the "Retrospect 8.1 Read Me". Here is the link: Retrospect 8.1 Read Me As Daniels mentions, a beta release of Retrospect 8.2 is expected later this quarter century ("real soon, now"), and is rumored to be able to read Retrospect 6.x backup sets. I suggest that you just wait. If you need to retrieve files from the Retrospect 6.x backup set, then you need to reinstall Retrospect 6.x (if you have uninstalled it) to retrieve files from those older backup sets. Make sure that you disable the Retrospect 8 engine (use the preference pane, f/k/a/ control panel, to do this) when running Retrospect 6 or else you may run into problems, and, likewise, quit Retrospect 6 before restarting the Retrospect 8 engine. Russ
  13. Jorman, you (or your management) may be overly constraining the problem such that there is no solution. You might as well wish for a pony. If you stick to Retrospect 6.1, (1) you have an unsupported product in an unsupported configuration. (2) Retrospect 6.1 knows nothing about the substantial changes that were made for Snow Leopard, and so cannot backup (and correctly restore) an operational system. (3) Retrospect 6.1, when run on an Intel architecture Macintosh, is a Carbon API program running under the Rosetta emulator. There are many, many known bugs and issues with Carbon on Rosetta, and Apple has refused to address them, perhaps to encourage developers to move their code to the Cocoa API. This has been well-discussed in these forums, and I won't repeat that discussion here, but, suffice it to say, it's a creaking house of cards. The Retrospect group did move on to a new code base, and has abandoned the Retrospect 6.1 code base. I wouldn't trust my firm's data to Retrospect 6.1 running on Snow Leopard. We are waiting for a stable and functional Retrospect 8.x before upgrading our computers. We'd rather run slow and reliably than fast and lose data. It would be negligence, in my opinion, if I did what you are attempting to do. To me, item (1) alone is enough reason to do the upgrade (providing that Retrospect 8 is stable enough for production use). My data is valuable. Apparently your state's data is not. Right now, in my opinion, Retrospect 8 does not have the necessary level of stability for production use, but I am hopeful that the upcoming bugfix release will be at that level. The Retrospect group finally seems to be doing a release right, and I believe that they have put a great amount of effort into making this upcoming release worthy of trusting my data to it (after, of course, a rigorous shakeout using an isolated testbed, and testing for our configuration). Russ
  14. My advice would be to go with Retrospect 8.2, once the big bugfix update arrives. If your data isn't worth the price of a Retrospect upgrade to support the current Mac OS, then your data isn't worth backing up. A backup strategy is part of the cost of doing business with computers. I believe, if you look objectively at the cost of your time to investigate this and to deal with lost data and lost time spent dealing with unbootable computers, you would find that the Retrospect 8 upgrade makes business sense. If you are insistent on running Retrospect 6.1, then stick with Macintosh 10.5.x and below. Those are my suggestions. Russ
  15. rhwalker

    Retrospect sold to Roxio...

    You might want to put your "signature" on the list, too. Don't forget to move over the dantz.com and retrospect.com domain names. Just make it part of the beta bug reporting process to report lingering EMC tidbits. The Retrospect community has been pretty good about reporting bugs thus far. Russ
  16. Yes. The .bak config file is just a renamed .dat config file. If the .dat file is corrupt and Retrospect creates a new .dat file, then the .bak file (renamed corrupt .dat file) will be corrupt. Basically, you get one chance to figure out that the settings are corrupt. There are two ways to recover. (1) start over (new .dat and .bak file), re-enter license information, use that minimally-configured Retrospect to restore a good config file from your backups (from before it became corrupt); or (2) if you are separately saving the config files, whether by copying them off, or whatever, then restore one of those. This corruption of config files has been occurring for years and years on both the Mac and Windows version, and the programmers haven't seemed to be able to figure out the cause. Long-time Retrospect users have learned to just periodically save away copies of the config file. Russ
  17. rhwalker

    Tape name not being updated

    It may be that a console display refresh triggers the engine to obtain the status of devices, which might mitigate the bug but still doesn't eliminate it. But the bug is still at the engine. Russ
  18. rhwalker

