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  1. Yeah -- that comes up often. You can't schedule a start time that's earlier than the current time of the day you have selected on the calendar.
  2. What if you clicked the start date to be on Friday and not Thursday?
  3. Engineering has never publicly stated how many people work on the product. Though it appears from watching things that they alternate working on the Mac and Windows products accordingly and don't do simultaneous work on the platforms. (This is just a guess...) With the recent Windows product update, I'd hope this means they'll be turning their attention back to the Mac product soon.
  4. Well, this would depend on your user base and what they are doing and storing within their User account(s). Remember: Backing up only "desktop" and "documents" leaves out their "Library" folder -- so all of their personal app preferences, their bookmarks, their e-mail (possibly?) would be scanned if you just scanned "Users" instead of the 2 Favorite Folders per account. Would it take less time to scan everything, then match the rule vs. scanning two separate favorite folders? It's hard to say -- that would be entirely dependent upon how many files are in all the other directories. However, if I were to guess: If it's a computer with *one* user account -- scanning the "Users" folder by itself would probably be faster. If it's a computer with many multiple user accounts, scanning two favorite folders per account *might* be faster. YMMV. Really, it all depends on how many files are in all the other folders. If each user has 50,000 music files in iTunes, you have to scan those (and match against those) so that'll add time.
  5. Except that assumes that's where users put all their movies/music. I don't put everything in iTunes, so that wouldn't catch my stuff.
  6. Well, no -- it would just be faster that way. What you'd have to do in this case (probably) would be to mark the "Users" folder as a Favorite Folder, then the "include" section would contain something like: Any of the following is true: Folder name is Desktop Folder name is Documents Then the exclude section would contain what I specified above. This would take a bit longer to run because it would need to scan the entire Users folder, but that's probably what you'd need to do. (It may or may not be faster to run to mark each user's "documents" and "desktop" folder as a FF, but I can't answer that for you without knowing how many clients you have per computer, etc...)
  7. First: for each client, add the user's "Desktop" and "Documents" folders as "Favorite Folders" and only put those two folders in your script (or "Tag" them and just put the Tag in your script to be easier.) This will save you from having to scan folders you don't intend to back up. Then, your rule only has to focus on the music and video files (ignore the user's "Music" directory -- because you aren't backing up their entire "user" directory...) So, you'd make an exclusion rule that would have lines like: Any of the following are true: file name ends with .mp3 file name ends with .m4a file name ends with .wma file name ends with .wav file name ends with .ogg file name ends with .avi file name ends with .mov file name ends with .divx file name ends with .mkv file name ends with etc... And then be sure to test it. What this *won't* catch is a music/video file that doesn't have an extension on the name of the file, but this should catch the majority of stuff, I would think...
  8. I checked recently about this and told there was still no ETA for this fix. By all means, though, report this via technical support -- IMO, engineering needs to prioritize this bug above all others as it's clearly 100% reproducible with all 10.6 clients.
  9. Or you could search for the file name and then pick the correct file from the Preview that should show you all the files with that name (that's how I approach this when it comes up...)
  10. And -- is the client *logged in* when you try to back it up? There's a known issue with Mac OSX 10.6 and the Retrospect client whereby you won't be able to backup the client if it's *at the login screen* after you log in/log out *twice* after restarting. A reboot of the computer (to the login screen is fine) -- or logging in to the client is a temporary fix. But the problem will reoccur if you log in/log out twice and leave it at the login screen again... There still hasn't been any movement on this bug for ages, unfortunately.
  11. Are you able to remove/readd the client as a Source? I'm wondering if this is a firewall issue...
  12. Post a screen shot of the rule you are using. We might be able to help debug this if we can see the logic.
  13. And you are only getting this truncation when you use an account that runs from a network home directory? If so, make sure you indicate that clearly in your bug report to Apple (I have no way of testing that here...)
