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  1. Or a network issue. Dave Except he says he had the hang when he tried to add a new script as well.
  2. So, where does it *not* show anything? While an activity is *running*?
  3. Well, you can always just switch to "all files" as a way of "disabling" the rule you've selected...
  4. Is it showing information for *completed* activities? Or is it blank/greyed out there, too?
  5. the third screen shot implies that your Media Set files are *not* within an enclosing "Retrospect" folder. Is that correct? If so, I believe that might be the source of your problems...
  6. Are you using a rule for your backups? Did the rule change for any reason?
  7. Is the engine on the machine running the console? You mentioned the console is running on a MacPro in the original post -- but not if that's where the engine is running. Assuming it is... Since you have two Macs -- do you have the same problem if you install the engine/console on your MacBook Pro? If not, what's different about the MacPro? Any extra cards installed? Something external hooked up? How much RAM? Some special software running on the MP that's not on the MBP? A trick you could try (to possibly rule out hardware problems) -- you can boot the MBP in "target" mode and boot the MacPro from the MBP hard disk (assuming you have a firewire cable to connect the two...) See if doing that causes the same problem when you boot the MP hardware from the MBP OS. If the engine/console works on the MBP, but not when you boot the same OS on the MP, then it might be a hardware issue. Just a couple of thoughts as to how I'd approach this (not knowing anything about your systems...)
  8. I did a test 6.2 file set as well and that worked fine. The file set (IIRC) actually just rebuilds the whole file in 8.2 format, rather than just rebuilding the catalog like it did for the "removable disk" set. Either way -- the test I did worked. But that wasn't with a really old "file" set (like my "removable media" set was).
  9. It *could* be a corrupt .plist file as a clean config80.dat file shouldn't cause any issues when you try to do something as simple as adding a script. Can't hurt to try that, certainly.
  10. Can you "pause all" before the script runs after restarting the engine? If the script starts running too fast to "pause all" -- stop the engine, then try moving the catalog file from it's default location out for that media set and restart the engine again. That should make the script stop because it can't find the catalog. Avoid "force quitting" the engine if you can -- stop it from the system preference but wait at least 10 minutes. It *should* stop at the 10 minute mark.
  11. I have rebuilt a 6.x "Removable Disk" media set with Retrospect 8.2 and restored some test files from it with no problem. (I have another bug open about converting this rebuilt set to a Retrospect 8.2 Disk Media set -- but that's a separate issue...) I have not tested tape or DVD media sets, so others would have to comment on those.
  12. We use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 here and it shows no adverse effects with Retrospect. When you say "the PC was only a week old" -- did you reimage it when you got it? Or is it a "consumer" PC that has a bunch of pre-loaded crap on it from the vendor? If you can reproduce the problem with that one machine, I'd consider looking to see what apps/services are installed that you may not need or be expecting...
  13. in general, the number of scripts/source/media sets shouldn't cause the config80.dat file to bloom. I have about 50 clients, a dozen scripts (8 proactive, 6 groom scripts) and 8 media sets). I don't think I've ever seen my config80.dat file get larger than 10M (right now, it's 3.6M and I've been working with this config80.dat file since June 10...) Do you have any advanced logging turned on? Or are you showing more than the default 10 scheduled activities in the Preferences? That's the only thing I could think of that might explain it.
  14. When you say "works for a while" -- what actions (if any) with that client make the two hard drives show up? It's possible you have a corrupt config80.dat file. Can you reproduce this with a clean config80.dat file?
  15. I'd first try rebooting the client and see if that makes any difference. What kind of network do you have between the client and the engine? Gigabit? 10Base-T? Wireless? Which anti-virus software do you have on the PC? Are you backing up the entire PC? Or just a Favorite Folder (like the "Users" folder?)
  16. The console log entry -- while a "warning" -- is apparently something you can ignore (at least that's what I was told.) Can you give more details about your engine/console machine setup? If you have no scripts running when you start the engine, it's pretty odd that it should be crashing the console if nothing is going on.
  17. You could drag the application folder, but you should reinstall the engine. And move your "config80.dat" file to /Library/application support/retrospect from the backup. (Stop the engine after you install it, delete the "config80.dat" and "config80.bak" files that may be created, and replace with your backup "config80.dat" file and restart the engine...)
  18. My contacts at Retrospect have written my steps up as a bug (which means it will eventually get looked at.) Just FYI...
  19. Interesting add-on to this. I ejected the USB drive -- and this caused the engine to crash with an assert log. Maybe you determined something that really wasn't designed to be allowed with USB drives particularly? In theory, you should (maybe) be able to reproduce this with a mounted .dmg file off the internal hard disk or external FW drive (I'd think?) In that case, the internal/external drive would go off-line as well. Maybe I can try that on Monday...
  20. Because I had a couple of minutes, I tried the following and could reproduce this. Tell me where your steps differ: Here's what I did… reformatted my usb stick to "carryon4a" (APM format, Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) Used Disk Utility to make a new blank 40M disk image called "test.dmg" Renamed the mounted volume from "Disk Image" to "bob" Copied some files to the 40M disk image "bob" … Copied some other files to the USB drive itself. Did all this *before* installing Retrospect 8.2. Ejected the disk and installed Retrospect 8.2 made a disk media set to save to my test laptop hard disk. Set up a rule that only excludes file name "test.dmg" inserted the USB drive. Mounted the "bob" volume. Opened the console. Sources show (after a while) the internal hard disk drive, "carryon4A" and "bob".) NOTE -- "after a while" -- "bob" was not immediately visible. I quit the console and relaunched it and then all volumes were visible. But -- at this point -- both volumes were visible in sources. Ran a "Backup" Wizard backing up "bob" and "carryon4A" using that rule. NOTE: both "carryon4A" and "bob" indicate the "Ignore ownership" setting is enabled -- you never mentioned that (or if you did, I didn't scroll back to see this.) Ran *another* backup wizard backup of everything again -- this worked (no additional files backed up -- as expected.) Added a proactive script. Chose "bob" and "carryon4A" as sources. Chose the media set, chose the rule. No other changes to the script. Proactive script (as expected) fired off immediately -- first backing up "carryon4a" (and indicating media set in use for "bob" - expected) -- then "bob" ran its backup after that. *THEN* I looked at "Sources". At this point -- "carryon4A" has a tilde on it. And continues to do so if I stop/restart the engine at this point. So, that would seem to reproduce what you are seeing. Weird.
  21. Can you first try to run two consecutive backup scripts? Just to rule out (or confirm) something specifically "proactive" related vs. something happening "when you run any 2nd script"? And, when you tried the mini -- where were you backing up to? Same FW drive but a new media set? Or just a quick test media set on the mini itself? Oh, and if I was going to try to reproduce this -- what's the name of the dmg and the mounted volume? And then explain the exact steps you take when you put the USB drive in an mount the disk image in relation to when you run your scripts/restart the engine.
  22. yes. So, have you reverted your current setup back to 8.1 to confirm things work again in 8.1? You can just uninstall 8.2 and reinstall 8.1 -- it will use the same "config80.dat" file.
  23. So, the problem in a nutshell seems to be "things worked after changing a stick to a new stick with the same name -- under 8.1, but under 8.2, things break". And "I haven't tried this with a clean config file on a different Mac yet". Pretty much it?
  24. Are either of the above steps significant in your results? This is the first time you've mentioned the rule above (I think.) What if you never mount the .dmg (or add it as a Source)? Do you see the same problem backing up *only* the stick? And, at what point in your steps above do you actually *mount* the DMG?
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