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  1. if the engine isn't starting, I would remove the config80.dat and config80.bak files from the Application Support directory and replace them from your backup from a couple of days ago to see if the engine starts with those.
  2. What I remember (from posting the bug report) is that *eventually* the restore wizard will work and you can select things. The problem is that if you have other concurrent activities running, the restore wizard (I think) has to wait until that activity is done. So, a workaround for a restore would be to stop/start the engine and then pause all scripts so you can do the restore. Then resume all scripts after you get the restore finished. However, Retrospect has tweeted earlier today that a maintenance update for Mac v9.0 is "pending sign-off", so maybe "9.0.1" will be out in the next day or so...
  3. The "selecting restore beachballs" is a known issue that should likely be fixed in the first update to Retrospect 9 (whenever that comes out ... hopefully very soon now...) From what I remember about this (I remember reporting it), it's a problem with large media sets created in V8. Media sets created in V9 were not showing this issue -- but it might be more of a "large" media set issue than a V8-created issue...) The "can't restore when locked" behavior, though, is there with v8 as well. I've always had to unlock the media set before attempting a manual restore (though that's a good feature request if you want to submit it...)
  4. If the engine is busy (for whatever reason), it can take up to 10 minutes to stop the engine with the System Preference. I would strongly encourage you to avoid force quitting the engine as that can lead to corrupting the config80.dat file.
  5. IIRC, if these were clients installed *before* you upgraded to Retrospect 9, you have to remove and read the clients to the Source list to activate that. Also, in the Console preferences, you have to go to the Clients preference and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked, too.
  6. I'm posting what waves figured out what his problem in case it helps anybody else (I don't run a VPN device like he does here, but it sounds like it ended up being a network problem of some sort...) As your process matches what I was doing, I concluded that definitely something was at fault on my office network. Office has 5 computers all running 10.7.2 , only 4 of them are clients: SO NEVER added more than 4 clients. Cisco security router WRVS4400N, Gateway mode, IPV4 Only, DHCP set to distribute IP range x.100 to x.150 Main iMac running Engine + Console has STATIC IP xxx.10, as 2 printers x.200, x.201, UPS x.15 and NAS x. 20 The 4 clients are Dynamic DHCP but their IP never change, I checked many time. x.100, x.101,x.102, x.108 Reviewing all the set up on the Cisco, I found the whole issue was caused by a VPN tunnel I had tested and left active on the cisco before upgrading to V9, (See Screen Shot) (maser: screen shot indicated he had an IPSec VPN Tunnel enabled on his router) Disabling the VPN resolved the retrospect client access with the console closed. - Why the VPN is preventing retrospect to run properly with the console Closed remains a mistery ?
  7. As I don't see this problem with a multi-server license code, I'm at a loss to suggest what is different (and the "trial" page does not give you an option to download any other variation of a "server" code, so I can't try this on my system...) waves -- are you also adding clients with public keys? Also, in your last test with the clean install 10.7.2 -- were you still using the demo multi-server license code or your existing license code? If your existing code, is there no difference with the demo multi-server code you got? It's entirely possible that this is related to what features are activated with the non-multi-server codes, but that seems like a huge bug if that's the case. One other thing to try, though -- to see if it's a *client* issue vs strictly a console issue: What if you set up a test proactive script to back up a Favorite Folder *on the engine machine*? Does that Proactive script work if the console is closed? (And only use the console *on the engine machine* -- remove using the console on another Mac for this test...)
  8. How many files were in the media set when you groomed it? (And, yes, it would be great if Retrospect was a multi-core aware app, wouldn't it? That would be well worth an upgrade price...)
  9. I can not reproduce this on my end. It just works. Do you have a "clean install" 10.7.2 machine anywhere that you could install the engine on? Because Retrospect doesn't do license checking, what if you install the engine on *two* machines and add the same client to both machines? If you back up that client (console open) on one, what happens if you try to backup the same client on the second engine machine right after (console open)?
  10. Yes -- 10.7.2 here with the multi-server code. How are you adding your clients? By browsing? Or by hostname? Do you have any different behavior with the proactive scripts running with console closed if you start with a clean config80.dat and the multi-server code?
  11. http://www.retrospect.com/products/mac/try The first link will get you a 30-day (I think) code for a multi-server/unlimited clients version sent to you in e-mail. I can't send you my code as the trial code I had has long since expired (and I'm not sure you can reuse them.) One other question (not that I think it matters): Are you running the console from an account that is an "administrator" account or a "standard" account?
  12. Can you download a trial version of the multi-server code and see if that makes any difference? (I only have the multi-server code to test against...) In "console closed" mode -- can you describe a bit more? Meaning if your scripts are set to run at 11 pm -- what is the engine machine doing at 11 pm? Is it on? Might it be asleep? Is it at the login screen?
  13. You say "clients part of the script". Can you describe this proactive script more in detail? What sources is it backing up? Does it have a time limit? Are you able to just create a new proactive script and put *one* client source in it -- that you know is on-line -- (leaving everything else default) and that still fails to back up anything if the console is open? Can you post a screen shot of the "summary" tab of the script?
  14. You said they are version 9 -- but is the server "multi-server"? "single server"? Something else?
  15. Grooming depends on two things (basically): (1) How many files/backups are in your media set and (2) the speed of your CPU. I looked back at the last thing I posted about this in the 8.x forum: Just another data point: my 2.0G core2duo mini -- groomed a media set with 2.1M files in it -- in 18 hours. Which seems to validate my approximate 1hr/100K files experience with this speed of CPU. 0
  16. You could also install the Windows client in the VM and back up the contents (or a favorite folder) of the VM while the VM is running. Might be really slow, but would end up taking less space.
  17. And you see the exact same problem with a clean/empty "config80.dat" file? Which version of Retrospect server do you have? (I have multi-server and I've never seen any of the above behavior with it...)
  18. Your tests didn't show why you recommended having Catalog Compression turned *off* -- can you elaborate why?
  19. What if you tick the backup on demand checkbox and then stop the engine with the system preference (which forces an update to config80.dat) -- then restart the engine? Is the box checked after that? (I've not seen this problem..) I've also never sen a proactive script *not* work when the console is not running. Sometimes -- if you have a large number of proactive scripts -- it can take up to 10 minutes (I've seen this as I run 8 concurrent proactive scripts) for any of the backups to fire off -- even when all the clients are on-line. I've *not* seen this with just one proactive script, though. With my 8 concurrent scripts, it usually takes about 10 minutes after engine boot up to fire off the backups. Are you sure the engine hasn't crashed for some reason?
  20. Are you looking to backup a 3T drive that contains smaller files? Or a 3T *file*? You don't have to (and probably shouldn't) backup to a "file" media set -- just use a "disk" media set and store the disk media set members on your external 7T drive.
  21. You can also rename the client from the server (once you add it as a source...)
  22. "Mac Path" -- means using the Mac Client (yes, OSX is "unix", but not in this instance.) "Unix Path" would be used if you were actually backing up a Linux box. And, yes, there are documented bugs in using the "Preview" of rules -- the only way to fully verify rules is to do a test backup of something. That said -- I use the built-in "All Files Except Cache Files" rule as a starting point for my custom rules and it works fine for me.
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