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  1. Is there some way to override this? On occasion, when I go to add another tape to my backup set (either a *fresh blank tape* or a tape that has been used before), I will be greeted with the message: This tape cannot be added to the backup set It is too different from the other media in the set. Well, no it's not. These are all DLT tapes from the same manufacturer, running on the same backup device. I'm now trying my *10th* different tape to see if I can append my set, but not having any luck. And I can use the same tapes to create a *new* backup set. I'm just now stuck not being able to append my *current* backup set. What is it that Retrospect (5.0.205 running on OSX) is checking that makes the tape think it's "too different" and how can I override this obviously incorrect message? (I've restarted the tape drive and the computer and I can erase the "different tapes" with no problems.) HELP!
  2. does this mean the current Retrospect version will *not* support Jaguar? And, if that's the case, does it mean that: 1) The 5.0.205 application will not *run* on a Jaguar machine (meaning do not upgrade the backup servers on Aug 24)? or 2) 5.0.205 can still run under 10.1.5, but that it can *not* back up Jaguar clients? (Meaning do not upgrade any clients on Aug 24?) or 3) both? thanks!
  3. - For example, how many sessions are in your Backup Set? doesn't matter. This will happen after starting a new set as well. It can be as low as 60 (after one week to a new set of tapes) to as high as 400+ - How many Snapshots? Again, doesn't matter. I don't retain more than the current snapshot (though each is "saved", none but the current are loaded...) - How many clients are being polled/scanned by Backup Server? At a minimum, 65 on one backup server machine. At a maximum, 120 on another. (The other two are in the upper 70s.) - Does it behave this way when you Recycle the Backup Set? Yes. - Do you have any non-default settings in your Backup Server Script (such as polling time)? non-defaults: for most of my scripts, I backup once every 7 days. On two of the systems, I run a 2nd script that backs up a small number of machines (1 and 4) every day. I also do *not* do verification (there are reasons for this) the only other non-default is to retry after 99 minutes. I'd set that larger if I could...
  4. Agreed. While, sure, it could be my 29160 card (which I'm having *zero* problems with), that wouldn't explain the RAM issue, would it? The other users here at the UofM had other SCSI cards and saw the problem, too. I'm needing to reboot every 4 days or so as I can't add clients (much less modify anything) without the spinning wheel whenver LaunchCFMA goes above my hard 384M RAM. I could probably get around this by putting 1G of RAM in each backup machine (as I've never seen LaunchCFMA go above 840) -- which is what one department admin did here -- but I'm not looking to address a software issue with a hardware solution if it's not necessary. There's a memory leak somewhere. I'm open to suggestions to help debug it.
  5. Since the problem was happening again since I last rebooted on *Wednesday* and it's showing the same problem since the weekend, I checked it again. Top showed this: 263 LaunchCFMA 9.5% 72:58:10 8 122 3339 298M 4.74M 293M 865M Running "ps -auxww" showed this as the only instance of launchCFMA: USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TT STAT TIME COMMAND root 263 8.8 76.4 885916 300432 ?? S 4378:10.97 /System/Library/Frameworks/Carbon.framework/Versions/A/Support/LaunchCFMApp /Applications/Retrospect 5.0/Retrospect/Contents/MacOS/AuthenticateUser.app/Contents/MacOS/../../../Retrospect So, It's pretty clear to me who the culprit is... The question is why is this happening?
  6. Nothing is happening during the week. Honest. The machine is rebooted, the new set of tapes are put in and it runs all week backing up everything. At the end of the week (when we'd cycle the tapes), that's when we notice how sluggish the non-backup operations of Retrospect are...
  7. Replying to my own topic... I've gotten 3 e-mail messages from people who said they are having the exact same problem (no other software running, yet LaunchCFMA creeps up in RAM as Retrospect continually runs.) Any comment from Dantz about this?
  8. You mentioned this: Further muddying the issue in my case is that there appear to be *3* separate drivers in OS X that might possibly support the 2930U/2930CU: Adaptec2906-2930.kext Adaptec290X-2930.kext Get rid of the one that's called "2906". That's the original Apple extension. Adaptec's updater installs the "290X" extension, but if you have both installed, the first one takes precedence. No idea why Adaptec's installer won't remove the old one...