    Tape name not being updated

    As noted above, that's a bug. But the problem is at the engine, not the console. Again, you have a profound misunderstanding of the program's operation. The console sends user actions to the engine. The engine parses those user actions and causes commands to be sent to devices, depending on the type of media set. The console refreshes its display based on information from the engine. There is no communication path from the console to any devices. Ask yourself: Do you install the Retrospect Driver Update on the console computer or on the engine computer? Again, you have a profound misunderstanding of the program. See above. I suggest you read the "Retrospect 8 Getting Started Guide", especially page 4. Everything that the console can do can be done on an iPhone, and that's why it was so easy to do the Retrospect iPhone app. The console is simply a Graphical User Interface ("GUI"). That's all. Retrospect is the engine. It may just be that you are unfamiliar with modern computer program design, and factoring an application into GUI and operational modules. Russ
  19. rhwalker

    Roxio Retrospect?

    retro-talk mailing list Much higher level, in general, of expertise than these forums. Few novices. Russ
  20. rhwalker

    Tape name not being updated

    Then that's a bug. Yes, but whether the console is running is a "red herring". A better statement of your test is that you swapped tapes using the tape drive's front console (or some autoloader administration utility) rather than doing so from Retrospect. That's an entirely different issue from the issue of the original poster. You seem to want tape drive status change updates to automatically appear in the log. That might be a nice feature (or perhaps a debugging aid), but it has nothing to do with the original poster's problem, which relates to Retrospect (engine) knowing what tape is in the drive. Many (most) tape drives (ours does) has a bit that gets set in the drive status when things change. You seem to have a profound misunderstanding of how the program works, and of computer design in general. The console is just a GUI. And how do you expect the console, located across the world or even another subset, to "talk to the backup device"? Perhaps by telepathy? Russ
  21. Why not use automatic grooming to take out the old, unneeded backups? Russ
  22. It should be named "Retrospect 6.1 Driver Update" and it goes in the same folder as the Retrospect application. I've never done "unplacking", so it's unclear what you did there. You will know that the RDU is installed properly if Retrospect announces the RDU version in the Retrospect log when it starts. Check that to see if you have installed it correctly. Here is a link to the installation instructions: How do I install the Retrospect Driver Update on Mac OS X? It may not matter if things are back to normal, but here is the information that I requested above in order to answer your original inquiry and which you still have not provided: Can't answer your "upgrade" question unless we know whether Mac OS X Server or, instead, Mac OS X non-server, is running on each of the PPC machines. Required Retrospect licenses differ depending on whether Mac OS X Server is running, and how many of the Retrospect and Retrospect clients are running Mac OS X Server. This question may be moot because, contrary to your original post, you seem to have "updated" to Retrospect 6.1.230 from Retrospect 6.0.204, instead of "upgrading" to Retrosepct 8. Because you have never told us any of the specifics (Mac model, speed, etc.) of the two PPC machines, this question hasn't been answered. But, again, the answers to these two questions are probably moot because you now have things running again. See how much easier (and faster) it would have been for us to help you if you had provided complete specifics in your first post, rather than having to try to drag it out of you, piece by piece? Russ
  23. rhwalker

    Tape name not being updated

    Nope. Steps 1 and 5 are irrelevant. You've got the wrong model for the design. Retrospect is the engine. The console is just a GUI (there can be many consoles), without any real intelligence. Think "iPhone app" for the console. The engine has the intelligence (don't we wish). Russ
  24. rhwalker

    creating a file media set

    Did you see the discussion on page 30 of the User Guide? Dave is right. You must have just missed this discussion. Admittedly, the GUI would be more clear if it instead asked where you wanted to store the File Media Set. Russ
  25. rhwalker

    Whats causing these errors?

    That's a useful bit of information. You might want to try a regression test from a (spare drive) clean install of 10.5.x without that update. Or wait for the Retrospect big bugfix update ("real soon, now"). Russ