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  1. I've never done this (had multiple members for a media set), but... are the .rdb files in the other member folders starting over with 0000000.rdb? Or do they continue with the numbering where member #1 ended? If so, you might be able to move everything to one folder. If that doesn't work -- and you have the space -- you could rebuild this set with all the members and then do a "copy media set" to copy everything to a new media set (with one member) if you want things a bit cleaner.
  2. Also, I might suggest making a copy of the folder containing the files (or just a finder copy of those 3 files) and see if the problem follows the files... And I'm assuming you can open the files without any errors?
  3. Yes, be aware of that bug about the volumes not being seen when at the login screen. I think I confused this thread with another and didn't think to suggest that...
  4. Can you upload a screen-shot of your license listing (with the codes edited out or that column truncated?)
  5. I'm wondering if "Windows 2000 Server" isn't considered a "server OS" in this instance because of some unique program identifier? Unfortunately, I can't test any Windows servers as clients here -- we only have OSX Servers in my area.
  6. Retrospect's error codes are frequently impenetrable... Is there something specific about the files (name? characters? enclosing directory?) that might be different than everything else? What about updating the client to a 6.3 version?
  7. what about updating to 6.3.029 (the latest version). It *sounds* like the client password didn't get set when you installed the client. Maybe redo that?
  8. That's why I'm wondering if the installed "Server Client Pack" -- which I've never used -- isn't working here. And that's why I suggest he try a clean install on another computer (if possible) to see if that server client still can't be added correctly.
  9. Nope. That's not the case. "Single Server" means the machine you install it on is the "server" -- which could be OSX Server or OSX Client. Client machines that are "servers" are not considered a "single server" That said -- to confirm this, I'd recommend you download a "trial" version of Retrospect -- I believe that comes with a temporary "unlimited" license, so you could install that code and see if you can add your client (server) volume accordingly. (I now see that you say you have the "Server Client License", right? If that's installed, then you can backup additional servers as clients. So maybe that's not it? Does the Licenses preference show the "server client license" add-on is installed?)
  10. Did you buy the multi-server version of Retrospect that allows you to backup *servers* as clients? If not, that's probably what that error means...
  11. Haven't seen this but: 1) What kind of source are you adding? 2) If a Mac, does the computer have a name in the "Sharing" system preference (I had another piece of software crap out because the mac had no "name" -- one you wouldn't have thought cared about it.) 3) If it does have a name, does it have some odd characters in the name? Or is there something odd about the name of the *volumes* on the source?
  12. You aren't doing anything wrong -- that's how they designed it. That doesn't make it *good* -- it's not, and they know it. A revamped way of browsing things is supposedly on the list for future revisions of the program.
  13. Go figure. You should officially file that as a bug in it's own thread in the forums so it gets noticed. It may be "by design"
  14. really called "y" -- like in the letter "y"? What if you rename the volume and reboot the server? Or, if you'd rather not do that -- what if you connect a Firewire or USB drive to the server and reboot the server (and log into it). Do you see the Firewire/USB drive as a volume, but still not the internal hard disk?
  15. The volumes that can't be seen are called "x"? Are there two volumes with the same name? And -- to be sure -- the client-that-is-the-server is *not* at it's login screen, right?
  16. Is there something unique about the name of the volumes on the server or the name of the client? What if you install the engine/console on another Mac temporarily? Can you add that machine and see it's volumes before you do anything else?
  17. You run through the Backup Wizard and do a "Preview" -- that should show you what would be backed up if you continued on to do the backup
  18. It sounds like some script is running that's having a problem. If you can't get the console up to see this, you might try moving your catalog files from their current location -- that will cause the scripts to stop rather than trying to run and crashing (hopefully...)
  19. Do you own the correct version of the software? If the client is an OSX *Server*, you need the version of the program that will back up servers *as clients*.
  20. Start with this like I did: Make a new rule. In the "include" section, add: saved rule includes all files except cache files. Then, in the *Exclude* section at the bottom, add all the additional stuff you do *not* want to back up. So, you might want to edit out all the changes you made to the default "All Files Except Cache Files" rule... That has worked for me.
  21. Which version of xCode? And have you had other versions of xCode installed, but then upgraded? Were the 10.6 machines with xCode originally *10.5* machines with xCode, but then upgraded to 10.6 and the 10.6 version of xCode installed? It's information like that which will help reproduce this...
  22. There are not the same options for viewing files/folders as there are in Retrospect 6. The engineers know this is a shortcoming and have indicated that future revisions of the program would make this better. I can't wait...
  23. No, snapshots are built on the engine using client information. I'm thinking this must be related to having installed some specific version of xCode. (Or having upgraded xCodes over time) I tried to replicate it with a 10.5.8 client and the current -- at the time -- version of the iOS xcode and could not. My guess is that some version of xcode installs some hard links somewhere and that's the problem. It would be nice to isolate this if you could spend the time on it by trying to isolate this to a specific "Favorite Folder".
  24. Are you giving the Console enough time to "settle" before trying to unlock the media sets? (Meaning are there other activities running or proactive scripts running when you open the console and see this problem?)
  25. Which version of xcode do you have installed and what version of OSX server? Somebody posted a while back that building a snapshot seemed to take forever and they indicated they had xcode installed, but never said what version.
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