  9. This has become 100% reproducable for me... I have 4 machines running Retro 5.0.205 on G4/533s with 384M RAM running OSX 10.1.5 backing up to a DLT drive over Adaptec 29160 cards (current drivers). No other programs are running. There is no "classic" on these machines. All 4 of them are set to run in "backup server" mode 24x7. All 4 of them are having the "LaunchCFMA" process (which is Retrospect) suck RAM: This is what "top" says after I restart the computer and launch Retrospect (the "starting point"): Processes: 35 total, 2 running, 33 sleeping... 82 threads 08:41:53 Load Avg: 0.59, 0.25, 0.15 CPU usage: 8.4% user, 4.7% sys, 86.9% idle SharedLibs: num = 78, resident = 19.3M code, 1.36M data, 5.02M LinkEdit MemRegions: num = 1317, resident = 17.4M + 5.45M private, 22.1M shared PhysMem: 31.4M wired, 42.6M active, 51.5M inactive, 126M used, 258M free VM: 856M + 41.9M 2458(1) pageins, 0(0) pageouts PID COMMAND %CPU TIME #TH #PRTS #MREGS RPRVT RSHRD RSIZE VSIZE 277 top 4.5% 0:00.19 1 14 15 192K 292K+ 448K+ 1.62M 272 tcsh 0.0% 0:00.08 1 24 15 440K 620K 912K 5.72M 271 TextEdit 0.0% 0:00.40 1 64 68 1008K 4.87M 3.64M 60.5M 270 Terminal 2.7% 0:01.08 4 68 99 1.65M+ 4.52M 4.04M+ 62.7M 269 RetroRun 0.0% 0:00.01 1 11 16 152K 1.25M 148K 2.54M 263 LaunchCFMA 0.0% 0:01.80 3 83 82 2.23M 7.39M 5.83M 62.8M This is before I quit the program (program has been running for one week): Processes: 35 total, 2 running, 33 sleeping... 89 threads 08:33:40 Load Avg: 1.21, 0.56, 0.33 CPU usage: 16.5% user, 18.3% sys, 65.2% idl SharedLibs: num = 84, resident = 12.2M code, 940K data, 2.83M LinkEdit MemRegions: num = 6118, resident = 302M + 2.54M private, 15.6M shared PhysMem: 40.3M wired, 226M active, 113M inactive, 379M used, 4.67M free VM: 1.73G + 42.9M 76848041(1) pageins, 6960225(0) pageouts PID COMMAND %CPU TIME #TH #PRTS #MREGS RPRVT RSHRD RSIZE VSIZE 635 LaunchCFMA 8.8% 102 hrs 7 121 3207 292M 5.15M 289M 872M This is after I quit the program: Processes: 34 total, 2 running, 32 sleeping... 81 threads 08:37:53 Load Avg: 0.51, 0.28, 0.18 CPU usage: 5.4% user, 11.7% sys, 82.9% idle SharedLibs: num = 84, resident = 13.2M code, 916K data, 2.77M LinkEdit MemRegions: num = 2888, resident = 9.99M + 2.45M private, 12.8M shared PhysMem: 40.1M wired, 20.7M active, 25.4M inactive, 86.2M used, 298M free VM: 891M + 42.9M 76895311(2) pageins, 6977449(0) pageouts (no LaunchCFMA) running in top... On all 4 of my machines, "LaunchCFMA" creeps up steadily. This doesn't affect the speed of the backups, but if I use Retrospect for any other purpose (ie, add a new client), the "spinning-wheel" comes back. Anybody else seeing anything similar? - Steve
  10. >>Top shows a lot of information; which column shows the numbers you're giving? The "vsize" column >>Note that other programs also use LaunchCFMApp; one might expect to see multiple listings of this process in Top if you run multiple programs that use it. "LaunchCFMApp" is only used by Carbon programs. There are no other programs running except Retrospect 5.0.205 on any of my backup machines -- I even have software update turned off.
