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  1. New paid upgrade version with lots of speed improvements. http://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/mac/release_notes - Steve
  2. Is your Engine computer falling asleep? I think that can whack Proactive Backups sometimes...
  3. Copying them -- when the Engine is not running (or when you can be sure they aren't being accessed) -- should be fine. I do that every so often when I make a backup of my drive containing my media sets. In general, though, I've never restored the backup copies. Usually if a Groom has thrown up errors in the media set, I'm not going to restore the catalog -- I'm going to rebuild it. - Steve
  4. That would probably require a rewrite of the program (to throw more work at the client instead of the engine). Maybe it's part of their plans, but who knows? Submit a feature request, I guess? (I'm not being glib, it's just that there's nothing you can do to change things with 11.5.3 behavior in this regard...)
  5. Yeah, in that case, all you can do is forget the entire snapshot.
  6. You can set it to ignore entire volumes (like external USB drives). This is explained here: http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/retroisa-advanced-options But what you can't do is exclude a volume and include a folder on an excluded volume.
  7. If you know a lot about OS X Server -- you also know that's it's like Apple's "Red-Headed Step Child". They don't ship hardware with dual PSUs any more, etc... Even a MacPro is not considered a "server" at this point. You can't even buy a "Mac Mini Server" now as it's own, branded bundle. OSX Server really is just an advanced version of their client software (with more bells and whistles). I think a valid argument could be made that maybe retrospect should could stop/restart services as part of a backup -- put in a feature request.
  8. I would not be surprised if it's not the same code that checks for option-8 on the clients as well. I would agree that there should be a preference setting (maybe there's a hidden one?) that would let you toggle this off/on...
  9. My only comment about this (w.r.t flushing the changes) would be -- can you schedule your backups at such time when nobody would be on the server (i.e. 3:00 a.m.?) That's what I do and, as such, I've not had problems (that I am aware of) of backups of "files on disk" not backing up what is "in memory" at any given point in time. That said -- I do not feel that my user base has anything running at 3:00 a.m. such that I'd need to worry about "in memory" services. YMMV.
  10. Ah, sorry! I misread your original post. My guess is it's the same privacy setting. Open a case on that one...
  11. So, if you haven't set any grooming settings, all you will see in Past Backups is the *last* backup of each volume/client you are backing up -- for each media set. That's the default view of Past Backups and that's what your screen shot above is accurately displaying. If you want to check to see if a backup activity executed successfully, you would check the "Activities" tab and the log for the activity.
  12. What are your groom settings for each media set? This looks normal for me if you are using the default (or no) groom settings...
  13. Sorry for shouting... If you upgrade from Mac OSX 10.9.5 (with the client installed) to Mac OSX 10.10 -- and you use Instant Scan -- the scan files will not update again after that. I believe the fix would be -- on your client you upgrade -- to: 1) Stop Instant Scan 2) Delete the folder /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetroISAScans 3) Restart Instant Scan This appears to fix the problem. The "RetroISAScans" folder should recreate and 10-30 minutes later, the scan files will get created. If you are installing the 11.5 client on a *clean install* 10.10 system, you may need to do the same thing (still testing that...)
  14. Is your bullet within the file/folder name (rather than at the start/end?)
  15. What I am seeing on my test instance of 11.5: If I make a folder on my desktop called "•DID THIS BACK UP" and put some files in it... If I use the wizard to back up "all files" of the entire volume of the engine computer, it *does* want to back up this folder in the preview: However, if I add my internal hard disk as a *client* computer, it will *not* back up this folder (which is how I'd expect it to work as a client):
  16. Actually, this is not a bug. They had removed the option-8 privacy feature in an earlier release (maybe 10.5) and then put it back when users (well at least me) complained about this. If something has an option-8 in the file/folder name, it's supposed to be private from the backup (this is a per-client setting, but I think you can set it on the server to override the client settings...)
  17. The only thing I noticed about 11.5 had to do with the client on my 10.9 servers. Instant Scan did not update once I upgraded the clients (as I did not reboot the servers.) I turned IS off on my servers and all was well. I found (later) that a reboot of the server would probably have fixed it.
  18. So it may be more about the size of the file than the number of lines. I bumped my searching to 23,000 lines -- where you failed -- and I could still search. 30,000 failed, but 25,000 still worked, so my sweet spot is different than yours...
  19. It does not appear so. From what I can tell, there really hasn't been a lot of functional difference in the Mac Retrospect client (apart from the Instant Scan stuff) related to this. I think this is more an Apple issue than anything else...
  20. Using 11.5.1... My log file is currently 16.1MB. I had the preferences set to show me 10,000 lines. With that setting I can search the 10,000 lines (out of 38661 lines) I bumped this to 50,000 lines (so I could see the entire log -- which goes back to 12/10/13 -- and it does not search. So, there's probably some sweet-spot between 10K and 50K where this works...
  21. So, I noticed this here on my 3 OSX servers (one 10.9, two 10.8) 1) I had Instant Scan turned off on my 11.0 clients. After upgrading to 11.5, Instant Scan was unexpectedly turned back on. NOTE: I did not reboot the servers when upgrading the clients. 2) When Instant Scan was turned on, the Scan index did not build properly, so a number of daily backups went by where it left between 17 and 75 *thousand* files remaining. I have since turned Instant Scan off on my servers and things are back to normal, but be aware of this (to me) unexpected behavior when you upgrade.
  22. It does *not* stop/restart services. It just backs up the files as they are in use/open as they might be. So, I back up my servers at 2:00 a.m. when I am fairly sure there are no users on the servers writing data to the server. You could probably script your servers so they shutdown services (i.e. serveradmin stop afp) at a specific time and then restart them when you think the server will be done backing up.
  23. For those of you who haven't gotten the notification yet...
  24. He is using the test version (as am I) and the restore speeds have been increased dramatically. Or a better way to state that would be -- they have gone back to expected speeds. Still, that's a pretty fast restore test!
  25. And, yes, 11.0 should be a free upgrade with software maintenance (AFAIK...)
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