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  1. I've not seen this in the forums yet, so... Panther (Mac OSX 10.3) has the *1.1* drivers for the Adaptec 29160/39160 cards. It *will* overwrite the current (and necessary) 1.2 drivers available on the Adaptec site if you upgrade. Be aware of this. Dantz should make a strong note about this somewhere. I hosed a couple of tapes because of this... - Steve
  2. I'd like to migrate away from my SCSI card/Quantum DLT drives to something that runs over firewire. But I have an enourmous amount of money socked into DLT tapes (which I recycle). Anybody have any clue if there's *any* vendor that has some kind of firewire device that uses DLT media? Thanks!
  3. And -- very specifically to me -- will 5.1/Panther work with those nasty Adaptec 21960 cards (that I still can't afford to replace)? Thanks. The sooner you can get the word out on this, the better.
  4. So, things like "fast user switching" are not supported? But upgrading a 10.2.x system to 10.3 running patched Retrospect 5.1 shouldn't cause any problems?
  5. Hi! Quick question -- is Retrospect 5.1 (with the current patches) compatible with Panther? Thanks!
  6. Thanks. The reason I asked was that the log file still said the app was 5.1.167 after the update...
  7. There's no "readme" as to what this installs. Is it an update to something within the Retro 5.1 *application*? Or does it install some library/framework/extension? - Steve
  8. Hi! Just noticed this: I had set the hidden "client" preference to 10M/min so that when I run backup server, if any clients have really slow network for any reason, then they get "skipped". But then I went to *restore* files to a client. The client preference setting kicked in on a *restore* action as well and cancelled the execution of a restore. It *should* only do this on a "backup" action, shouldn't it? The problem was obvious when the restore action was restoring a small number of files from the beginning of a tape, then spending lots of time "locating" additional files on the tape before continuing. The "restore" of the small number of files at the beginning was under the client setting value of 10M/min Setting this hidden preference to "zero", made things work without cancelling the execution (and restore time for completion was 32M/min). The problem is just kicking in at the beginning of a restore. Can somebody comment if this is a "bug" or "expected behavior". it seems to me it's "unexpected" behavior... - Steve
  9. Is there a plan to release an updated client that can be "pushed" that will fix the incorrect settings? Or is the only way to fix this problem to visit hundreds of computers and manually run the patch? - Steve
  10. Installing 5.1.109 over 5.1.106 did not address the security problems in /library/startupitems Was is supposed to? If not, why not?
  11. I never got this resolved. What I do as a workaround (which always works) is erase the tape (so it's marked as "empty"), then I restart the backup server computer. the backup server script then recognizes the "empty" tape as being ready to append the storage set and things work automatically. It's one of those things that doesn't happen often, but happens just enough that I still notice (and get irritated by) it.
  12. OK, I RTFM and figured this out. A follow-up question, though: In order to do this chained-SCSI DLT-to-DLT transfer, I had to give "target" tape a new storageset name. Is there any way to change the name of the "target" storage set catalog file and have it still match up to the tape? Or are the names of the storage set and info on the tape intricately linked? - Steve
  13. here's my problem: On one of my DLT drives, one of my backup tapes is now "content unrecognized". However, if I put the tape in another DLT drive, the tape shows up properly. If I can chain two DLT drives, is there a way to copy the *contents* from one tape to another and have that new tape be used with the storage set? If so, how do I accomplish this? Thanks!
  14. Or is this something that will need to wait for the next version of Retrospect to be functional? Thanks!
  15. I know I'm being a pain, but... I'm watching all my backup servers crash *every day* -- frequently many times a day -- this week. Windows (and now Mac clients) are restarting/shutting down during backup in backup server and it's killing the backup server outright. Is there any way you can check with Q/A to find out: 1) If the problem will be resolved in the next version? 2) If not, if they can make an honest recommendation as to what would resolve my problem if it's a hardware issue? (ie, replacing the SCSI cards, or something...) I'm going to pull my hair out over this one soon. - Steve
  16. FWIW -- today -- for the first time -- I've had two Mac OS X clients do this. I saw one backup issue a "net retry" message briefly, then Retrospect quit outright. I've been unable to contact the user (a laptop user who left -- so I'm not sure how he disconnected from the network). Something is overriding some "buffer" depending on where the backup is in progress when the client disconnects from the network (however they do it.) AARGH!
  17. If your hard disk is formatted as NTFS -- you'll see this date change every six months. Having read up on why MS's NTFS does this, I "get it". I just don't "like it". We format all our Windows machines as FAT32 whenever possible because of this.
  18. By *far* it will be easier and faster if you just do this: Make sure your old TiBook has 10.2.4 on it. Mount your new TiBook HD to your old TiBook in "firewire target mode". Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your old hard drive contents to your new. Shut everything down when done, disconnect the firewire cable. Reboot the new. It's a mirror image at that point. This will take you about 15-30 minutes depending on how much data is on your TiBook. I've done this dozens of times. It's flawless. (This isn't to say you *can't* use Retrospect for this purposes -- it's just that using CCC is so much faster...)
  19. Yes, that works. But, ideally, getting this into one "statement" would be best.
  20. Thanks. Hadn't really thought of that as a possible *short-term* workaround. I'm really counting on Dantz to address this in the next release. :-/
  21. What am I doing wrong? I want to make a selector that searches for the directory \Local Settings\Temp on all my Windows machines. If I choose *one* machine and select "restore entire disk", I can do a Find from the Browser menu for: enclosing folder path name does contain \Local Settings\Temp\ This will highlight all the folders in each account on the Windows machine. However, if I'm doing a "search for files and folders" restore and I search for the *exact same phrased selection* -- and I'm searching the catalog that contains the machine above -- I get *no* search results. What am I doing wrong here? Help!
  22. Specifically, files like Word temp files that look like this: ~WRF0000.tmp I've looked through my logs. I don't believe I can bypass files that start with "~" only. And files that end in ".tmp" also seem too broad. Ideally, I'd like to make a selector that would be something like ~*.tmp Is that possible? If not, can somebody offer a suggestion that might be similar? Thanks!
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