  11. I leave my copies of Retrospect running 24x7 in "backup server" mode to back up about 75 machines once a week on 4 different CPUs (3 G4/533s with 384M RAM, one G3/450 with 512M RAM -- all running 10.1.4 and Retro 5.0.205 and nothing else.) I'm still experiencing the excessive memory allocated to "LaunchCFMA": right now, I rebooted one on Friday and "top" is showing 88.4M after running some backups (which I'd expect), but for the other three: another is showing 303M, another is showing 916M and the 4th -- which is running really slow) is showing 950M RAM (!) all allocated to "LaunchCFMA". I'm having to reboot them once a week to clear the machines up. 5.0.205 (or 5.0.203, right?) was supposed to address the RAM issue, but it seems not to be doing so. Am I the only one still seeing this "memory leak"?
  12. I have 5.0.205 and am still occasionally seeing this problem as well. I've started rebooting my Retrospect server weekly. it will get to the point where I can't even quit the program without the color wheel spinning and spinning. (I leave my machines running in "backup server" mode 24/7 -- maybe this has something to do with it?)
  13. I've never shut off any of my services and haven't had a problem. Of course, I've not had a catastrophic failure, so I can't comment on it. If you want to shut down the services at a specific time, though, you should probably set up a "cron" job request to stop/start the services at a specific time (ie, stop the services a midnight, let a scripted incremental backup run at 12:05, and then start the services at 1:00 a.m. (or whenever afterwards you think your incremental backup would normally be finished.)
  14. We "pushed" the 5.0 client to my 9.2.2 machines. A number of them are now reporting "error 518 (not enough client memory)". Restarting seems to address this, but they shouldn't have to do this daily. The machines in question are primarily "beige" G3s, but all are running 9.2.2 and the 5.0 client. (Edited -- forgot to add this): The machines *have* been backed up with the 5.0 client installed, so it's not like it's not working at all. It's just the next time the backup comes around, there's "not enough client memory" Suggestions?
  15. I'm seeing this more frequently: Backup machine is running Retro 5 (patched) on OSX 10.1.4. *Some* (more than 1) OS 9 clients with the Retro control panel are showing in the error log that: "can't reserve backup client , errror 518 (not enough client memory)" If I go look at the client, it says it's "connected". One of these clients is my Meeting Maker server (7.0.2). It does nothing but sit there and get backed up daily. The client machine (9.2.2) currently shows 80M free RAM. Restarting the client (of course) resets things. All clients are running 9.2.2. Some have other software, but this machine in particular only has 9.2.2 and Meeting Maker on it. Nothing else. This is new behavior. Any idea what's causing it? - Steve
  16. This seems pretty reproducable: What I have: Retro 5.0.203 Server running on Mac OS 10.1.3 on G4/533 Client: Mac G3/300. 9.1. ASIP 6.3.3 Set as vanilla "file server" only -- web/mail/print not running. Retro 5.0.203 is running in "backup server" mode. Problem: Retrospect will scan the ASIP machine, then cause the ASIP machine to lock up when backup would start after backing up a number of files. No complete backup has occured from this machine. Over 100 other machines (both 9.x and 10.x machines are backing up fine) -- this is my only remote ASIP 6.3.3 server. How discovered: Machine was backing up with a combo of Retrospect 4.3 Server and 4.2A on client. I upgraded the backup machine to Retro Server (did the patch), then I pushed the 5.0 client upgrade through the network and rebooted the ASIP 6.3.3 server. What I tried: Tried a *clean* 5.0 client install (meaning, "upgraded" 5.0 client was removed. ASIP rebooted with no Retro client. clean 5.0 installed and rebooted). Same problem. I reverted to a clean 4.2A client. Same problem. Reinstalled ASIP 6.3.3 over existing ASIP 6.3.3 server. No difference. Nothing has changed on the ASIP 6.3.3 machine -- the only difference is that Retro running under OSX is now the one accessing it for backup. Log file says "network communication failed" and the ASIP 6.3.3 machine will have a "Program error -2801" on the screen, but the machine is frozen at that point. If you need more data for this bug, please let me know. I'm open for suggestions on this.