  14. Hmm... When I do your steps, I only get these: -rw-r--r-- 1 maser admin 8787 Jan 26 13:47 http:%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Fsearch?client=safari&rls=en&q=sferra+bros+giorgio&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8.webhistory -rw-r--r-- 1 maser admin 15428 Jan 26 13:48 http:%2F%2Fwww.sportslinkup.com%2Fshop%2F0-Sferra-king-7.html.webhistory -rw-r--r-- 1 maser admin 303 Jan 26 13:48 http:%2F%2Fcgi.ebay.com%2FNIP-Sferra-Giorgio-Sham-King-Slate-2-Available-%2F360333675529?pt=US_Pillow_Shams&hash=item53e58f8c09&x=28&y=6.webhistory Nothing was truncated on my end in my "history" folder (but, as you say, I don't have a network home directory...) What do you see and what's the path name of the enclosing folder?
  15. I might suggest copying all the data off the disk and reformatting it. If you have to keep repairing it, something else may be wrong with it.
  16. I reported this as a bug and it's now in their bug-tracking system (which means engineering can reproduce it...) But, as a workaround, either ignore the problem or use the "all files except cache files" rule (which is what I do...) As for how to report bugs to Apple: http://bugreporter.apple.com It's free to submit bugs to Apple -- you just have to sign up to do so. If you can reproduce the problem ("Safari creating files longer than 255 characters"), that'll make it easier for the developers to fix. Is there a specific web site you visit that's generating the greater-than-255-character file names? I checked my history folder and nothing in there comes close...
  17. I tried something similar and the Finder would not allow me to create a file with a name larger than 255 characters (basically 251 characters ending with ".txt" However, for the file I created that is 255 characters, I see the same problem -- the log lists the problem file as being "<251characters>.tx". If I remove one letter from the file name -- then the file backs up. I'll see if I can get this added as a bug report. The better question is why does an application need a 255 character file name?
  18. So, the screenshot is from browsing the "zero files" backup of "/Volumes/Staffing"? What does the log say for that backup?
  19. I'm confused by your explanation. You say "1 full backup", and then you say you "click on one of the backups that was complete". I'm not trying to be difficult -- but I don't understand what you are doing. Maybe start with a new media set and document your steps? I just made a new disk media set, made a "favorite folder" from one of my hard disk folders on my desktop and backed it up. And everything worked as expected (files copied - 177, bytes copied 76.8M), etc... are listed in the Past Backups for this new media set. Maybe post some screen shots?
  20. There are a lot of different ways to answer this question -- because you don't say much about the "different server" and what OS is running on it and how you are determining the size of that folder. And you say the folder is "100mb", but the reported backups size is anywhere from "200mb to 800mb short". Which doesn't add up. ;-)
  21. I'm making some assumptions that you've only done *one* backup to this media set? (the "full backup"?) What if you quit/restart the engine and the restart the console? Do you get any different information? And does the Media Set window indicate the Media Set has files in it?
  22. I just tried this -- I removed my ~/Library/Caches/Metadata/Safari/History" directory (which had about 6-10 files in it), then launched Safari and that directory was *not* recreated. Not sure what that means, but I'd pile on Dave's request to run OnyX (or at least Snow Leopard Cache Cleaner) and see if that makes any difference.
  23. I have many Past Backups that show 0 files backed up -- because I do a daily backup of a favorite folder that only has infrequent changes to it. So, "0" backups is possible. Do you have logs indicating that files were backed up where the Past Backups are saying zero?
  24. Because I'm curious... Where is the truncation? Only in the log? What if you move the file in question (or a copy of the file) to the root level of the drive (or a new subfolder on the root level?) if you do another backup? Do you get a "file not found" and the name of copy the file still get truncated (meaning is the truncation a function of the path length -- which would clearly be a bug -- but maybe only in the log...) If so... Does a "Preview" of the file in question have any truncation? Or if you *can* backup the file, does it restore properly?
  25. Retrospect has three phases (if you use the default settings) 1) The "Scanning/Matching" phase 2) The actual "backup" phase 3) The "verification" phase. If the files were there in phase 1, but not in phase 2 (or phase 3) -- you'll get those "files not found" error messages. That's normal behavior (but, admittedly probably not as clear in the log...)
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