  17. Or is this just under OSX? With Retro 4.3, if I selected info about a Windows client, it would tell me what version of Windows it was running. Now, the type only says it's a "Windows backup client" Any way to get back the ability to tell me if the client is running Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP, etc? Thanks!
  18. According to the recent supported SCSI adapters, this is now there: PowerDomain 29160 Sony AIT tape drives and libraries incompatible. This was supported in the "prerelease" list with the same qualifications. What's now different? I have 3 G4/533 machines with this card running Retro 5.0 under OSX 10.1.3 with the current Adaptec 1.1 driver. What's not supposed to work here? - Steve
  19. this is bad if it goes farther than this one instance. client machine: 10.1.3/9.2.2 with all current OS patches. Current released Retro 5 client. What I tried to do: Install Netscape 4.79 from "classic" while booted in OSX. What happened: the normal dialog box popped up about "quitting all open apps" and then I was greeted with the classic spinning watch. I ssh'ed into the machine remotely, ran "top" and killed the "pitond" process. The installation of Netscape 4.79 on the remote machine became unstuck and continued. So, I reran the "Install Retrospect Client" and "uninstalled" the client and restarted. Netscape 4.7.9 installed from classic with no hesitation. To confirm this, I then reinstalled the Retro client, restarted, turned the client *OFF* and reran the Netscape 4.79 installer. Netscape installer "spun the watch". Force Quit the Netscape installer. Restarted the machine with the Retro client *off*, reran the Netscape Installer: Netscape installer still "spins the watch" The only way I can get Netscape 4.79 to install through classic is either (A) if the client is *not* installed or ( if I kill "pitond" remotely. Neither of which is a "good thing". This may happen to *other* classic installers that require all open apps to be killed. I haven't spent the time on it. What's up?
  20. This a.m., I ran the Mac OS TCP/IP 5.0 client updater (the one that should take Mac OS 9.x clients from 4.2a to 5.0) A number of machines were updated. A number of machines were off, so they weren't updated (normal behavior). I restarted one of the machines that was updated. Upon updating, the Retro Control Panel was 5.0 -- this is fine. Then, when I went to *rerun* the client updater again, when the updater hit the 9.x machine that was already updated, the log says this: reverted from version 5.0.201 to 5.0 The computer still backs up fine (just did it now). Is this a bug in the *function* of the updater? Bug in the actually updater file? Bug in the Retro app (this was 5.0 Server).
  21. I now was able to reboot my server. The menu problem cleared up! Weird...
  22. If I quit and restart -- same problem. if I log out as admin and log back in -- same problem. If I uninstall Workgroup and install *Server* (I have copies of both) -- same problem. What I haven't done is restart the Server. I can't do that on the fly as I have dozens of users on it at any given time. but all the menus were there with the Preview app. - Steve
  23. I bought the "Workgroup" upgrade to backup my 10.1.3 OSX Server. I uninstalled the Preview version and kept the preferences from the preview (so I didn't need to redo my scripts.) I was able to install the program and all the custom stuff is there. However, the main menus are not changing. When I go into "Scripts", I get no "script" menu. The only menus I get at any time are "Retrospect", "Window" and "Help". No "run", no "scripts" No File or Edit! I uninstalled and reinstalled Workgroup 5.0 (deleting any Retrospect folders in /library/preferences and /admin/library/preferences to start with a clean set of prefs and I get the same thing. Any idea what's up? - Steve
  24. If this is there, I don't see it. And if it's not, consider this a feature request: I'd like to be able to set a preference in Retrospect whereby a backup of a remote client would *not* take place if the resultant scan of the client said that the client needed to back up over X Gigs/Megs of data. Even better would be if it could scan *all* volumes at once and stop the backup if the *total* amount of data was Y Gigs/Megs. There's not a way to do this now, is there?
  25. We're having this problem reoccur again: I back up my WinME computers with Retro 4.3 on the Mac. The WinME computers run Retro Client 5.6 If the WinME user renames his computer from (old name) to (new name), then Retro can no longer find the computer. If you click on the client, it will say in the log: (old name): found renamed to (new name). It's only the WinME computers that seem to do this. Win98, WinNT/2000/XP machines don't have this problem. Anybody have any ideas on this?
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